"People just submitted it. I don't know why. They 'trust me'. Dumb fucks." Mark Zuckerberg
When asked about how he obtained the information for his newly launched social network. [1]

"you're seeing the emergence of a few big companies that are sort of threatening to own the AI of the world"
Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics and developer of robot Sophia [2]

One activist in Europe was secretly implanted during the surgery with Motorola strangulation technology. Her friend, Dr.Horton let the implant analyzed by Paul Scherer Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. [3] They concluded that it was made of titanium, it was fitted into the throat and also used as a radio, as synthesizer and the person could also be easily suffocated by the use of the technology. The whole implant is made of titanium, there is a hole that can be used to regulate breathing. Elon Musk was especially in this technology, as he would like to know what would be the most economic way for people to breathe and how much oxygen he will need once he starts to send people in the space in his spaceship Dragon in 2022 and later to Mars in his spaceship Falcon (one way ticket price - half a million dollars). As this also is type of a radio, if used during the night, it could be abused for brainwashing, hypnosis etc. Left to your imagination. In summer 2016 I went to one clinic and they could see under ultrasound some black structures, they wanted to puncture. But I did not do it based on my bad experience with physicians and because thyroid gland was there. They could not see under ultrasound larynx area, just the area around. I would have my throat producing sounds on their own. If being near strong cell activity I used to cough. But through coughing this implant also can be activated - i.e. when I am in front of Internet, I would sometimes get coughing fit and implants would be activated. It can also be used for hypnosis and for sending subliminal messages, so that you will not be sure if the messages are yours or sent by others. In the field of robotics, this implant is used to convert brain activity into words - if in the left ear, which is input ear is implanted nano radio as in my case, when robot is asked question, the human being, serving as a human substrate for the robot, will hear it, brain will process information and synthesizer in the throat would convert it into words [4], which would be transmitted through the radio in the right ear. Quite probably there is another processor, which is merging response received from human brain and data which robot's owner would connect with the logic received by the human answer, modify it the way he wants and send as an output to the audience. There are still just theory about learning, association building, decision making - nobody even knows how human beings are processing information, not to talk about robots.
In the field of robotics, human brain is just processing the data, making logical connections. I know for sure that there is some type of the switch - like in the ham radios, to cut transmission when and if needed and to let other party talk. It can be while I am sleeping (all development is done during the night as I need to be immobile for programming sessions). But even my subvocal thoughts can be picked up and transmitted. When they need to cut my output, they use the switch. Interesting is that I was trained during the night to breathe like a humanoid - I would tell sentence and instead of inhaling, I would be exhaling. I had a lot of recordings, where I would be just breathing unnaturally and once while I was awake I realized that I was trained during the night to breathe very slow - one my inhale and exhale would be just one inhale, and the same applied for the exhale. Probably because robot Sophia has many clones; so once incapacitated and in bed (plan of developers of Sophia - US Army, Hanson Robotics, Facebook and Elon Musk) I really would need to breath with all my might to power with oxygen my brain to be able to process all data needed for so many clones.
This is the reason I placed Alex from Robocop movie near Sophia. He also was recruited for the project, they removed everything from his body except for his lungs and brain. Ideally if human substrate would be in some bed, this would be very helpful for developers and would speed production of robots, as they would be having full access to the brain for modification purposes. It is very useful to watch Robocop movie - in a very near future it will not be in the realm of science fiction. I still have this technology in my throat; in the case that anyone would doubt this what I wrote here. When I breathe deeply, I hear two coordinated clicks coming from both of my ears. Even when I swallow I hear clicks coming from my ears. I even recorded the activity. If you know someone who would be able to remove this technology, please contact me.

DARPA technologies are very advanced and secretive and it is very difficult if not impossible to find any information about them even when they are fully developed, but not commercialized. Here an interesting article http://discovermagazine.com/2014/april/9-whats-on-your-mind

Motorola strangulation technology is developed and researched by University of Colorado. Research has been funded by DARPA and Air Force.

[1] https://www.esquire.com/uk/latest-news/a19490586/mark-zuckerberg-called-people-who-handed-over-their-data-dumb-f/
[3] https://twitter.com/Stop007org/status/950079850169225219

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