Journal of Torture - 2007 - Robot Sophia
First Robot Developed Was Sex Robot

Horrible Cases of Woman Trafficking

about Paul Markovich, whom I call Beast, Demon, Monster, Pervert and all
of these names are deserved

to the journal with explanations

Before starting to read this, please have a look at this collection of sex robots . First sex robot brothels are opening around the world. This article was published in UK just 3 months ago. But essential to understand my journal entries is to watch the movie Ex Machina, produced in 2015. Journal entries are about start of development of robot Sophia. Developed was first sex clone. Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, which owns Sophia robot mentioned in an interview that Ex Machina was inspired by the real robot. In that movie Ex Machina is a robot and developer is inviting one of his employees to perform test on her. Ex Machina looks like a robot, but she is also connected to the woman. But because she looks as a robot, one would never believe this. But developer has been hiding in closets collection of humanoids. Why? Because they look and behave like real woman, indistinguishable from the human beings when activated and connected to real anonymous woman. If the developer had developed such advanced robots, without "tapping real human brains" he would not be having any reason to hide them. And this is exactly how those robots are developed - behind each and every of them, capable of some intelligent conversation, like Samantha, here having conversation with Katie Couric, is one anonymous woman, connected with nano technology to that machine. She is still under development, but look for her in 5 years, and you probably will be astonished. Body of anonymous woman, who is a human substrate for her, will be destroyed. And nobody will know it, even the woman who is abused, might not know about it, as she will be drugged and in anothere way incpacitated due to the torture. When they wanted to open first sex brothel in Houston, an offer was that if the client wanted to be hooked to AI, he needed to pay extra charge (significant amount of money). This means that he would have sex with the humanoid, capable to have conversation and acting as a human being. For information purposes here is the link to the organization which plan is to upload human brains to the Cloud by 2024 and there is a waiting list already as many people would like to do it. So - this is not science fiction, but reality.

I started to write my paper journal in October 2007 in one Scheduler Calendar for 2007. I read it many times during the past 11 years, but I never understood anything what was written. Are you able to imagine that people would be creating a robot from a human being? I was not able to comprehend this until end of April this year, when all of the clones (robots) developed during 11 years of abuse, were activated and when I, to my astonishment, with hands bent at the heart level turned to the right and then to the left in a robot like fashion and said: "Meet Sophia". Last year I also kept journal as I was horrible abused when Sophia robot developed by Hanson Robotics in collaboration with DARPA and Croatians was getting legs. Croatia is one of CIA torture countries. I did not have any idea about this until this year.

I wrote last summer (on June 6th, 2017) that they were developing humanoid, but I did not know the name of humanoid. I was so incapacitated whole summer due to sleep deprivation and torture, that I did not have energy to do any type of research. I was in Croatia (US-Croatian citizen) and Croatian Army (SOA) is collaborating with US Army on the development of their own military robot, all abusing me. Croatians also have their sex clone. This is important point - for this technology it is not important where the person is, in the case that you have someone near her, who has access to nano technology implanted in the body. In the case that I would be living in a forest, without internet connection they would not be able to do this. Or they would use LIDAR technology to reach me. Military is so well funded, that it is very difficult to escape them, once they catch a person and start their experiments, mostly longitudinal research projects. In April this year I got memory recall. It appears that I wanted to escape during one night, using some equipment and someone told me:"This is military equipment Blanka. You cannot run away from military." I created a video at that point, where I was screaming while getting memory recall about abuse. It could be that they are tele porting me to the torture site while I am sleeping.

It is advisable also to have a look at this article to be able to get some basic ground and be able to understand journal entries in the table below. Am I talking here about Blue Shield? No. I just translated from my language what I wrote in journal 11 years ago, trying to make sense, as I know that people are really talking to me due to radio implants. Development of robot (s) and abuse was happening while I was sleeping. Sleeping is very similar if not the same as hypnosis. I would wake up and forget what happened during the night, while I was connected to the humanoid. Until April 2011 (eleven years later), I was thinking that everything I wrote in the journal were just weird dreams. This was never meant to be published, as I wrote it in my own language and as it was just meant for me. My husband found it in 2011 and read it and I was extremely upset. I remember when he told me that, that he was crying. Everything I wrote down is translated accurately from my journal. But this was nothing compared to the torture, which started after second surgery in November 2015.

If you ever wrote any type of journal, preserve it well. I would never had understood what happened to me, if I had not started to write this journal in 2007, just after the surgery when I was secretly implanted with DARPA nano technologies for the development of the top military robot Sophia. Not being aware I captured the moments when the first humanoid was developed; it was first the baby in the pillow, then humanoid child and then I was captured in the machine on March 19th, 2008. If you watch this video when they attacked me on April 29th, 2018 when I got memory recall, you will see that what I told in the video is matching my journal entries. I said that there were many constructs (clones) developed, when I was a child, then grown up etc. Video was recorded at 2 AM and this was just the beginnig of the torture.

OpenCog, Hanson Robotics Open Source platform was founded in in January 2008. . Hanson Robotics in collaboration with US Army, is the owner of social robot Sophia and all her clones. One of the clones, so much abused that her genitals were destroyed was sex robot (but this clone is not advertised as it would not fit into image they are trying to build, being a company, which will change the world to the better). I had another surgery on 11/14/2015 and I was connected due to secretly implanted nano technologies to OpenCog and OpenAI on 12/05/2015 (or reconnected so that I felt strongly that connection). Sophia robot was activated due to Wikipedia on Feb 16, 2016, but her development started in 2007. How I would know this? Because of me keeping the journal and thinking constantly that Paul Markovich's grandmother name was Sophia in 2007. I could not validate this, but I knew about some Sophia at that point. I just connected this name with him. Or maybe because I was already 45 years old, when development started and I could have been grandmother at that point. But I looked ten years younger and I feel inside being very young.

