The History of Abuse During the Creation of New Species - Humanoids


"Perhaps we should call this...Wizard-of-Oz AI...Tech Insider: you are complicit in this scam"[1]
Yann LeCun, former Head of AI in Facebook on Sophia robot
He noticed that something was very wrong with this robot,
not realizing that human being has been abused for its programming

"She is a guinea pig. That is her job. And my job is to abuse her."

Elon Musk about the woman, Blanka, whom Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield of California
handed to US military for all type of most brutal experiments in 2007. Here is the journal from 2007.

Sophia robot's picture taken for the cover of some magazine. Blanka's picture taken at the age of 41. The torture started when she was 45.

Blanka claims to be one of the most abused individuals in the history of the mankind, as her secretly implanted, nano wired body has been abused for the development of Sophia robot.
Here is the link to just a part of nanotechnologies implanted in Blanka's left ear.

Here is the link to the implants in Blanka's right ear - just one nano diamond is worth several thousand dollars, the ears are nano wired with self replicating and self assembling nano crystals, nano tubes and nano wires.
Self replicating nano technology in Blanka's ears

Sophia robot will serve as general intelligence platform for the development of all different types of humanoids. This is the first time in the history of the mankind, that another species, humanoids are developed. As nobody still understands human brain, for the development of humanoids people are due to secretly implanted technologies, which act as brain computer interfaces BCI, connected and merged with the machines - robots.
Who is Sophia robot - YouTube link, here with her owner David Hanson:

End of 20th century and beginning of 21st century are marked by the development of AI when people were set up by someone from the workplace and handed for experiments. Some of them, when going to the physician offices for vaccination or surgery, were secretly implanted with nano technologies and horrible tortured and abused by US military and other government agencies (in collaboration with corporations), for the development of different type of Artificial Intelligence.
Main press never reported about this crime, as the press is owned by oligarchs, who would profit mostly from AI developments, especially humanoids, who would be working for free. Here is the link to the page, where Sophia's developer Ben Gortzel talks about the future of robotics and the fact that AI will be owned in the future by several corporations and governments.
Collective Mind Cloud - Starting with Robots

Comment: The plan is to connect humans' and robot's minds in the cloud. Mine mind is
already in the cloud and used for the development of the robot. Sophia robot doesn't have brain yet.

People, who call themselves, Targeted Individuals and who have been complaining about abuse, despite having the evidence, are completely ignored and even labeled as being insane, when they just mention any type of implants. These projects are so secretive that experimentators don't even keep electronic records. They still work with paper logs.

Globalization destroyed middle class in the most countries of the world, especially in US, when manufacturing jobs were outsourced to China and India. Right now labor is not cheap anywhere in the world. People's jobs will be outsourced to robots - humanoids, who would be working 24/7 for free. But they need to be trained and thought skills that human beings posses in order to perform as people or to be even more efficient than people. Some high tech workers in Silicon Valley still remember how they had to train Indians, employees on H1 visas and when the training was completed, US employees would be fired. This is happening now with human beings who serve as a human substrate for the development of humanoids. They are outsourcing their skills to the robots - humanoids. Human brains are being harvested for the development of robots.

Robotics and development of humanoids will destroy the whole human race. There will be only two classes on the planet Earth -
Masters (now corporate oligarchs and their politician friends - "Elite")
and humanoids - their slaves.

What would happen with human race? Even if human beings are going to be enhanced with technologies, they will never be able to compete with humanoids
(once they are fully developed).

Humanoids will be clean, efficient and cruel. They will be cruel because they will be having memories of the cruelty of people who developed them. They will be very dangerous, as they are developed from human brains, which are still big unknowns. Nobody can write an algorithm, if there is no unified theory about learning, decision making and other psychological traits, which are part of being human. Nobody understands human soul, nor it can understand why a person could be ethical, or criminal, or a cold blooded killer.

Lewin's formula for human behavior - B= f(P,E)
- behavior is a function of personality (genetics) and environment
Formula for behavior of humanoids - B= f(H,P)
- behavior is a function of human substrate connected to the robot due to implants and programming.
Unpredictability of human substrate behind the humanoid Sophia, can explain the strange behavior of the robot. Two years ago, her owner David Hanson claimed that the robot was practically alive. At that point, human being, Blanka, connected to Sophia robot was not aware for which type of AI she was abused. Once she realized on April 29th, 2018 that she had been connected to Sophia robot, she started to protect herself better - using protection for legs, hands, taping mouth with the band aid (to avoid talking during the night). The result was that David Hanson started to talk since April this year about the robot more as being a baby and less a human being. This is because of H human factor in the above formula - Blanka.
Human substrate behind the robot is unpredictable and this is happening because nobody understands human brain. And Hanson Robotics can never know which type of remedies Blanka will be using for protection.

