"People just submitted it. I don't know why. They 'trust me'. Dumb fucks." Mark Zuckerberg
When asked about how he obtained the information for his newly launched social network. [1]

"you're seeing the emergence of a few big companies that are sort of threatening to own the AI of the world"
Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics and developer of robot Sophia [2]

Neuralink (an Elon Musk company) is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.

from Neuralink website- developer of neuropatch, depicted on the model below, which would merge human brains with computers

,This technology will be one of those used to build "Collective Mind Cloud" - "Internet of People"

Model taken from research paper published in July 2011, "Wireless communication with implanted medical devices using the conductive properties of the body"
by J. Ferguson and D. Redish - U.S. National Library of Medicine
I updated model using horrible experience from April 29, 2018 - since then abuse has just intensifed.
Grant Support: T32 EB008389/EB/NIBIB NIH HHS/United States
According to the grant support description, grant support was provided by National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The model above describes in short Facebook Building 8 Project "Upload and Download of Thoughts." It has been already tested by Regina Dugan (who worked as a Technological Head for development of Facebook Building 8 technologies) and Mark Zuckerberg end of April 2018.I was abused as a guinea pig due to the secretly implanted nanotechnologies during the surgery in 2015. Pictures and video of some of the implants are here. All technologies used for Building 8 projects were already fully developed by DARPA. I have indication, based on my experience, that I was secretly injected with maybe first generation of neuro grains during the surgery in 2007. All nano technology is encapsulated or attached to the body with polymer mass, that would be glued to the body and stay undetected for a long time. Even implants in the ears were hidden behind this polymer mass. Only after I started to clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide I was able to see implantes under the microscope. It never crossed my average human mind, that problems, which started after the surgery in 2007 could be attributed to any type of secretly implanted technologies. I never believed in any type of "conspiracy theories" and this was the main reason, why it took so long for me to understand what was going on. I was thinking that I was sensitive to anesthesia. This was the reason that in 2015, due to rapid and unnatural aging, I wanted to refresh my face. But plastic surgeon did not want to perform laser dermabrasion, stating that it will not help at all. I agreed to mini face lifting under the condition that it is performed under local anesthesia. Due to sedatives, before the operation ended, I fell asleep. My life turned into the horror after the surgery. But I would like here to share insights about the technologies, which were developed by DARPA and tested by Dugan and Zuckerberg for their projects "Upload and Download of Thoughts", "Skin that is Talking" and "Synthetic Telepathy" end of April this year. I am sharing some insights I gained through this unfortunate experience.

From the technology described on the picture, the most dangerous is waystation. Since the surgery in 2015 I would feel huge pain on the top of my head around 8:30 PM, while being in US. I asked one physicist, how would it feel if someone would hit your head with frequencies in GB range and he said, that it would feel the same if someone would take the axe and try to split your head. This exactly explains my experience. After the pain would ease I would start to be very sleepy and at 9 PM, I would already be asleep. Then the torture would start - people would talk to me, interrogate me, ask me to perfom the tasks, to explain what I did, to walk around the streets and explain where I was. This was done through the radios implanted in my ears. I would be always involved in some type of scenarios - exactly as in the movie Inception, except that everything in my case was done remotely. But someone needed to be relatively near - my neigbours did the work - some of them belonged to the "Community Watch" and were paid money by the Deep State to do the job. I could touch something on the top of my head, but I thought that it was the mole. Interesting is that while I was in Europe, I would be having huge headache during the twilight time. In February this would be around 4PM, in May it would be 6PM and in summer it would be 7:30 PM. Time did not matter - important was that at that time day would be turning into the night. Could this be attributed to HAARP - I don't know. Before DARPA technologies were given to Zuckerberg for Facebook Building 8 projects and Elon Musk and his SpaceX projects, I was mostly abused by US Air Force. So, it makes sense that HAARP could have been used when I was in Europe or I felt some strange influence while being in Europe. The night when I was attacked by Zuckerberg, Dugan and Musk they were working on different part of my body, but all abusing left side of my body. How this was done - they all activated at the same time clones of Sophia robot and each of the companies has one of the clones for research for their projects. Regina Dugan was testing technologies implanted on the head, Zuckerberg was attacking left side under the breast (heart) and Elon Musk left side of stomach to the pubic bone. But this is the page that should explain just Upload and Download of Thoughts. Neuro grains and waystation are creating some type of sound field around the body. US diplomats - spies in Cuba last year reported having the same sound around their bodies - cicadas sound. This is probably plasmonic field created by neurograins and maybe even nano dust. Here is the model based on research paper, I created based on the knowledge of technologies I gained through the horrible abuse. I wrote immediately to
senators, FBI, informed police, some newspapers and came to the conclusion that most of
the people are already brainwashed or gullible, as I was until it happened to me.