However it never crossed my mind that I was secretly implanted with newest DARPA nano technologies for synthetic telepathy during the surgery in 2007. I did not have any idea, why I could suddenly hear Paul Markovich, now CEO of Blue Shield of California every night after the surgery. I thought that the events were in para psychology realm. I thought that the problems happened because of anesthesia. One and half month after surgery, while being in Europe, I did not have any problems. They started after I returned to US from Europe. In summer 2007 I wrote an e-mail to Paul Markovich, as I hoped that he will be able to help me understand why I can hear him during the night, but by the way how he answered e-mail, I understood that he will not tell anything and one week later I had to leave US, as sleep deprivation was starting to create psychotic state. I was heavily hypnotized during the night, but I did not understand that. Prolonged hypnosis would bring one into psychotic state. Imagine if someone can talk to you all night and you cannot switch him off, he can wake you up, whenever he wants. And whenever you fall asleep, he will start to talk.

In 2015 I had another surgery. I did not want it but surgeon insisted and told me that this would be the only help for my extremely aged face. I agreed under condition, that face lifting surgery, should be performed under local anesthesia. I was awake during the surgery but he sedated me and I fell asleep. Everything was fine after the surgery, but after my return to US, horror started again. Nightly attacks started on Dec 5th, 2015, 2 days after my return to US. People will be whistling, talking, interrogating me, sending me visual and audio material, torturing me all possible ways. Once they woke me up with the words: "Greetings from the billionaire's class." I supported some aspects of Occupy Wall Street movement, but was not actively participating, except for being involved in two phone calls and sending them suggestion about possible goals for the Movement. They did not have goals defined in 2011. Instead of participating in the call, I sent an e-mail to DFA with the suggestion for some of the goals. Bernie Sanders, when running for President had very similar goals. Here is e-mail with goals I sent to Rudy from DFA in 2011 in pdf format. I did not have any personal interest, when making suggestions - I never worked for minimum wage, I did not have children to worry about free education, I was healthy. Second I was against any form of violence and suggested that they follow principles of Martin Luther King - no violence. In 2012 Occupiers really marched from New York to Washington DC.

I did not think that I influenced anything and I don't know anyone from the Movement nor anyone knows me. I photographed events as I was living several blocks from Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, where Occupiers had tents. As I studied Photography at New York Institute of Photography and one of the assignments was to photograph for several months one newsworthy event, I considered Occupy Movement as an opportunity for me to develop a photo story. I was surprised when in Fall 2013 I could hear former President Obama asking me during the night if I would raise revolution, if he would ask me not to do so. I said to myself in the morning: "What a strange dream. But color of the voice was so Obama's." I forgot Occupy movement and remembered that I photographed some Occupiers, whom I did not know at all. One of the photos had word "Revolution" on it. Here is that photo from my Flickr stream, so you can judge for yourself. Did DFA give access to Occupy Movement's email exchanges to Obama? But military was already experimenting on me since July 2011 and I know that I was encouraged during the time when I photographed events to be aggressive. But I hate any type of violence; they probably wanted me to be arrested, to justify the torture. One really needs to be careful when doing or saying anything. Otherwise you could end robotized as it happened to me - enslaved in eternity. Obama's Brain Initiative started in April 2013 and they still claim that they are mapping human brain working on mice. After nightly conversation with Obama, the torture intensified. I remember that this was the point when my dog started to sleep in the bathtub.

How I ended with military to be abused for their experiments? This torture started after I sent an email in 2007 to Paul Markovich. I first sent it to one HR person, whom I knew from BSC when I worked there. But email bounced and I forwarded it to Paul. Paul did not like my email. On May 22nd, 2007 I got spam email mentioning Paul and "beginning of some new and spectacular punishment". Could anything be more spectacular than create robots, clones of a human being and this way enslave human being and destroy her life. Below are some entries from my journal from 2007. I constantly had Paul Markovich in my "dreams". Actually without realizing it I captured how Sophia robot was developed. Was Paul Markovich "early adopter" of sex robots which could be bought today? I don't know, but I remember that one night in September 2011 during the night, he said to someone:"Meet my Blanka. My wife arranged for it." I again did not know what to think about that. I picked up every entry from the journal, except for analysis of food I ate and vitamins and how they made me feel better. When I fled this summer to Acapulco to survive hypnotic attacks, poisoning of my car with some nerve agent, some stinky red plasma and radiation coming from my neighbor's window and abuse by Elon Musk, one whole night I could hear woman's voice repeating:"You, Paul and me, we are a family". I know that Paul Markovich would deny everything, but I am just asking why would I be having radios in my ears. I did not order them to be implanted while having surgery. I never mentioned to anyone neither Paul Markovich nor Blue Shield until 2014, when torture intensified again and I had to send anonymous email to Paul writing him that I want to sleep and signing email as Elephant woman. I knew that something was very wrong.

Interesting is that while I would be driving through San Francisco in 2015, I had the knowledge of some hotels, which had some importance to me, but I did not have any idea why. Like Potter hotel in San Francisco and many others - not high level hotels. I think now that sex humanoid was abused in those hotels and I knew about it, as I was connected to that humanoid. I also remember going to the grocery store (Lucky in Oakland) around that time. When I would see lubricant on the shelf, I felt if this had some significance for me, but I never used lubricant in my life. I could imagine that they used lubricant a lot for sex humanoids. It might be that they gave humanoid to different men for testing purposes.

