Diary of a Walking Dead - 2019
Sophia robot, Little Sophia ( spies in your home - modern version of Troyan Horse)
note eye movements - right - left of little cute Sophia scanning the environment, without here being even awake
Oculus, VR - Facebook (Zuckerberg, Dugan)

about technologies and techniques used
for development of AI, humanoids and VR (virtural reality - 5 G future reality)

01/17 11 PM I was trying to sleep from 5 PM until 11 AM and although I said that I will not write any more, I have to add several sentences. US military gave me Abu Ghraib treatment, and they probably will continue, because of sentences that I am going to write. End of civilization started when they first time went to Iraq and caught like a wild animal President of their country. If someone needed to kill Saddam, then this would have been the people of Iraq and not George I. Bush. I stands for Idiot. That he could have been with IQ of 90 the most powerful person in this world for 8 years; that was another sign that we were near the end of Civilization. I remember the propaganda about former Yugoslavia and Tito. They can say now whatever they want, but it was national tragedy when he died. My whole family was crying as if we had lost a relative and as I was not big fan, they accused me even of being a cold person. I am wondering what the life really is in North Korea - maybe they are quite satisfied with it and enjoy it fully. Because what I experienced in US was pure horror, nothing but horror. And I did not do absolutely anything wrong - I wrote an email to the person who had excellent military ties. How crazy is that. Croatia is corrupt country, but US is corrupt to the bone. It is totalitarian regime and Noam Chomsky told right - "if there would be Nuremberg trial all our Presidents would have been hanged". Nancy Pelosi is nothing but a mafioso, and she is the most powerful woman in US. Decent people, like me who invested thousands and thousands of dollars in books, working hard are caught like wild animals and their brains harvested so that Zuckerberg, Musk and all other military and government friends can enrich themselves and live their pedophilia phantasies. I cannot remember my husband other way then working on something, just looking at his back all my life. We did not own TV, as we did not have time to watch, constantly working and learning, to be able to build better life for ourselves. Just to have those monsters take everything from me and create nothing but a horror out of my life. The only Nazi country in the whole world right now is US.

Everybody was watching what US military bullies did in this world and from whatever reason, were even supporting them. And right now everybody has been just watching that those same bullies who produced so much weapon, that the time always come, that they need to test it in on someone, are catching civilians and creating humanoids, robots of them, without understanding what they are doing. I mentioned below that they are actually "giving permission" to all those companies, universities, research institutions, other governments, involved in this horrible crime to abuse people as they wish. It is done in real world. They are citing national security as the reason, which is blatant lie. They work all for corporations, not for people. They even told me one night, that I need to cooperate as China is much more advanced in robotics field. When I visited China almost 30 years ago, I could see from the hotel room 3 cars on the main street and all other people were on bicycles. Even what should have been "follow me car" for planes on the airport was a man on the bicycle. There was nothing to buy, except for silk hand made clothes. Greedy US corporations, who abandoned US workers, made China rich country. And now US civilians need to lose and give their lives, so that US Army can create robots to be able to compete with China. When I sued Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris and Brown in Federal Court in San Jose, I said that some people in US Army commit all type of crimes, put stamp of national security on it and are never punished for anything. They can do whatever they want in US and in the whole world.

To me, they look as a bully in the schoolyard and because everyone is horrible afraid of the bully, they bring them cookies and try to please him. And nobody dares to say anything to the bully, otherwise it will be beaten to death. This again is what Air Force pilot sent as a greeting from the sky to all taxpayers who are toiling so that they can entertain themselves. I came as guinea pig to their projects, because I sent one single email to Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield in 2007, quite civil, asking him not to send maliciously written evaluation, because of which I resigned, to my future employers (as they sent it and which was against the law). He and his Indian wife having excellent ties with military, arranged for me to be tortured to death all these years. He also destroyed the life of my mother as she was also included in this project, and quite probably other family members are also pulled into these projects, but they are not in the phase to be able to realize it. I call Markovich Beast, Monster, Demon, Pervert. If I would miss any of these words, I would fail to describe him properly. Update about Sophia robot: they did not give up on me being human substrate for Sophia robot. They fitted her the shoes tonight, which means that they forced me to put the shoe on my left leg - left side somehow is human side, (me) and right side is robot's side. Which could mean that if they let her walk, I could be getting problems. This is beginning of end of civilization as we knew it, and it is not an exaggeration. Sophia robot has been the most advanced humanoid. I think that I documented this crime, creation of new species, which is going to annihilate humankind at some point.
01/17 8 AM