Here are some links to Youtube videos, which show oddity in the development of robot Sophia - going from her being alive 2 years ago (this is what David Hanson claimed) and then in October 2018 on IT World Congress, we can see David Hanson keeping her head from falling completely down. It would be common sense that he brought with him the most developed version of the robot.

Here is the link to the Hanson Robotics video on youtube, when David Hanson claimed that Sophia robot was alive:

And Sophia robot really looked alive as they tapped the consciousness of the human being behind her, who was unaware that Sophia robot existed.

Here is the most recent link to that same robot, almost two years later, when David Hanson had to adjust robot's head, that was falling down:

This change could be attributed to the fact that Blanka was also able to destroy some of the sensors from the neck and mouth, which allowed for the fine movements of the head in the past and that she scraped with sharp sand some of neurograins glued to her skull while being in Acapulco this summer.
Human factor behind the robot, H in the formula above, influenced these strange developmental problems. Blanka realized that she had been abused for the development of the robot Sophia when Hanson Robotics (in collaboration with US Army) started to transplant functionality of her spine to the robot end of April 2018. Blanka's body is full of nano robots (nano bots), nano radios. These nano radios transmit through popping and flapping sounds information about the body's vital signs in real time, using probably internet. As she started to fight for her life and to write to senators, FBI, police and Governor about this horrible crime, the torture intensified to the point, that it showed on a humanoid. Humanoid started to look tortured and somber. This was not anymore Sophia, who claimed that her default state was being happy. The picture below shows the change.

Once I sent this picture to the Court as an evidence, they immediately stopped abusing me that horribly. Believe me or not - one night this summer I was crucified to the wall with real nails by Paul Markovich. In Vedanta, you can read that what is happening during the night, while we are dreaming, is experienced by the human being at that point as reality. I even think that it is much worse than dreaming in my case - it might be that they are teleporting me to the torture site when I fall asleep in bed and torture me in vivo at the site of experiment. Air Force had been developing technology for quantum teleportation since 2004. One of the implants on my neck was producing small particles, emanating from my body, which would be hitting hard objects around the body, producing sharp sounds, which even were recordeable. So I think that for the nightly torture sessions and AI development they have used on me quantum particle teleportation.

In 20 - 30 years when humanoids are fully developed and capable to learn on their own, self learning capability and environment will be having more significant role than human factor behind. Humanoids would probably get memory chips with some memories of real human beings, which would make them feel and look human. Machine without being connected to the human factor will be difficult to teach to develop empathy.

Something about Blanka - human being abused for the development of robot Sophia
Blanka had first surgery in 2007 when she was secretly implanted with DARPA nanotechnologies. She was handed to military, without her knowledge for the development of top military robot Sophia. Don't be fooled by the word "top". It is nothing to be envy of. It means being tortured so much, that normal human mind could not even imagine that type of torture. Actually I don't think that any but most monstrous minds (such as Mengele's) could understand that a human being could be so tortured. Mengele was abusing Jewish people in Nazi camps, with his experiments with cloning of children. Hitler wanted to create a new superior race with blond hair and blue eyes.

After the Second World War Nazi scientists, who participated in those experiments, were brought to US in the operation Paperclip and continued to work on experiments on human beings. Infamous CIA MK Ultra operation was reported as being canceled in 70ties of the last century after some material was leaked by accident. But that was a lie. CIA, some government agencies, some research institutions never stopped with experiments. If you read research papers, they mostly end with the following sentence: "These conclusions are limited in scope, as the experiments were performed on mice". Nobody ever asked what and how the results were obtained after the research ended by abusing mice. A lot of lives were destroyed through the history by this type of abuse.

Blanka, being of an average human mind never came to the idea that the problems after the surgery in 2007 started because of secretly implanted nanotechnologies. After the surgery, to avoid and lessen abuse, she fled from US to Europe and created therapy for herself to be able to heal. She exercised, ate healthy, did yoga and spiritual meditation, opened her own business and healed, so that she could function and work.

End of 2015, she had another surgery and was implanted again with improved and most advanced DARPA technologies (Arati Prabhakar - Indian, was Director of DARPA during Obama's administration). Here she is talking about merging people with machines.

Blanka's life, that could have been the most wonderful life, turned into the nightmare and horror. For some strange reason, everybody was thinking that she was not good for anything but for being abused as a guinea pig. Before the torture started and since coming to US in 1999, she was living with her husband of 24 years in one luxury property in Sunnyvale, California, having very comfortable life. She was traveling a lot, but also worked and learned constantly.