I saved my life that night, putting detox mud (clay) on the top of my head and placing my head in the big bag of Epson salt. When they hit me with microwave, grains of Epson salt were popping around. I noticed that the neighbor in the apartment below had AC switched on every night. It was end of April in San Jose, CA and there was no need for AC. But I noticed that floor of my apartment was vibrating through use of AC. These vibration would merge with the vibrations of the field created by the implants - neurograins and it felt as if I was merging with that vibrational field coming from my floor. I also recorder with HF meter huge pulsed activity coming from the apartment below. As I was due to radios implanted in the ears brainwashed and hypnotized during the night, they "trained me" that when I come near computer connected to internet, bow my head and turn it toward the screen to help to upload the data from waystation - data on CPU were uploaded. It could be that they were able to upload some data and maybe they did not get much. I don't know but I am just explaining the procedure. When this technology is perfectioned they will probably use nano dust and you will just need to sit in front of the computer connected to internet. At some later point, when they perfection plasmonic field created around the body, you will just need to walk around in the area where there is WiFi or cell phone tower, and the data will be uploaded by the use of satelite. This is my guess, but this means that all human beings together with robots will be connected through the Cloud. Human beings will be robotized and robots humanized (if this word exists).

I think that they uploaded what was saved on that chip on the top of my head. Another very important insight is that one feels as if he is merging with the computer. Neuro grains can also create some type of haptic sensation - I don't want to explain this further, as
it appears that the only people who pay attention to what I am writing are exactly those people who torture me, and this would be valuable feedback for them. But haptic experience is researched by Obama's Brain Initiative and researched by Facebook for Oculus. They did not stop abusing me and right now Zuckerberg is abusing me for Oculus technology.The most scariest and the most unbelievable experience was, when that waystation on the top of my head, was connected to fire alarm in the building. I was so bewildered and astonished by all those technologies, especially when I realized that there was a robot Sophia, for which development I had been abused for years. I was aware of horrible abuse as I was due to sleep deprivation practically incapacitated since the surgery, but I did not have any idea, that I was abused for the development of the robot. Although last year in summer when they worked on robot's legs, I found that I wrote in journal, that they are developing humanoid. But I did not know the name of humanoid. Who is the person of average human mind, who would think that this type of abuse is possible in this world? When I started to write to journalists, senators - here is the letter I sent to 20 senators FBI - nobody ever answered. But when I started to write, suddenly fire alarm sounded. The way station on the top of my head was connected with the alarm. I would be moving around and the sound would be moving on the top of my head. I was so outraged, that I went to the store in the neighborhood, asked the person who worked there to check if I had the mole on the top of my head and asked her to take the picture with my cell phone. I could not see much but something like glued on my head - I took small kitchen knife and scraped it off with a kitchen knife. It was nothing but some type of dry polymer mass. This saved my life as they were not able to cause such huge debilitating pain on the top of my head and the plasmonic field around my body was not that strong anymore. And the field around my body was not so intensive - the sound of artificial cicadas weakened a bit.