Date Journal Entry - what was the "dream" about Interpretation
10/30/2007 Paul Markovich's wife visited my mother. My mother was pulled into the project by military as they started to create child version - the first version and needed her input, about how I looked as a child.
11/06/2007 I was asked to talk about my childhood. Collection of data - they want to learn as much as possible about person. In the morning I woke up with the recollection of unpleasant memories from the childhood.
11/09/2007 I felt that my tongue was tick, especially the top. Big pressure on the top of my head, nervousness. Going to the church brought relief. I felt horrible during the night, waking up several times. My mouth was full of biosensors, as improved by MIT now (for development of speech and for sex robot). Sex robot needs to kiss. Pressure on the top of the head was, as I was injected with neuro grains. They experimented during the night, this was the reason I felt so bad. See Facebook model for Upload and Download of Thoughts. They got technology from DARPA on which they worked for maybe 20 years. Here is DARPA's document - page 78, shows BCI.
11/12/2007 I felt a bit better and could concentrate on other things. This was the first time I took vitamin B3. I had huge flush and this was helpful. It might have displaced some of neuro grains. That was the first time I could watch movie to the end without feeling tired.
11/14/2007 I woke up and some woman's voice was talking about the skin care and child care. My husband called from US and said that someone called and offered products for skin care. This is the strategy they often used - to make me confused. This was some type of brainwashing. All the dreams were meant to change personality, to influence mood during the day, to modify behavior and to create perfect slave (clone), while the person is sleeping (being under hypnosis).
11/15/2007 Horrible pressure in a parietal lobe. Very nervous. But started to sleep better, as B3 vitamin was helpful. Pressure is all because of neurograins injected into the head.
11/2007 - 01/2008 returned to US - left journal in Europe
01/31/2008 I started to learn for MBA, I could see Paul Markovich's back, as he was working at his desk. I wake up every several hours. Robot was in his study, in his home. Hanson Robotics was working on development of robot and he probably had one clone. OpenCog was founded on 01/18/2008.
02/01/2008 Very nervous, thick top of the tongue. I see again Markovich working at his desk. I touched him and he was extremely angry. End of April 2018, when Regina Dugan started to abuse biosensors in my mouth, I realized that she could move my tongue (by applying some frequencies) in all directions. It appears that they trained me while I was sleeping to move the tongue to the left, right, roll it up and roll it down. I saw once a video of Amanda Baynes, creating strange grimaces and I remembered it during that night. I grabbed very hard sponge used for face exfoliation , and was biting it all night to prevent suffocation and to immobilize my tongue. Dugan gave end of April this year, finishing touches to sex robot (Facebook, Building 8), which will be used for the troops deployed to the combat. It should be operated by coins and have capability to adjust vagina to three different sizes.
02/15/2008 My eyes are affected. I feel nervous. Prayers are helpful. They are working on robot's eyes.


I had problems with the tongue - it feels like if being swollen. Paul is irrelevant. He is going on my nerves and I cannot stand him. He is kissing me, very nicely.

They are working on sex robot, mouth is full of biosensors. I know what they are doing and stopped liking Paul. He is probably testing biosensors by kissing robot.

02/22/2008 I don't remember dreams any more. They can make the person to forget the dreams after waking up, it depends on what they are doing during the night. Whenever I wrote something in the journal, this was what I remembered from nightly activities. This is the reason that I understood only after 11 yeas what was done. They use DARPA narratives for this purpose, creating artificial dreams like in a movie Inception. What they are doing with narratives - they are keeping my brain busy with stories, so that I don't remember what they are doing to me during the night. The community of Targeted Individuals, people who are all abused for this projects, called this manipulated dreams. Video above is about TI's and this is the case of Oxford educated woman, sleeping in the storage every night. Another case of Dr. Horton, Oxford educated Physicist. Interesting might be that Paul Markovich did his postgraduate study at Oxford University.
02/25/2008 Paul pushed very hot scrambled eggs down my spine. I feel like there is another person with me.
Working on robot's spine. Building the robot, which is connected with me. Spine - sensation, probably the reason that I felt the robot, as we were connected with biosensors through the spine.
02/28/2008 I started to learn seriously. I still am looking for the business space, as I founded real estate agency in November 2007. I was taking vitamins regularly and this helped. Again I see Paul working at his desk. I was not sure why, so I tried to interpret this as me starting to learn again. It appears that with the spine, mouth, eyes some work on the robot was completed. I slept very bad, was feeling horrible when this type of work was done. If not, then I would feel as before the surgery, completely healthy. Robot is still at Paul's home, as I am placed behind his back.
02/28/2008 I felt as if I were swimming on the sea surface, being hypnotized, and someone was swimming below and constantly touching me - my leg. It did not feel unpleasant. Then I was going to some island with the book and was sitting there. While I was writing the entry in the journal I was crying and told Paul to leave me. And he said that he could not. I prayed for him and cried again. They were working on the robot. My body was full of biosensors, nano robots, but I did not have any idea about that at that time. I know that I had a lot of itching after the surgery, my whole body was itching. If you have nano tubes (Morgellons) in your body, whenever hit with EMF, the body will itch at that part. This is the picture I created under dermascope. I had better pictures of them being of different colors - copper like, but not here. These nano tubes are below the skin. Back to journal entry, I was crying because that part of my brain, they abused during the night, knew that what happened during the night was something horrible.
03/05/2008 I felt some tiredness in my eyes. Stopped exercising. When I start to learn, I start closing my eyes. I pray every day for Paul, then for my husband, then for me.
They were working on robot's eyes. Influencing my eyes using nano tubes or biosensors in my eyes. They don't want me to learn. Signs of hypnosis - excessive yawning and blinking with the eyes. I was thinking constantly that Paul and me were connected para psychologically. I would get later some spam emails, which would say that it was done through Third Eye - chakra point on our forehead - connection to the Source in Hindu religion. There is a movie "In Her Eyes" when man and woman, unknown to each other, experience brain trauma and they start to be involved similar way. Another reason - I would get a lot of email messages that would dupe me into thinking so.
03/06/2008 I had argument with my husband, who called every day. I had the feeling we will never live together. I got spam message:"When your husband leaves you".But physically and mentally I felt as before the surgery, being me again. But I was masturbating constantly during that time. I never did that before, as I am not very sexual person, and I had normal sexual life with my husband, we never had any problems. I did not remember any of my dreams. This was regularly happening. I would always got spam messages, which would show that someone knew or would reinforce what was happening during the night. Here example of just some of spam emails from 2007, when I sent complaint to General Goldfein because of abuse from the side of AirForce during that time.
03/08/2008 I had strong orgasm during the night seeing Paul Markovich orally satisfying me. I started to feel strong sexual excitement. I got spam email that would indicate that someone can see what I am seeing. I think that robot was functional for sex purposes. They give orgasm using EMF, stimulating clitoris abusing biosensors injected in genital area. Another way is through use of some type of pressure waves. I would see a person and penis (vision) and then they would apply pressure waves, to give the feeling of intercourse. When they can see what I am seeing, this is indication that robot's eyes are functional. Cameras are connected through biosensors with human eyes. They can send a hologram, picture on the particle. When particle hits neurograin on visual cortex, I would see the picture.
03/09/2008 I had sex with Paul Markovich, I said to Paul that I loved him, I could see us traveling to Venice, having children. At the same time I got spam email stating:"Shared pussy". I feel well, but someone can see what I see and can judge in what emotional state I am. Robot is completed so that one can have sex with her. Shared pussy - it can be shared with other people. Robot's eyes are functional, through neurograins, some neural activity could be "read". Not much but something.
03/10/2008 I slept through the noon. I felt as being sexually attacked and said to Paul that I did not want sex with him. To prevent attack I visualized to have metal suit on me. Sexual abuse through the robot started on 03/08/2008
03/11/ 2008 I went to the city to do some errands and when I came back home, I could see vision of me having shaved head (Sophia robot still doesn't have hair).