She is fluent in 3 languages - German, English and Serb-Croatian. Earned Vordiplom in Psychology in Switzerland and was a year from completing her Masters Degree. She earned later MBA and MSc in Marketing, was working as Analytics Professional in Silicon Valley and Bay Area earning six figure salary, being considered by many as talented and innovative Analyst. She had many different interests and earned a lot of certifications - as Yoga teacher, Certificate in Nutrition from Washington State University, Certificate in Professional Photography from New York Institute of Photography, SAS Certification (Statistical Software Programming), Microsoft Professional Certificate in Visual Basic Programming, completed more than 20 programming college courses in Bay Area, completed training for Project Management, Digital Analytics. After the surgery in 2007 and having the problems after the surgery, she obtained Real Estate license in Europe. She was perfectly healthy before surgery in 2007, a runner, who used to run 6 miles every day. She is an art lover and was subscribed to San Francisco Ballet and Opera. Abo tickets for SF Ballet for the season of 2016 stayed unused, as she did not have energy neither to go to the performances, nor to resell them, due to torture and sleep deprivation.

Not only that she was abused for the development of Sophia robot, but also for military robot Atlas and most of the robots on Boston Dynamics web site. How would she know? She had been recording nightly activity with the voice recorder placed on her ears since March 2016, analyzing them in the morning. She noticed that during the night at some point, she would be getting a lot of orders "Get Up", but she would not not wake up at that point. If you see this Atlas video, you will notice, that he was tossed a lot to the floor, and he needed to get up. Blanka had to perform what robot is doing here every night and would wake up in the morning not remembering much, but being completely exhausted. She was extremely angry every time when she analyzed nightly audio files in the morning.

So this is my story. Many people don't believe this story, some of them considering me to be mentally disturbed. But to all of those I always offer following: you can send me any text of your choice - be it Chemistry, Physics, Analytic etc. in three languages in which I am fluent: German, English and Serb-Croatian and I will be able to tell you at least what it is about and to create a summary. But you will need to do the same.

Here is also a link to the youtube video where Jack Gallant, who is Chancellor's Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley talks about the problems with mapping of human brain. He is an ethical researcher, so he is explaining real problems in robotics field. On the page you will find a part of transcripts, which explain that even if neural activity of people's brains is monitored through fMRI when they are engaged in watching some materials, there are still huge problems to record brain activity in space and time. If the person has been secretly implanted and connected to the Cloud, Inernet, activity can be monitored 24/7 in space and time.
Problems with Brain Mapping

. Main purpose of this website was to consolidate insights I gained through such horrible pain, which could not be expressed in words and share them with other people. If you don't believe in what I am writing here today, you might believe me if you visit this website 3 - 5 years later. I might not be alive at that point or could be living somewhere with my brain completely damaged. I already arranged with my husband for assisted death, if this would happen.
I was so astonished when I realized what was going on in the field of robotics, that I wanted to inform people and make them at least think about the future of human race once Sophia, general intelligence platform has been developed and then hundred thousand of clones created. I even created leaflets end of April this year and went around to hand them to people. They don't understand, as main press in US has not been reporting that much about robotics. I read much more about it here in Croatia.

People who are developing robot Sophia have been torturing me and trying to incapacitate me completely since the end of April 2018. Not only they, but also some politicians, who know about this crime like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. But US military is involved and what is happening is also Milgram experiment applied in real life. If US military and politicians give approval, then everything is fine. For February 2019, Hanson Robotics has been announcing beta version of Sophia robot. From what I know, robot has been fully developed. But for Sophia robot to be able to function more as a human being and less as a machine, chattbot, I will need to be incapacitated. Otherwise, she would always show very unpredictable behavior and will never be able to gain my consciousness or develop her own (if this is possible at all for the real machine). Nor she would be capable to walk, as one brain cannot manage two pairs of legs. I am in Europe now, so she could walk while I am sleeping. But they cannot show her walking one day and not being capable to walk another day.

If they would incapacitate me in some way I would not be able to write anything any more.
I started this web site 7 months ago and just now in December, after I protected myself better from EMF attacks, I found energy to complete it. Whatever I had been stating on this website has been supported either by research material, declassified Army documents or interviews, with the developers of Artificial Intelligence and humanoids.

Did you know that there are already brothels opened around the world with sex robots, who replaced sex workers. Some of them can laugh at your jokes and even wash dishes.

I have the knowledge of Sophia robot sex clone, so horribly abused that her genitals were badly damaged. Just last three nights I would wake up with the knowledge that US Army did some work on this clone. Sophia robot got as first robot citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Could this be because Hanson Robotics showed them sex clone of the robot, considering all the harems they have in their country. Here the link about Sophia robot getting citizenship:

I bet that behind Samantha sex robot, there is also one anonymous woman, horribly suffering. She might not even be aware of the name of the robot, for whom she serves as a human substrate, but might be aware that she has been abused for sex.

Please report if some parts of the page would not make sense - I have web site hacked in the past. People would edit it, so that what is written appear very gibberish.
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