Technology Explained by DARPA in the article below the picture
and based on my experience from April 29th, 2018

"First in vivo tests demonstrate ultrasound can be used to wirelessly power and communicate with millimeter-scale devices surgically placed in muscles and nerves" [1]
(this is an article published in June 2016 - I might be one of the first people who got implanted with this technology and tortured in vivo - (except that DARPA has the list of volunteers who let themselves implanted with technology, which I doubt) I just yesterday sent this email to congress@darpa.mil

I researched literature to be able to understand Cuban diplomats syndrome (Havana syndrome) reported in 2017. I had the same cicadas sound around my body since face lifting surgery in November 2015. Cuban diplomats reported hearing this type of sound when they were attacked in Cuba. The night of attack on me was 12/05/2015 - 20 days after the surgery. I was secretly implanted with all DARPA nanotechnologies developed to that point (this is just what I found in my ears). I found one article on DARPA's website , which could explain cicadas sound heard around the head.
This sentence is crucial for understanding this phenomenon: "Implantable “Neural Dust” Enables Precise Wireless Recording of Nerve Activity." [1] They don't mention plasmonic field, which is created by neurograins around the head and which sounds like cicadas. They are used to record neural activity.

Through my experience, I can confirm that this is also the technology used by Facebook Building 8 for their secretive project "Upload and Download of Thoughts". Neurograins or neurodust implanted in the skull, create this plasmonic field around the head. I have been implanted with neuro grains, but Cuban diplomats might have been implanted with neuro dust - next generation of this technology. I found neurograins glued with some polymer mass to my head. Important is that Cuban diplomats reported feeling first "sudden burst of pressure" and after that they would experience symptoms. This is exactly how these implants are activated. I have many more implants, as my body is nano wired - some of them are activated by a microwave pulse, which overheats my body. But neuro grains are activated by this type of pressure wave. Picture below shows the technology , one part is "a piezoelectric crystal that serves the dual purpose of converting the mechanical power of externally generated ultrasound waves into electrical power and communicating the recorded nerve activity" .[1]

Similar technology as explained by DARPA in the article below , is also used for transfer of bodily vital signs real time through flapping sound. This sound has been reported by US diplomats and experienced by me the same way. I think that this flapping is caused by nano robots, circulating through the body and vibrating very fast. They act as biosensors. Nano robots are actually nano radios, developed by University Berkeley in 2007 (Zettl Group). They are vibrating very fast and if there are many of them circulating at the same time, they can create flapping sound. They probably can be injected in the body with vaccines or ingested. Here some info about nanoradio from 2007 - I tried to find more recent information, but there is very little published on internet:


Facebook and Elon Musk - (Neuralink and SpaceX) are interested in these technologies. Musk for development of humanoids for space travel (Dragon) and Mars colonization (Falcon) and Facebook for their humanoids - robots and Oculus. After Judge Davila from San Jose Federal Court dismissed my case against Hanson Robotics, which developed Sophia robot in collaboration with US Army, everybody feels free to continue to abuse me as they wish. Judge Davila actually gave them license for killing. I have been horribly abused this month for Facebook's project Oculus, VR - virtual reality.They are especially abusing my eyes and visual cortex.

Cicadas sound is produced by plasmonic field, which is an artificial energy field created around the body due to implanted neurograins or neurodust. This artificial model is copying our natural energy field model, by the use of technology. They are replacing our natural energy field, which is compatible with the natural frequencies of the Earth (Schumann frequencies ), with artificial plasmonic field (sounds like cicadas), which is compatible with internet frequencies (2.4 G and 5 G). Through this field we will be merging with Internet frequencies around us created by cell phone towers and be connected to the Collective Mind Cloud.