There was a group of people and Paul had anal sex with me. After he ended he kicked me with the leg in the back. Everybody around laughed. This happened in Blue Shield cube where I was once working. I did not react, but before going to sleep, I was crying.

Due to neurograins and other implants they could send me visual material and talk with me during the night, but also have telepathic conversation during the day. I thought all the time that this was some type either black magic or parapsychology. Brainpreservation organization, which works on upload of people brains to the Cloud (computer) has one PhD in Parapsychology as an adviser. But it was actually the case of Synthetic Telepathy, due to some implanted DARPA technology during the surgery.
This is very strange entry especially because place of abuse was BSC in San Francisco. I had strange sexual excitement every Saturday at 3PM, and that started in 2011, after I moved to Oakland and Army started intensively to experiment on me. I once heard Paul telling someone: "Are we going to use conference room". Did they abuse humanoid with biosensors connected to my body? That I had such type of sexual experience, was not secret at all. Many people knew about this. When I worked in 2012 in one company as an Analyst in Finance department I had Controller loudly scream and simulate orgasm in the office next door, while I was with my boss in one meeting with the clients.
03/12/2008 I wrote in journal that I told Paul Markovich that I hate him and that he is fu--ing bastard. That guy is really disgusting. And that since February last year, everything that happened was some type of rape.
Serious sexual abuse started by the use of sex robot. Email spam "Shared Pussy", should explain everything. February last year, was February 2007 when I resigned from Life Masters company after I requested investigation about the evaluation document sent to that company from someone from Blue Shield. This is why I sent an email to Paul Markovich in 2007 requesting him not to send the document to my future employers. And this is why I ended in military program.
03/13/2008 I woke up feeling cold, but I was extremely angry. Whenever I see vision of Paul Markovich, I guillotined him - chop his head off and I put his wife on his penis. I started to hate him horribly. I cursed him. I had very morbid visions which surprised me. I felt like a psychopath. I don't even know what happened, but after I woke up, the entry in my journal shows what he did to the robot, while I was asleep. And it might have been something horrible, as I felt as psychopath, which surprised me, as that was not my nature. It might have been that I had experienced some horrible things during the night, which put me into this state.

Missing Date

I use one pdf version of the journal. And I am missing one important entry - that I could see during the night Paul and his wife hugging a baby in the pillow. Baby was three months old.

If you think that OpenCog from Hanson Robotics was founded in January 2008, that I wrote in Journal that baby was 3 months old, makes sense. I did not know about existence of OpenCog until summer 2018 - 10 years later. I thought when reading this entry, that Paul got another child as addition to his family and was looking for some time if he would change number of children on his bio. But he did not.