The question is following - once humanoids develop their own consciousness or get human beings consciousness implanted or rather stolen at this point from human beings, would they really not rebel if they need to work 24/7 for free, being switched off and on when their owner wants it. I would recommend here as mandatory watching the movie Ex Machina. Hansons Robotics, who has been developing humanoid and their clones in collaboration with US Army, stated in in one of the interviews that this movie was inspired by a real robot maybe even sex clone of Sophia. here.
I think that Upload and Download of Thoughts would be primarily used by Facebook and maybe some other companies for marketing purposes. I don't want to scare anyone by my horrible experience with these technologies. The fact that Zuckerberg, Dugan and Musk personally tested them, is the best indicator that this is sensitive topic. Back to marketing and main purpose of everything - amass as much money as possible - you might come to Facebook and see a product - a coat. And you will think that you would buy it if it were different color or maybe not that long. Next time you will come to Facebook and be presented with another model, exact color that you were thinking about and the coat would be a little bit shorter. So this would be the coat of your dreams. It is said that the future of Marketing is customization. But you also might open Facebook app and think that something should have been done differently or you might have been having some great idea,that you would like to market. It might be stolen from you.

But through neurograins, someone can take control of your body. I know that one of the neurograins was used to train robot to move the head around vertical axis ca. 15 degrees to the left and right. I am serving as a human substrate for the robot and neuro grains are abused to monitor and transmit neural activity of my brain during the night when they give me orders to walk, draw (this is the newest skill Sophia robot is learning), climbing stairs etc. Through nano diamond and other nano technologies in my right ear that type of information is transmitted and programmers are developing robot and many other clones. But concern is that US diplomats in Cuba reported the same flapping sound around their bodies and the same cicadas sound as myself. Were they vaccinated against tropical diseases before going to Cuba? Were they nano dusted or nano sprayed. I think that flapping sound is produced by nano robots, which are nano radios and circulating in the blood, but cicadas field - plasmonic field is produced by neurograins. Flapping is produced by nano radios, which are circulating in the body and vibrating extremely fast. In my body nanorobots are building swarms - above the elbow, below hip joint, on the back, and on the back of my head on the left side, exactly where Sophia robot has sensors, which are blinking.

But from Neuralink - Elon Musk proposed technology, neural patch which would be merged with the brain is extremely dangerous one. I asked senators in my letter , who from Facebook customers ordered Upload and Download of Thoughts. Who from Facebook users would like to upload the thoughts and share it with Mark Zuckerberg, especially when we all read constantly in the press that his main product is actually selling customer's data to other companies. Who ordered Synthetic Telepathy - you can contact your friend through many available applications and after all you can call him.

This is horrible technology and should have been investigated and stopped until it is clarified what is the goal of the whole run to "enhance people" with implants. I did not notice that I absolutely gained any supernatural power. Quite on opposite. My brain was harvested and I was so abused that I used after waking up to jump into my car, find deserted parking space and scream for 20 - 30 minutes. This saved me from going insane, until I bought helmet, faraday cages, protective fabric, frequency jammers etc. I spent a fortune, all my savings during these several years since the surgery. If I had not have money, I would not have survived the torture.

Improvements are on the way - please pay attention to the words in the text below - "unprecedented detail and precision":

"In July 2017 Brown University was funded with $19 million dollars by DARPA to "to develop a fully implantable wireless brain interface system able to record and stimulate neural activity with unprecedented detail and precision. Each of neuro grains is about the size of a grain of table salt - that can be safely implanted onto or into the cerebral cortex, the outer layer of the brain. The implants, dubbed "neurograins," will operate independently, interfacing with the brain at the level of a single neuron. The activity of the devices will be coordinated wirelessly by a central communications hub in the form of a thin electronic patch worn on the skin or implanted beneath it." [2]

What I experienced end of April this year left me speechless. If these technologies would be secretly implanted to the people, the owners of the could easily ruin someone's life and create out of him complete slave. It might be that they prepared this technologies to manage humanoids and at the same time human substrates used for their development. I don't still understand how I survived not being merged with the humanoid as this was the reason they attacked me that night end of April and had been chasing me since then to incapacitate me. As Sophia robot can walk and dance, they just need me to be incapacitated.


Mark Zuckerberg, if you did not know it, has been developing sex robot and cleaning robot. Facebook made public that they have the robot that can lift and move objects. However once developed will be used as cleaning robot, for different purposes. Sex robot, to my knowledge will be having three different sizes of vagina, to fit client's needs. Regina Dugan was very skillful performing this task.

[1] https://www.esquire.com/uk/latest-news/a19490586/mark-zuckerberg-called-people-who-handed-over-their-data-dumb-f/
[2] https://news.brown.edu/articles/2017/07/neurograins