Picture here shows "Enhanced Human Being". I created this picture based on events I experienced on April 29th, 2018 when all secretly implanted technologies in my body were activated at once by the attacks of Regina Dugan, Mark Zuckerber and Elon Musk. They were synchronized using their own clones of Sophia robot (working version). My body was popping and flapping; plasmonic field around my body practically merged with the internet and vibrational field coming from the floor created by some technology used in the apartment below. I did not feel "enhanced" as human being, but completely enslaved. You probably would not believe it, but CPU (main neurograin) on the top of my head , which was collecting all data from individual neurograins and saving them, was connected to the fire alarm in the building.

When I started to write, completely bewildered by my experience to some senators, FBI etc. (nobody ever answered); fire alarm sounded suddenly (only time while I was living on that property) and the sound would follow me everywhere. I would be moving around and on the top of my head, sound would be moving with me. This is probably a measure created for the "enhanced human" or humanoid, who would wish to escape or do something that masters would not approve of (like me writing around and complaining). It was quite unbelievable, surreal experience - I even recorded it, but my laptop disappeared later and I could not find it anymore. I have 6 laptops at least, as all of them would be hacked and damaged; so I constantly have to buy new laptops. I was incapacitated so much that I had to order online one bag of Epson salt - 25 lbs and paid for the next day delivery $280. I was not able to go to the Walmart to buy it, so incapacitated I felt. And they sent me Epson salt 5 days later (when the delivery is free). I saved my life the night of the first attack, hiding my head in the big bag of Epson salt, as shown in this video.

In any case, experience with fire alarm enraged me so much that I took small kitchen knife and scraped off CPU encapsulated in the polymer mass on the top of my head. Everything is very small - neurograins are the size of a grain of salt and neurodust is even smaller. But this technology can completely incapacitate, hypnotize and enslave human being. I did not even care about my mind being read, which was trivial matter, compared to all other capabilities that these technology has.

In my case, they started using technology, that would produce flapping sound (nano robots) to transplant full functionality of my CNS and PNS to the humanoid Sophia. She just got her legs in January 2018, which allowed for the basic movements and there was a need for her to develop fine movements and to start to learn about the environment on her own. I felt as if they were taking layers of my skin with nerves from my back and my spine. And they really did it the whole summer 2018. The neighbor below would use some technology, so that the floor and furniture would be vibrating. This vibrational field would merge with my body's plasmonic field, created by neuro grains and CPU on the top of the head. CPU was placed a little bit to the link side of corpus callosum, which connects two hemispheres, not on the center of the head. Another sound was flapping sound created by nano robots circulating in the body. I had the feeling that there was a stream coming through my feet. My hands - palms and finger tips were popping.

Nobody seem to know anything about the technology used for attack on US diplomats, nor what happened to them. DARPA cannot tell that people were implanted with these technologies, probably for testing purposes. I have the field of "artificial cicadas" constantly around my body, but a little bit less since I removed CPU encapsulated in polymer mass on the top of the head.

My case differes from that of US diplomats as they are implanted by some of nanotechnologies, probably neuro dust and nano robots. I have been primarily abused for the development of robot Sophia and all possible robots that DARPA ever developed. This picture explains flapping and cicadas sounds as reported by diplomates, but in my case I also feel swarms vibrating at specific places - only on the left side of the body. Main swarm on the left side of the head is connection point with the robot Sophia as pictured here. She has sensors, which are blinking and I have biosensors at the same place, on the left side of the head. Flapping activity is transmitting information from the bodily vital signs and it sounds exactly as described by US diplomats - as if you are driving with the window opened half way.