03/14/2008 I slept very bad and woke up at 5AM. Someone was having anal sex with Paul's wife and one child. He said "Ne", which is "No" in my language. When I opened my eyes being in my bed, Paul tried to sexually excite me, but without success. He wanted to close my eyes. Next day I felt cold, said that I was not so brutal. Told Paul not to talk to me any more and to open his mouth only when I ask him something, and that I will never ask him anything. This is interesting part, as it appears that two robots were created in parallel - one sex robot and one military top robot. I started to give orders to protect myself - that vulnerable part that was abused for sex. Someone also asked me that night to talk about my family. What is happening here - child humanoid like Diego San was first created or another version of child. Imagine female version of a child with developed genitals. And this fits to what I told during the attack end of April 2018, ten years later in the video. That there were many constructs (clones) created, but all were me at certain age, as a child etc. When there was an effort to close my eyes, then this was an attempt to hypnotize me back into sleep. It appears that two robots were developed in parallel - sex robot and military top robot.
03/15/2008 Told Paul Markovich to leave me in piece and to act as a human being and not like a jerk. I wrote further that after that scene with the child rape, which did wake me up, he lost any power over me. Probably that was me who said "Ne - no", which woke me up March 14th. I told him that his wife is a Gipsy and he went crazy. He still tells me that he loves me, but I don't love him any more. Robot was very sexually abused. I asked Paul to end it. I found office for my business at the same time in real life. I was disgusted by the rape of the child.
03/16/2008 I woke up at noon, I was extremely tired. I was trying to get rid of Paul. I was later extremely angry. I wrote that I could cut in pieces, Paul, my husband and ALL OTHERS. While writing this, this is the first time that I am really analyzing journal entries. I wrote here about my husband. I think that he was blackmailed because of watching porn to participate in this crime. He worked for one company that was government contractor at that time. Once he mentioned Obama as Berry. I asked him - since when you are with Obama at Berry. In 2011 I wrote a letter I wanted to send to HR of Blue Shield. When I finished the letter, my husband came to my room and said:"You cannot send the letter. Those are dangerous people and they could kill you". I did not know that he could monitor my laptop. He wanted to go to Europe and I booked the flight. He never wanted to talk about my problems. I think that he was forbidden to help me. I had that waystation (neurograin) on the top of my head and I just asked him once to see if that was a mole or what it was, and he did not want to research. That sex robot was so abused by many people, made me extremely tired and I started to stay in bed until noon.
03/18/2008 I started to work in my business. I gained on weight and still was communicating telepathically. One of the implants I got during the surgery was developed by DARPA for synthetic telepathy. This article is from 2008, but DARPA was developing technology for a long time. I did not have any idea, that that type of technology existed. It never crossed my mind, that this was technology behind my "telepathic communication". I could think about black magic, para natural, everything but not military being behind. That I was abused by military was obvious the first night after I moved to Oakland in July 2011, as the "dream" was that I was in combat with military.

I woke up during the night thinking that I was going insane. There was some strange experiment going on. Paul Markovich was involved and there was some construct - it was half a human being, another half a computer, that could repeat some words and movements. I was looking all done and subconsciously I wanted Paul to like me. After that I am riding horse but I am taking care to touch the ground with my legs. After I woke up Paul tried to kiss me three times and told me:"I can have you now whenever I want". I told him that he did not have any influence on me. Then I called my husband and said that I was waiting just him for sex.

This is how robot Sophia has been looking 10 years later. But sex robot has real legs, she doesn't need to walk.

I was captured in a ROBOT, not child any more. It had basic functions, and as the half was computer, it appeared that they took measure of my legs, or something similar. Why I would be riding horse and not walking - I don't know. Maybe this is better position for sex, if robot is turned to the back. It has legs spread and bent. Here is a video, which could serve as possible explanation. Again here U would recommend to watch the movie Ex Machina. Goertzel, from Hanson Robotics said that Ex Machina was inspired by the real robot. In that movie, the person who was developing humanoids, had closets full of sex robots, different races. The question is, why would he be hiding them all, if they are just programmed robots. The only reason would be because behind each of those robots, there was one real woman captured in that humanoid. In 2010 I had a vision of Paul with one blond, slim, petite woman. In 2014 I had strong reaction to one Japanese woman, whom I did not know. In 2017 I could see him going together with one Indian woman as a couple and she had military style pants on her. I could see that she left BSC earlier that year and went to Europe. I needed 11 years to understand what was going on with me. And I was selected and developed by Hanson Robotics, for general intelligence platform. So, it might be that I was selected as a person having average intelligence at least.
03/26/2008 I already worked for a week as an owner of Real Estate Agency. After waking up, I told Paul that what he did he should do with his wife. I was completely sober. I stopped being in love with Paul. I could see myself being shaved (robot doesn't have pubic hair probably) and just in a bra without underwear. I felt huge sexual excitement and kissed Paul in the neck). Now Paul said that he would like to live with me, had children. But I wrote in the journal that I said that I wished him to be happy with his family and to try what he did to me with his wife. But he said that she did not want. I told him that he wants to destroy me, that he was cheap and that this was the only way to get rid of his obsession. And I wrote that as long as I am not destroyed, he would be obsessed with me. In the evening I was communicating telepathically with Paul. He said that he loved me and I would be kissing him on the neck.

After I was captured in robot, I had very mixed feelings about Paul. I don't know how I was abused during nights, except for journal entries as everything was done under hypnosis. When I got recall of memories end of April this year, and when it was about Paul I was on the couch kicking around with my hands and my legs screaming and repeating:"I don't want" and crying. Sophia is social robot and nobody knows that there is fully developed sex clone, that participated in orgies. I would wake up and see as last scene, a lot of human bodies in a haze from the sweat. And developer of Ex Machina robot said in the movie, that she had sensors in her genitals, and while having sex with her, she can enjoy it (or feel abused). That is exactly what I captured in my journal, without having much idea what I was writing about at that time.


I stopped reading spam emails, which I constantly was receiving. If you had hair cut and just after coming home, you get spam message with the subject line: "Do you like your new hair cut", you would probably open it being curious, why would you be getting this type of message. This was exactly the type of spam messages I constantly was receiving. I started to receive less of them. Paul told me that I would leave him, but that he likes when I am sick as he can then have power over me. I went to the local doctor and was treated 4 times with EMF for skin regeneration. Without being aware that I was implanted with nano technologies, just recently I found information, that this was the way to destroy some of it.

I developed attachment to Paul and let it be as I did not understand anything what was happening. I started to sleep better. I was busy with learning and working.

