Nano Technologies Secretly Implanted in My Ears During Face - Lifting Surgery
this technology is not visible under MRI, X Rays, CT scan, but only under the ear microscope
after extended cleaning

Nano technology is used to transfer visual and audio information during the nightly torture sessions and for the development of robot Sophia and her clones, but also to induce hypnotic state. If one of nano crystals is hit with hypnotic frequencies, that would put me into hypnotic state (hypnotic sleep during the night) or put me asleep sudenly during the day. Hypnosis (researched by CIA), could be also reinforced during the day by hitting nano implants with microwave. This is extremely important, as those who abuse my brain need to put me quickly asleep when they want to start to work on their projects. When I don't sleep, I am using my brain for everyday tasks I need to perform. The creatures, who work on these type of projects are monsters and beasts. They don't have any human characteristics, if they show them in everyday life, then it is pretense, so that they don't scare other human beings.

Pictures below are of some of the implants found under ear microscope in my ears - first in one ENT office in June 2017, one and half year after the surgery. Then I bought ear microscope while being in Europe - Croatia. It was completely destroyed in the post office - water was dripping from the package. Then I ordered another one and bought better one, once I returned to US. I had to clean ears for extended period of time, as all structures - nano wires, nano crystals and nano diamonds were hidden - covered with polymer mass. I found one nano crystal outside of the left ear and nano dust attached to the outside of the ear. Actually some of hydrogen peroxide dropped outside of the ear by accident and revealed those nano structures being placed outside of the left ear and again covered with polymer. What I recorded using ear microscope in the video below has been probably one of the first implantable cell phones as described in here: CNET then in this youtube video and in this article. I don't even understand how I survived all this horror, but the next person who would be secretly implanted with probably "improved version", will quite probably end in mental hospital. This is the video, which shows the structures on the pictures below in a video format.

After the face-lifting surgery end of 2015 I did not have any problems until I returned to US. Night December 5th, I was so attacked with EMF that I was not allowed to sleep after that date at all. There were many parties interested to test technologies. I recorded on my right ear, male voice exclaiming - Government . You might not understand the word, but it has intonation and I definitely did not produce it while sleeping alone in my home. First I would be put in some type of hypnotic sleep; I would fall asleep very fast and then I would be woken up every hour - exact hour 1 AM, 2 AM etc. Sometimes I could even here announcement 4 OU and I would have a look at the clock and it was really 4AM. This 4 OU sounds to me as a military term. I know that US Air Force experimented heavily on me - mostly their Indian employees. Torture was unbearable. They were able to talk in whispers, directly in my ears. If I would try to fall asleep they would hit me with some particles directly on my head, not allowing me to sleep at all. Here the file when I fall asleep and a woman called my name - Blanka, in whispers for extended period of time. Link to the file I recorded on my ears during that night. I recorded sounds on my ears for more than two years - I would place voice recorder strapped on my ear and record. When they would wake me up, I would stop recording and start a new. I analyzed files in the morning, but could just hear strange hisses, pops, artificial snores and muffled voices. One night I woke up and my left ear was full of snoring sounds like in this file , as if someone would be snoring directly into my ear. Another night I woke up with the ear full of some type of hissing sounds. This is the link to ppt presentation, where I embedded some of the files. Because of implants being deep in the ears, sound is practically created in my ears and when recorded on the outside of the ears, one can record just muffled male voice. But it is clear that sentence had intonation and that nobody can be snoring that way. Additionally I was sleeping with my mouth taped. Popping and hissing sounds might have been auditory effect of microwave used to transfer sound and visual material directly to my head. This is called Fray effect and is by product of microwave. In Wikipedia about Frey Effect. Definition:

"The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of the human perception of audible clicks, or even speech, induced by pulsed or modulated radio frequencies. The communications are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device."

I recorded popping activity - clicks, pops, coming out from the bathtub, neigbour's apartment, bouncing from my helmet while I was sleeping. I sent some of these files to Senators - Whyden, Warren, Sanders, Governor Brown, Franken, Kamala Harris (5 times), Diane Feinstein (5 times), Obama (5 times), VP Biden and many other who present themselves as being concerned about the well being of US citizens. Nobody ever answered. I sent requests for investigation to EPA (twice), FCC (several times), SMUD (electricity provider). I called FBI in Roseville, but they told me immediately that I need to use white noise. I already had bought on Amazon everything that would produce white noise, but nothing helped. There was absolutely no interest from any party to investigate the case. Why? Because they all knew that Army - Air Force was experimenting on me and abusing me. You don't touch Air Force or dare to ask military any type of questions, do you. They can do absolutely everything they want, place on it the label "national security" even if it doesn't have to do anything with national security. And nobody in this world cannot do anything. End of April I asked in my letter which I sent to 20 senators, what Facebook Building 8 projects, for which I was horribly abused have to do with national security. Or maybe they have, it is just that US citizens don't know anything about it. Here the link to the letter to senators. Here is the list of senators to whom I sent letters. Of course, nobody ever sent any answer. I did not even expect any, but I am glad I sent them. They are all treating me already as if I were a robot or maybe want to teach me to start to behave as one. I never signed to work for DoD nor did I get any peny from them. This is especially brutal as even when I worked they would torture me. Last time I worked in Spring 2018 as Marketing Analytics Manager for one high tech company in San Jose, they would run all night analytical problems during the night, that I needed to save. I could see my boss working on it. Hanson Robotics at that time claimed in the videos that Sophia robot will be able to work in Analytics field.