The same flapping activity is not only produced by nano robots, but also by Google Tattoo , that can read your thoughts by listening to unvocalized words in your throat. This is exactly how it works, as explained in this article. It is just that I got it secretly implanted under the skin on my neck and not on the neck as it is presented in the article. Implanting it is very simple procedure, done by a syringe. I feel it as some type of the patch, which creates scratching sound when I move the head from the left to the right. Regina Dugan abused it so much on April 29th, that I felt tattoo in the morning as a separate layer under my skin. I created a video next morning (April 30th), as I was so astonished by the attack, and because I wanted to inform Targeted Individuals community, abused for these type of projects, how to avoid pain I experienced. DARPA mentions in the article below that each neural dust sensor is encapsulated in polymer mass. On this web page I showed problems with cleaning of polymer mass from my ears as all nano technologies implanted in my ears are also encapsulated in polymer mass. This makes almost impossible to detect this technology in the body as it is hidden below polymer mass. Additional difficulty is to clean polymer mass. Here is another example of implants in my left ear, one of which is nano radio connected with nano diamond and some switches - most of the parts are placed on one polymer board. This board has been found under microscope after extended cleaning in this part of the ear (according to one ENT doctor, who did not know what the structures are, but said that they should not be there and indicated the place where nano tube - nano radio and crystals were located.)

Neural activity of the brain could also be transmitted through popping sounds as recorded here on my right ear in March 2016 (when I started to record activities around my head, using first Easy Voice Recorder on my cell phone and later usual voice recorders). After the surgery when hit with microwave or another frequencies, neurograins would create popping activity. I felt in the evening when attacks would start like being popcorn machine. Here is the recording when some particles would hit my helmet (I had to sleep in the helmet to avoid brain damage), headache and fit of aggressiveness in the morning. Here is the first recording which I did in March 2016. Based on Hubel and Wiesel experiments performed on visual cortex of the cat, I think that this sounds transmitted visual information from my visual cortex. The sound shows similarity with Russian Woodpecker signal. Trying to understand recordings, I stumbled upon this interesting web site which shows sounds of different parts of the brain under experimental condition. But even when I could record so much of this activity, I had still sound of cicadas around my head. I noticed at the end of April this year, that this field acts as sound field - for transfer of sound or talk.

I mostly recorded combination of two types of sounds - one very aggressive and another like Woodpecker sound (visual cortex). Here is what I recorded in my car - I was 130 miles from the place where I live, when I recorded this. During the day, I was able to record these type of sounds, but during the night, people would be talking to me. Even if I recorded just muffled voices and artificial snores, I could understand them perfectly fine during the night, while I was asleep as the radio on polymer board was placed on my eardrum. Air Force people would talk in whispers. I could not understand everything in the morning, but sentences had intonation, like this one, where male voice said "what is your.." - I could not understand last word. And I was living alone; no male around. Nano diamond implanted in my right ear, worth several thousand dollars also had capability to act as some type of the radio. I would place Easy Voice recorder on my right ear and hear white noise Then the channel will close and I will hear nothing. Sometimes channel would open, I would hear signals and channel would close.

Interesting to mention is that due to implanted CPU (main neurograin) on the top of my head, I would get a headache when being in Europe at the time when day would turn into the night (in February around 4 PM, in May around 6 PM and in July around 7:30 PM). This happened after the surgery in 2016 when I fled to Europe trying to escape the torture in US, but it did not help at all. I thought that HAARP might have something to do with it, as Air Force was main "customer" of the technology implanted in the body. They could reach me everywhere, as Croatians are collaborating with US Army and corporations on this project.

From DARPA web site is the text below [1]:

First in vivo tests demonstrate ultrasound can be used to wirelessly power and communicate with millimeter-scale devices surgically placed in muscles and nerves (8/3/2016)

Image Caption: Each neural dust sensor consists of only three main parts: a pair of electrodes to measure nerve signals, a custom transistor to amplify the signal, and a piezoelectric crystal that serves the dual purpose of converting the mechanical power of externally generated ultrasound waves into electrical power and communicating the recorded nerve activity.

Therapeutic modulation of the activity of the body’s peripheral nervous system (PNS) holds a world of potential for mitigating and treating disease and other health conditions—if researchers can figure out a feasible long-term mechanism for communicating with the nerves and pathways that make up the body’s information superhighway between the spinal cord and other organs.