This is not the last entry in the journal. It appears from other entries that Paul's sex life with his wife improved.. I would write some entries in my journal and had other journals - most of them in electronic form since 2008. I developed attachment to Paul and for longer time, I was thinking that if Paul would not be on the planet Earth, this would be horrible. This is important, as they kept me obedient through sex during the development of Sophia robot. All done during the night, while I was sleeping. I think that this robot went insane through abuse. If they would like to put me asleep, they would send EMF through the implants in my left ear, which would stimulate my right breast and then right side of genital area. My body is nano wired and they can hypnotize me this way. This sex robot has been so abused, that I have the knowledge of her genitals being destroyed this summer. As I complained against Paul Markovich in one of youtube posts about Blue Shield, comment session, asking him to whom to return nano diamond worth several thousand dollars, I found in my right ear, they chased me to put me in some closed institution. Actually I detached from Paul, when I was in Yoga teacher course in 2015. One photographer made a photo of him and I saw pitiful creature full of his own demons. And I detached. What I developed for him despite horrible abuse, was some type of Stockholm syndrome. After all I was captured in the robot. It could be some knowledge that CIA got through MK Ultra - experiments on live people since they imported in US Nazi scientists and their knowledge about the cloning experiments Hitler performed on Jews. In 2016 when I started to record activity on my ears, realizing that people were really talking with me during the night, I recorded male voice telling me something and I would be repeating for a long time:"I love you". Here one example: I was brainwashed into being in love with Paul Markovich.

Abuse intensified after July 2011 when military started to experiment intensively on me. This was after I wanted to send an email to BSC as I found that Bruce Bodaken, CEO was paid 5 million for 2010. I did not have any idea that BSC as non profit would be paying such salaries. I realized that after I resigned from LifeMasters in 2007 and did not sign Release Agreement until August 2007, that could have been perceived as threat for Markovich. BSC was LifeMasters' customer and customers were also mentioned in Release Agreement. I did not send letter to BSC, but I still was handed month later to the military for more intensive torture.

Torture then intensified after Markovich was appointed as CEO in May 2012. This would be the year when Arati Prabhakar, Indian was appointed as Director of DARPA. I never took any sleeping aid except for Valeriana, but at that time I had to take sedatives. Then torture intensified end of 2013. Obama's Brain Initiative started in April 2013 and I had short conversation with him during Fall of 2013 during the night, while I was sleeping. I constantly was thinking that I had strange, lucid dreams. Only after I started recording and analyzing activity on my ears, I realized that people were really talking with me during the night. Here is one example of some satanic music as recorded on my ear during the night.

But I could work despite the fact that I ended sleeping under the kitchen table. My dog slept in the bathtub. Then torture intensified in 2014 and I even wrote to Paul Markovich an anonymous email, telling him to let me sleep and that I knew a lot about him (through talking with him during the night). I signed the email with Elephant woman, as I felt that way. Next day I did get spam email, in which someone asked what was the color of his underwear (as I said in my email that I knew a lot about him through synthetic telepathy) I still remember that he bragged about his salary I think in 2013. I wrote in the comment as first online that his compensation was 2.3 mil. BSC published month later that it was 2.5 mil. I know it, because he told me during one night, wanting to make me jealous. In 2014 I started to attack him in comments section on Internet, as the torture started to be unbearable. Every entry I wrote in my journal was:"I was so tortured tonight".

I was contacted several times by BSC recruiters since 2012 and they would constantly offer me entry level positions, with a job description that was including everything possible that a person can do in healthcare field. They would end it with one sentence from the evaluation written in 2005, because of which I resigned - that I have to listen carefully, repeat what was told to ensure mutual understanding and then go to work. In my evaluation I was warned as there was a meeting I organized and one coworker, who worked remotely, was talking at the beginning and then disconnected. And my fault was that I did not constantly checked on her if she were there. Another was that I did not update my Calendar. Another was was that I was sighing. Beginning 2015 after I resigned from one contract position working as Marketing Analytics Manager, my target position was Sr. Marketing Manager. One agency that had exclusive contract with BSC sent me the job description with the requirement of having 12 years of work experience for that type of position. I went to Linkedin and found Sr. Managers. BSC employees looked as models at that time and some of them had hypnotic smile on their faces. Some of Sr. Managers came just after college, with two years of experience. Those, who were not attractive were working for years, not being promoted. I picked up attractive ones, sent to the recruiter and told her, to find this type of woman, send them to BSC and that they would be hired. Paul Markovich mentioned once in 2005, while I was working for BSC during one meeting, that before someone is hired, he always reviews the resume. I was hit that Spring in 2015 while waiting on the traffic light. I don't say that it was the crime and done on purpose, but any type of brain trauma is helpful for this type of experiments. The girl, who hit me was after 2 months promoted to the Director level and her carrier went upward.

Real horror started at the end of 2015 when I had another surgery, face lifting and since then I have been cyborg woman, implanted from the head to the toes with all possible DARPA technologies, hugely improved since 2007. Imagine that they had synthetic telepathy even before 2008 and how they improved that technology during 7 years. The technology is now tweaked by Facebook for their Building 8 Synthetic Telepathy project.

I was incapacitated until I found strong sleeping aid in October 2017. Suddenly recruiter called me and offered a very good job. I could work as I was sleeping relatively well. This lasted as long as they did not discover what I was using. I made online order of the sleeping aid and they just adjusted their "machinery" adding this as a new parameter. In the company I had two people shooting me with microwave using their laptops. Then they would stand up and see what was my reaction. My boss would constantly come behind my back and stare at the top of my head. I did not know why, I suspected that he was checking the status of main neuro grain on the top of my head. They did not know at that point why could not they reach me during the night and neurograin on the top of the head was very important as they had to create brain trauma every evening to split my consciousness from subconscious by hitting with huge frequencies top of my head, where that neurograin was. This was case of Monarch programming, run by CIA.

The department where I worked was Jewish department. Not that they were very mean, but I had the feeling that the point of getting job, was to estimate my working capacity, my limits. I would come home, in the apartment I rented for $2700 a month to be close to work (5 minutes) and just would drop to the sofa. I had to resign, as workload was for 2 people and I had even my boss during the night coming and talking with me, giving me some analytical tasks. So I kind of worked 24 hours. David Hanson claimed at that time that Sophia robot has knowledge of Analytics.