I spent ca. $30.000, going to ENT offices in 5 different countries since the surgery and only one ENT doctor, who had ear microscope, was able to find nano structures in my ears. He could see something like black hair like structure in my left ear and some crystal structures, for which he did not know what they were. I think that problem could be that equipment found in doctor's offices is not keeping with rapid technological changes. Most of the advanced technologies are now in nano field and neither X ray nor MRI nor CT scans (I did all of them) are not capable to see structures if they are nano size (nano is one billionth of meter). But if the body is nano wired as in my case, this can allow people to have access to the body using either Internet, surveillance cameras or plasma TVs or by direct use of microwave, using Frey effect explained above. Here is the link to the US Army declasiffied document about effects of microwave on human body - what everything can be done with microwave.

June 2017 - Belgrade
pictures below were taken in ENT office in June 2017. I started to visit ENT doctors immediately after the surgery to find out what caused the problems. No one could (or did not want) to see anything. I went to Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento in June 2016 to find the help for problems with the throat and ears - which caused me sleeping problems Dr. Shoab Siddique to my surprise took some spray and without informing me what he was going to do, sprayed my left nostril, put some instruments through it to have a look at my throat. He said that he could not see anything, but when I came home I could not breathe anymore during the night thought the left nostril. X ray showed some change on that nostril. He nano sprayed me during the visit and damaged the only part of ENT apparatus, which was healthy at that time. My nose was bleeding for some time,especially when Elon Musk was experimenting on me with some radiation in my San Jose apartment. Then it was long time painful on touch, then it produces roaring sound when i do alternate nostril breathing (Yoga).

October 2018 - pictures below were taken under ear microscope after extensive cleaning for days with hydrogen peroxide.
Every and each nano structure has different functionality. One nano crystal, that acts as some type of switch, when hit with specific frequencies, would cut breath in my throat as it is connected directly with the synthesizer implanted in my throat (Motorola strangulation nano technology); another one would stimulate private parts and right breast. When I touch one of nano crystals in my right ear, I would get a lot of saliva in my mouth. But structures has been mainly used as a radio and to send visual material during nightly hypnotic torture sessions for giving robot functionality of a human body and to train the robot. Nano diamond in the right ear acts as a transmitter. Taking my first voice recording in March 2016, I would first feel tickling in my left ear (input ear) and then was able to record two types of sounds on my right ear. I had the feeling that someone was taking snapshots of my brain activity transmitting it through nano diamond. Here are links to the sound files. One of them is probably transferring information coming from the visual cortex as the sounds are very similar to those recorded by Hubel and Wiesel, who did extensive research abusing a cat. Recordings taken on my right ear with Easy Voice recorder app:

These type of frequencies recorded on my right ear can make person very aggressive

Burst sounds recorded on my right ear with Easy Voice Recorder App

Hubel and Wiesel experiment on the cat:

one part was producing burst - 4 Hz frequency. When Air Force people would begin torture seance, they would hit my ear first with some type of EMF that would also produce sharp sound (like laser) - again 4 Hz frequency. I was in bed once and put voice recorder on left ear, below motorcycle helmet, I was sleeping in to protect my brain. Frequencies were so aggressive that they switched off voice recorder, placed below the helmet.

Organic Cell Phone
This below is the same polymer board, but from different perspective.

Link to the nano radio web site .

Working of nano radio developed by Zettl Group in 2007, could be also seen just under the microscope. Nano tube would be vibrating very fast (this could explain tickling sensation I had in my right ear, when hit with specific frequencies). In 2007 they had the problems with the batteries. I think that nano crystals or wires can act as battery. Research found that our ears actually have natural batteries that can be used as power for medical implants.

I sent picture of nano crystals taken under ear microscope in my right ear and after having e-mail exchange with some big nano technology company we agreed that I need to send them nano diamond for further evaluation. But I will need to take surgery to take it out, as it is attached to the ear bone. And after the bad experience I had in Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento (they nano sprayed my perfectly fine functioning nose), I don't dare to go any more to any of medical offices.

These structures - nano crystals, nano tubes and nano wires are encapsulated in polymer mass in both ears. Except for nano diamonds they are all self replicating and self assembling technology. They will self assemble according to the EM frequencies used.
Please report if some parts of the page would not make sense - I have web site hacked in the past. People would edit it, so that what is written appear very gibberish.