Only the small secrets need to be protected.
big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.
    - Marshall McLuhan


Just one part of Facebook / Tesla (Neuralink) nano technology that they planned to use for the creation of robots/humanoids for Mars, but
at the same time to robotize people, taking full control over their bodies and minds. As they tried to do with me for almost a month (since April 27, 2018).

Additionally to the nano radios, nano crystals which act as transistors- converting external frequencies into the sound directly in the ears, I have been secretly implanted with Google Tattoo, so loved by Regina Dugan. Tattoo is used for Facebook project 'Skin that is talking'.
Motorola/Google Strangulation Technology (in my throat) is abused for their project 'Synthetic Telepathy'.

US Diplomats in Cuba, who complained last year about the flapping sound around their ears and metalic chirping (I get it on my left ear) are probably implanted either with nano radio (produces very fast vibrations) or with Google Tattoo that is producing flapping sound on the right side of my neck. I would wake up and hear sound of my voice coming from the right side of my neck (this should be skin that is talking). I have arrays of crystals in my left ear (some implants are even on the outside surface of the ear) and some are near the eardrum.
3 ENT doctors did confirm that crystals and black hair like structures are not that you would find in the ears.

The model below is Facebook Building 8 Model for Upload/Download of Thoughts
(this is research paper that is used exactly this way for Facebook project - I just added observations as Regina Dugan, Zuckerberg and Elon Musk so abused this technology in the effort to make me call 911 after I asked Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield of California to whom to send implanted technologies. He and his wife set me up for the military project in 2007 (even my mother was set up for the project as in March 2008 the humanoid baby was created based on my brain and my childhood memories - here is where they needed my mother).

Actually after I was secretly implanted in 2015 during the surgery with above implants, my brain was given as Open Source brain to everyone to program as they wish, to avoid paying programmers). Due to the horrible torture by Zuckerberg, Musk and Regina Dugan I was able to gain insights in their projects and how they are supposed to work.

Neurograins (Neuralink - Musk) would pick up brain activity for neural monitoring. The patch is implanted with a syringe and will after some time merge with the brain.
There will be no way to take the neuro grains out. Additionally my body is full of biosensors - especially on my feet, hands, mouth, tongue - using probably most sensitive areas
(Homunculus Penfield). Special sensors are injected in my spine to get access to my ZNS. I have been getting for years the spam like emails that would report on the status of my inner organs. All bio sensors, neuro grains will be sending information to the waystation. Waystation is actually some type of biochip implanted on the top of my head - (I went to the neighbour to make a picture of it with my cell phone). This is very important part - it is passive and needs to be activated. Activation is done throught the satelites or 'through the wall technology' (your neigbor will shoot you with EMF that are resonant with the implants). This is very painful as high energy levels are used, as if someone wants to split the brain into two hemispheres every night when it is time to go to sleep. I am not sure if they on purpose induce trauma to my head every night for 2 and half years, to study PTSD as NSA, Air Force did abuse this technology in 2016 and 2017 - togethere with Hanson Robotics.

In Summer 2017 Facebook started to work - which means that corporations start to work on secretly implanted technologies once military finishes their work. You will know when military will stop using you as at that point you will not be followed by ambulances, police cars and firefighter cars. I had been followed everywhere here in Sacramento when Air Force heavily experimented on me. Once corporations start to experiment or Stanford Institute (SRI in my case), you will not be followed but just experimented cruelly and brutally. There are no words to express this brutallity. This is the abuse unheard of in the history of the menkind.


I have been used mainly for production of humanoid Sophia - last summer they trained her to smile. I would wake up every morning (they tortured me the whole night, every night) and would be having wrinkles around my eyes as 80 year's old woman. The wrinkles were chiseled on my face. Why? Because robot Sophia, being social robot, was getting the training, how to smile and when to smile. Imagine cruelty: to protect my brain I had to sleep in motorcycle helmet stuffed with all possible type of EMF protection fabric etc. My head would be hit with directed energy bursts and I have been recording activity for years now. Nobody cares/cared for the evidence sent. But they expect me to smile. And if I don't want to smile (under circumstances) they are hitting me even more brutally as they are annoyed by my efforts to protect myself. Do I need to say that Hanson Robotics is a criminal company, that is using REAL HUMAN BRAINS for their projects. If their projects are completed one day - i.e. if they would be able to map just my brain adding some nuiances, they would be able to create millions of clones and sell them for a huge amount of money. Some of the brains are used to create scientists, some of the brains are 'zapped' to add some functionality. Actually their Einstein robot is already sold on Amazon.

if someone mentions ELIZA here as the source, that is wrong - ELIZA is just a chatbot

Main person responsible for this crime is former President Barack Obama. This is a Jewish conspiracy with the plan to replace already 'expensive and demanding' human beings with perfectly controled robotized human slaves (like I had experience during the testing of technologies) or humanoids / robots, which at some point will be making people obsolite.
This projects are all about money and unsatiable greed. I was always tortured by Indians and so brutally that I don't have words to express it. I am not sure if Paul Markovich,CEO of BSC and his Indian wife Lisa Alumkal did give approval for such type of cruel abuse. I had always the feeling that Indian researchers are having huge pleasure in torturing white woman.

Racial issues aside - I have sent this evidence to 10 different FBI offices in US (all registered letters with the return receipt), to more than 20 senators (again registered letters, with all evidence enclosed), I did alert some police stations around the country, but nobody did help me. They let me all being tortured to death and practically killed in my own home.

But it is not just me in this program - everybody could be at any point in the life without understanding why? Sometimes it is nothing but just convenience. You will be coming for a surgery, there will be new technology available (DARPA, government agencies, corporations) and they would like to test it. From that point you will belong to the unfortunate pool used and abused by everyone - they call themeselves TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. They are organized around some of non profit organizations, most of them are actually government sponsored and responsible to organize Targeted Individuals - celebrate their birthdays, announce deaths by suicide (mostly women committ suicide because of unbeareable torture) and most of the men perform mass shootings. They also exchange help tips (this is very useful especially at the beginning), but nothing substantial is done - like suing government, corporation and other parties (Hanson Robotics, OpenCog participants). They are all involved into a horrible crime, which I think is not even that horrible as the future planned for all human beings on the planet Earth (except for Jews and their Indian/African American friends).


This web site is basic and will be updated in the following days with other parts of Facebook Building 8 technologies (implanted in my body)

Here is the link to the PowerPoint presentation - I created this during the time when I was extremely abused by Air Force. I sent to General Golfein in September 2017 registered mail asking him to stop attrocities. They however finished undisturbed their job. They don't care about evidence - all politicians I ever contacted are fully supportive of this crime.

Another Sleepless Night - Upgraded Bycicle Helmet with Motorcycle Helmet and I have been bandaging my face, to avoid talking during the night.
They would ask me to resolve some spatial issues, associations etc. I will update this part.

Blanka Popovic, 2018 - all rights reserved

Please report if some parts of the page would not make sense - I have web site hacked in the past. People would edit it, so that what is written appear very gibberish.