Development of Robots - Humanoids in
Collaboration of US Army, Hanson Robotics and Big Corporations - such as Facebook and SpaceX (Elon Musk)

This is taken from YouTube video when Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist in Hanson Robotics and developer of robot Sophia, explains development of general intelligence platform AGI - robot Sophia. Hanson Robotics is the private company, US company, but headquartered in Hong Kong. Hanson Robotics is the owner of robot Sophia, OpenCog - platform for the development of artificial intelligence and SingularityNet. It is criminal company, which is abusing REAL HUMAN BEINGS, all secretly implanted with most advanced nanotechnologies, to develop extended collection of humanoids. Here Goertzel is talking about ultimate goal of all projects with humanoids, building of Collective Mind Cloud, which will be controlled by the owner of the Cloud.
Beginning at 06:42
it's one of very powerful Network effects and a disturbing tendency towards oligopoly I mean what we're seeing is you know AI has a very powerful effect that whoever gets more data can make better AI and whoever makes better AI can offer better products which gathers get more data so you're seeing the emergence of a few big companies that are sort of threatening to own the on the AI of the world which is like your Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Baidu Alibaba and these big companies or in many cases cooperating very closely with militaries I mean in China that's very obvious the boundary between companies and the government is very thin in the US, sort of that way also. I mean we have now like a 10-20 billion dollar contract for providing cloud services and associated AI. The US military is being vowed over my Amazon and and Microsoft. Amazon is looking at putting their second headquarters in DC area to be to be close to the in Crystal City which is where the Pentagon is actually so I mean there's a close cooperation between military organizations and these large companies and they're sort of eating AI and these aren't necessarily evil people involved with us I mean I lived in DC for nine years working with intelligence organizations most of the people there are actually good harder than they've believed that doing the best thing for the world but I don't think these organizations are necessarily configured to do the best thing for the world for the world anyway... I think we've had the revolution in commercial AI in the last few years and there's a coming revolution in the transition from narrow AI like task specific ai ai you need to do one very exact little thing like drive a car or optimize the supply chain toward the AG i artificial general intelligence they are they can generalize and transfer knowledge from one domain to another an imagined invent and invent like people can and better ... deep neural networks I think are good but I don't think they're gonna go that far beyond visual and auditory data.. open minds and you know there's increasing unease with the idea that all these decisions are going to be made by large corporations with a prime directive and fiduciary responsibility to act just to maximize shareholder value and my militaries whose goal is to you know optimize the hegemony and security of one tribe or group of people over others ...
Plan for February 2019 - Beta version of Sophia - connecting all robot clones using the cloud Beginning at 15:03
this to provide a sort of robot mind cloud where you know what is learned by a robot like this goes into the singular unit a I'm on cloud and can then be processed by various other eyes and can then inform what other robots know so if you asked her a question about some obscure medical thing or something and she were connected to the singularity node after we launched the beta in February then her own AI could ask every eye on the singularity net that obscure medical question, which can tell her the answer, so this is an advantage robots have over humans.. right they have a lot of disadvantages in terms of the body not being as intelligent or sensitive as our bodies are, but they have the advantage of what one robot learns goes into them into the minds of all the other robots, I mean subject to choice and privacy issues our OpenCog general intelligence architecture which I don't have time to say much about now but is is a complex integration of neural Nets evolutionary learning and logic syste
Goertzel did not tell the truth, missing important point - that behind each robot is a human being, which serves as a human substrate for the robot, to provide the robot with human characteristics, that nobody understands well - conscious and soul - essence of that human.