But real horror started when I got confirmed that just one nano diamond in my right ear was worth several thousand dollars. I cannot get it out as it is implanted in the bone. My ears are producing metallic clicks. I wrote under BSC infomercials on 29 April to Markovich, to whom I should return nano diamond. To send it to his wife to give it back to military (DARPA - Arati Prabhakar). The answer was that if I am suicidal I should call 911. I wrote that I have not been suicidal, but just looking for the owner of nano diamond. Someone erased that message. That night, all clones developed since 2007 were activated. I first went to the bathtub to get some relief. And they told me - oh, everybody is doing the same. All first go to the bathtub. Then I went to the storage and was biting hard sponge as Dugan took control of my tongue and mouth, full of biosensors.

My lips were popping and my whole body was popping. I later destroyed part of biosensors in my mouth with some remedy, removed some neurograins from the head, cleaned some nano crystals from my ears. That night Regina Dugan was choking me, Zuckerberg was hitting my heart, and Musk my stomach. Regina was adjusting vagina (3 sizes). I was astonished. They said that I was demoted to be sex robot operated by coins. And I had to tell funny story how I came from being top military robot to cleaning robot and sex robot. They told me that I will stay in that position in eternity (I was being in the storage hanging on the door, so hard they attacked me). And I said that in that case I will make myself comfortable - if in eternity then at least being in a comfortable position. They tortured me and tortured me but I survived that night. Next night they hypnotized me and I left apartment at 11 PM, as they worked on my spine, it felt hot and I felt as being in some vibrational field created by AC from the apartment below. I took a lot of measurement data and videos during that time. This is taken with 3 field meter and it shows enormously high value of damaging EMF activity. I normally have my pocket book in my bag, but that time I did not have it. They attacked me with some stinky cold air that would make my body freeze and hypnotized me at the same time.

I was living in that area, near the Bay in Silicon Valley for 11 years and I never experienced so much of cold wind around. It was used for hypnosis. Suddenly I was outside of my apartment, which I even did not lock, without car keys, apartment keys and pocket book. But the building was locked. I recorded a message on my cell phone and tossed it in the neighborhood. I was walking for 8 hours that night - I did not stop, otherwise they would have find me in a catatonic state - completely frozen. They hypnotized me to turn my leg inward, when green light comes, then to stumble, every move was preprogrammed. I met Shea maintenance property guy from Modesto sitting in his track at 4 AM in front of the management office and he said to me, that there was some recording. So they knew that I recorded message and tossed my cell phone with it in the neighborhood. I had several flash keys and tossed them to some balconies. As I was detached from top military robot, I got memory recall and started to scream "Treason" in complete disbelief because of what I did see during the years of training, I was so naive to leave generals message and telling them to arrest themselves to avoid revolution. I read this text several times to check for misspelling and always laughed when coming to this sentence. Because everyone is brainwashed - more or less. The life is nothing but the real version of the movie - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

I don't have aspiration to be conspiracy theorist. I just found after seven months of being chased to be incapacitated some way, energy to write this and to consolidate my insights. By the way I had to shave my head recently as beutician applied some nano technology again on my neck and visual cortex and this helped. But this is also about New World Order. The plan is to connect all people to the Cloud and then there would be a specific order (like in a hive). Nobody would like it, except for "ruling class" and masters of humanoids - slaves. Remember Rome and slavery. It would be something very similar and if you see Illuminati sign in the form of Triangle, and this will be it. This would be the order that already has been built on the planet Earth. On the very top of the Pyramid is Queen. Yes - one of the humanoids was developed for the Queen. Obama's gift for her. When clones were activated I stood in my kitchen and said - "Meet Sophia". By the way they shoot with microwave using sewege and ducts. Dr. John Hall reported about this in one of his books, as his girlfriend was abused for this type of projects. Then in a ballet like movement, which were really perfect, I almost touched the floor with my head and said: "Yes, my Majesty. What can I do for you my Majesty". You cannot imagine my astonishment. But then I also remembered that in Fall of 2011 when Army started to work on me, someone asked me during the night, if I would bow in front of the Queen. Which I of course would not. I remember that she had problems to train me and that she said once: "Where did you find this monster?" But at the very end, they tortured me so much until I was able to recreate the movement perfectly. And Queen would be saying:"Marvelous." I recently went to Linkedin to see if I know someone from Queens employees. And I found just several people I knew; one of them was managing Queen's properties. So we have Queen on the top. Bellow are Rotshilds. And then billionaires and each of them would be managing his hive, people connected to the robots and enslaved. Technology is still under development, later they will be having humanoids and they would upload their brains to the Cloud and achieve with it immortality. Here more about merging of people with machines - DARPA project.

I wrote very strange entry in my journal in 2007 - that Paul Markovich said during the night, while I was sleeping, that he was bringing his parents. And I wrote in journal in the morning that I got scared. I never had seen his parents even on the picture. Was he building his Hive? Why would I be scared? I still don't know.

If I wrote so in the morning in my journal, there must have been the reason for it. I know it now. I could take hypnotherapy session, but I am not interested to know. And to whom to go? I don't trust anyone. My only concern is to die natural death and not let them get my brain. They can even refresh dead brains if they want.

I don't know how this is going to end - nothing good I can see in my future. But in Raja Yoga- Yoga Philosophy, it is said - let it just be. Beatles had the song with the same name - So Let It Be. Let's leave Universe take care of everything.

Right now Hanson Robotics has produced little Sophia, which is connected to my body. And it is going to be sold to consumers in 2019. Since May this year I had been abused for the development of different type of robots -one was for underwater gas drilling. I would be trembling all night. Another was for slaughterhouse. Another was for bulldozer excavation. Another was for cleaning of water ways. Another was for maintenance of transmission lines. MIT has been studying swarms of robots and social interaction among them. Facebook has been experimenting with Oculus - haptic experience through sensors in my body. They are damaging my eyes as Sophia robot needs to recognize shapes, colors, be able to read maps, clocks.