What does “feasible” look like? Small is the best start—small enough to someday perhaps be injected or ingested—but also precise, wireless, stable, and comfortable for the user. Modern electrode-based recording technologies feature some, but not all of these qualities. Hardwired solutions present challenges for chronic use, while existing wireless solutions cannot be adequately scaled down to the sizes needed to record activity from small-diameter nerves and record independently from many discrete sites within a nerve bundle. DARPA’s Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) program is focused in part on overcoming these constraints and delivering interface technologies that are suitable for chronic use for biosensing and neuromodulation of peripheral nerve targets.

Now, as described in results published today in the journal Neuron, a DARPA-funded research team led by the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences has developed a safe, millimeter-scale wireless device small enough to be implanted in individual nerves, capable of detecting electrical activity of nerves and muscles deep within the body, and that uses ultrasound for power coupling and communication. They call these devices “neural dust.” The team completed the first in vivo tests of this technology in rodents.

“Neural dust represents a radical departure from the traditional approach of using radio waves for wireless communication with implanted devices,” said Doug Weber, the DARPA program manager for ElectRx. “The soft tissues of our body consist mostly of saltwater. Sound waves pass freely through these tissues and can be focused with pinpoint accuracy at nerve targets deep inside our body, while radio waves cannot. Indeed, this is why sonar is used to image objects in the ocean, while radar is used to detect objects in the air.
By using ultrasound to communicate with the neural dust, the sensors can be made smaller and placed deeper inside the body, by needle injection or other non-surgical approaches.”

The prototype neural dust “motes” currently measure 0.8 millimeters x 3 millimeters x 1 millimeter as assembled with commercially available components. The researchers estimate that by using custom parts and processes, they could manufacture individual motes of 1 cubic millimeter or less in size—possibly as small as 100 microns per side. The small size means multiple sensors could be placed near each other to make more precise recordings of nerve activity from many sites within a nerve or group of nerves.

Though their miniscule size is an achievement in itself, the dust motes are as impressive for the elegant simplicity of their engineering. Each sensor consists of only three main parts: a pair of electrodes to measure nerve signals, a custom transistor to amplify the signal, and a piezoelectric crystal that serves the dual purpose of converting the mechanical power of externally generated ultrasound waves into electrical power and communicating the recorded nerve activity. The neural dust system also includes an external transceiver board that uses ultrasound to power and communicate with the motes by emitting pulses of ultrasonic energy and listening for reflected pulses. During testing, the transceiver board was positioned approximately 9 millimeters away from the implant.

The piezoelectric crystal is key to the design of neural dust. Pulses of ultrasonic energy emitted by the external board affect the crystal. While some of the pulses are reflected back to the board, others cause the crystal to vibrate. This vibration converts the mechanical power of the ultrasound wave into electrical power, which is supplied to the dust mote’s transistor. Meanwhile, any extracellular voltage change across the mote’s two recording electrodes—generated by nerve activity—modulates the transistor’s gate, which changes the current flowing between the terminals of the crystal. These changes in current alter the vibration of the crystal and the intensity of its reflected ultrasonic energy. In this way, the shape of the reflected ultrasonic pulses encodes the electrophysiological voltage signal recorded by the implanted electrodes. This signal can be reconstructed externally by electronics attached to the transceiver board to interpret nerve activity. “One of the most appealing features of the neural dust sensors is that they are completely passive. Because there are no batteries to be changed, there is no need for further surgeries after the initial implant,” Weber said.

Another benefit of the system is that ultrasound is safe in the human body; ultrasound technologies have long been used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Most existing wireless PNS sensors use electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves for coupling and communication, but these systems become inefficient for sensors smaller than 5 millimeters. To work at smaller scales, these systems must increase their energy output, and much of that energy gets absorbed by surrounding tissue. Ultrasound has the advantage of penetrating deeper into tissue at lower power levels, reducing the risk of adverse effects while yielding excellent spatial resolution.

This proof of concept was developed under the first phase of the ElectRx program. The research team will continue to work on further miniaturizing the sensors, ensuring biocompatibility, increasing the portability of the transceiver board, and achieving clarity in signals processing when multiple sensors are placed near each other.

[1] https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2016-08-03
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