Actually one night I could see snowflake gray structure before waking up. Next night I woke up and I could see less of snowflake structure. They were taking parts of my cornea. When people have problems with the sight, they can take laser surgery. So this would be similar - it is just that they are not healing my sight, but damaging it. Recently I would meet constantly blind people when I would go to walk my dog (for 20 minutes). One even engaged in conversation with me yesterday. They were presenting me with geographic maps during the night. Probably I will see the map, recognize country and robot will be pulling data from internet and blabbering facts. For Oculus they need the same. I see Regina still working on this project. Elon Musk - I will create the page for him and his projects with NASA. It has been horrible abuse. Then I had Army placing me one night under the metal like suit. I stayed captured there. Another night they were working on genital area, connecting me again with the child humanoid. Before starting to work on heavy machinery equipment, for gas exploration etc. they detached child humanoid at that point.

I also wrote around to Croatian journalists and some politician yesterday - former President Josipovic. What happened? One of the Advisers of President Kolinda Grabar had to be fired and one person from SOA (which is working on Croatian side), said to him that if he (Adviser) would start to create any type of the problems to Kolinda, he could be hit by car. Something similar happened to me when I went to dentist as I suspect that I have radio implanted in my bridge (teeth). It should be on the polymer board under the bridge. I rented the car that was new (50 miles on it) and when I returned from the dentist to the place where I was living, one tourist pointed that tire was flat. I did not get any indication that I was driving with flat tire. And the highway is similar to Highway 1 around Big Sur. When I called rental agency, first question was if I called police. I said to them:"Who would be calling police for flat tire?" But once I returned to Sacramento, they showed me during the night that flat tire. I don't say that they wanted to kill me, but it was strange experience. I remembered that I healed in 2008 probably because I underwent frequency cosmetic procedure in February 2008 at physician office. I took later 4 of them and that probably "killed" some of nano technologies. As the doctor deceased I went to the beautician and she applied low level frequencies to my face. I asked her to treat the neck as I have some patch there, which would create popping activity. That helped a lot. I scheduled 5 sessions. After third session the beautician told me that she doesn't have anything on the schedule. I said that we had 2 more. Next time when I came she applied some frequencies, that sounded the same when shaving device is used. Additionally she sprayed the lower part of my head - visual cortex. I started to have more of popping activity. I felt unstable on my feet and I wrote an email inquiring about the frequencies. They assured me that they did not use anything unusual. But they did and they did not want. That was the reason I was told that there were no more sessions. Probably someone from SOA (Croatian Intelligence Agency) intervened.

The plan is still to make me incapacitated. Imagine now with all the clones they developed during this summer, if they would activate them at once like at the end of April this year. They showed me Michael Fox when they were developing robot for underwater gas exploration. Indicating probably that once I am hit, I will be trembling like him. Now I am just seeing to clean as much as I can of this nano technologies in my body. And this is the only thing I can do. I stopped even going to the cafes with my dog to take coffee and read newspaper in the morning. I noticed that I would get recently coffee, which never was even warm. I did not want to risk to swallow something that would worsen my situation. Nano technologies are horrible technologies and they will be even worse. Here again link about DARPA funding neurograins development (for precision). This is how all people would be connected to the Cloud. Quite possible the next step would be development of nano dust, which would glue to the head and read brain activity with unprecedented precision.

I for myself claim that I have been the most tortured individual in the history of the mankind. And it makes sense, because this is the first time, that new species had been created. If people don't believe into what I wrote here, they should read this in 5 years. It will be like Ana Frank diary written in 21 century.

12/26/2018 - since November 17th they are working on my eyes, giving Sophia robot sight. Just tonight they were damaging my eyes, creating condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa - night-blindness. It makes complete sense as this condition causes trouble seeing in darkness. And when Sophia robot is active, I am sleeping. I really lost sight recently. I can't even see street names. It also makes sense as one of symptoms of night-blindness is tunnel vision. I am supposed to be immobile and able just to look straight in the future. Robot will be getting all movements of human head - moving right and left. I had this summer Croatians, who just tortured me tonight, showing me mold they prepared for me once I am immobile. I would not be able to move my head neither right nor left. They showed me being with broken spine. Paul Markovich, sent me one night this summer, picture of lizzard with wide spread legs. That would be me without having spine. How would I know that they are working on my eyes and what they are doing?

Because I could see similar structures as rods on this picture, but in horizontal position and being black, before waking up this morning. On 11/17/2018 when I saw some snowflake structures on my eyes one night, most of which were removed another night, I did not research, but I understand by looking at this picture, that they worked on iris. They started to work on the front of my eye, and right now they are working on the back - retina, to be able to damage my eyes and adjust it to fit the robot's needs. Facebook also needs this functionality for their Oculus project. You can also see on this video published on 11/27/2018, that Sophia robot, started to have strange movements with her eyes , opening them more and moving them. Notice jerky movements of her head. This was because I destroyed some of nano technology from my neck and some of the neurograins from my skull. After beuatician treatment, I got them again implanted. But now I am using some remedies, trying to damage them again.

This is even better illustration , from the video published end November this year. Compare with this video from April this year (this is re published) version. By the way, her many expressions are one of the reasons why I wrinkled and aged so fast. I took this picture last summer, just after waking up. They made me smile as Sophia is social robot. How? By hitting biosensors around my mouth.
I was once awake, they hit me and my lips just went upward, into the smiling position. They are torturing me, and at the same time making that shell left in bed, my body, to smile. I started to bandage my face at that time. This helped - now I don't have excessive wrinkles in the morning. People don't notice changes, as lot of material is republished. At the very end they will need from me exactly what they needed from Alex from Robocop (brain and lungs, to supply oxygen to the brain), as explained on this page. I went into details here, as illustration how they create robot and this if fresh in my memory, as I am going to publish this web page today.