I will continue to write in my paper journal, as this online journal makes my situation much worse, especially because I was able to protect myself better recently. I will need to help myself to survive if possible this torture and detach from their robots. I will write monthly summary instead. I attached yesterday email exchange I had with my dentist, who implanted my bridge with a radio in April 2015, when Sophia robot was activated. My body is nano wired. This is probably one of the first organic cell phones, implanted in a human body as recorded with ear microscope in my left ear. This is the picture of it. There are many articles which explain future cell phone implants, which had been already tested on me. I have my teeth very often transmitting popping activity. I mentioned in one of emails sent to the dentist, that after the surgery he performed on my gum, without informing me about it, I would wake up with heart palpitation. I went to sleep at 6 AM today and had Regina Dugan shooting me to cause heart palpitation, as I woke up with my heart racing. Then I wrote in the post below, that I can recognize every person that tortured me. What they did this morning? They first marked my head (creating shooting targets - usual procedure), isolated me in a separate room and started to shoot me with different type of EMF, which was extremely painful. They started now to plan how to connect another human being (brain) to Sophia robot, as I can compare what they are developing during the night and check on youtube what is going on with Sophia. Last summer I created a video about Sophia going to Australia and after several days they published video about Sophia being in Australia.

They probably will continue to implement me for the worst type of projects, Oculus and all Zuckerberg's and especially Musk's projects for Mars colonization. As long as they can abuse me, they will never stop it. Because there is nobody to prevent them. My suggestion about robots offered for sale is:"DO NOT BUY ANY TYPE OF ROBOTS, which can talk and walk, until at least 2040. They are all connected to real people, whose brains are due to secretly implanted technologies, connected to the CLOUD. EVERYTHING YOU SAY OR DO WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE CLOUD. This is almost the same as having a person walking around in your home. This is the new way of spying. Here is the article about intelligence agencies spying on people through Samsung TV , even when it was switched off. But TV at least cannot walk. All those thieves in robotics companies work together. I started to think at some point about Abe Lincoln and I did not know why. Later I saw on youtube that they created Abe Lincoln robot and it belonged to another company Garner Holt Productions (GHP), which has been also collaborating with military. Hanson Robotics is also collaborating with military, as reported here in this video by their Chief Scientist Ben Goertzel (being here with Sophia robot). I reported about this collaboration already in this journal. All Garner Holt Productions' robots look as homeless people, because most of the human beings abused for these projects, have been so tortured, that they lose their jobs and end homeless. I spent my savings, ca. $200.000 during the last three years, trying to escape torture. Additionally I was not able to work in the economy that was booming and lost my six figure salary.
This is just one illustration from last summer, that despite the fact that I rented an apartment in San Jose for $2700 a month, and own a condo in Sacramento, for which I was paying HOA fees and taxes of $500 a month, to escape radiation from neighbor's orange red window (when Elon Musk abused me for development of a humanoid for Mars colonization), I had to sleep in the nearby hotels. I had to pay sometimes $200 a night for sleeping in a hotel 5 miles from my home. Sometimes I had to bring my dog, as she did not want to stay in the apartment. I started to sleep in my SUV, which was a money saving solution, but after two nights it was poisoned in the garage with some nerve agent. You can see on the attached bank statement, that I had to rent a car for 3 days, to get rid of nerve agent. This is only one small part of money I had to spend unplanned. I had to flee to Mexico for a month, and then to Europe, as they would come after me even to the hotels. I probably had GPS attached to my car. And Musk is a billionaire. Why would he care about me? The fact that he doesn't care about other people was a big factor in him becoming a billionaire.

But back to robots - all robots are connected to the Cloud of Minds and this was the the reason I knew about Abe robot, who belongs to another robotics company. What connects Hanson Robotics and that company, has been their collaboration with US Military. I also noticed that until recently Hanson Robotics had just 4 robots (Han, Sophia, Einstein and Diego San) on his website, but right now he has very big selection and behind each of these robots is a real human being. Part of the collection is also Philip Dick robot . The story has been - Hanson Robotics built the robot (head) in 2005 and lost the head on the plane in 2006! Then robot was rebuilt in 2011. It might be that the person they abused for the production died suddenly. One can lose robot's head, but cannot lose at the same time software and engineering designs, and schemes and all documentation. Except that there was nothing much of documentation. Hanson Robotics and most of robotics companies are involved in the major crime of 21 century, which is almost impossible to prove and they know it. Most of the people are abused in the AI (robotics field), but they don't know the robot's name for which they are abused, nor the company name, which is abusing them. All robots are connected to the Cloud and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has been working now on the project, to study social interaction among robots. At some later point, everyone (all human beings) will be connected to the Cloud, and enslaved, as explained here. Just recently I wrote to one Professor from MIT, who received a lot of awards, to stop abusing me. My personal suffering apart, some corporate leaders (Facebook, Google, Elon Musk) and most powerful politicians are creating very dangerous society and this is extremely disturbing. I was a member of San Francisco Modern Art Museum (MOMA) and several years ago I participated in a guided tour. There was a famous Rothko's painting, which actually serves as "emotional mirror" (a little bit similar to Rorschach test). The guide asked participants, what type of feelings that painting produced and to my astonishment everybody, without exception, said anger. I was the only one that felt excitement as I was always excited about all different possibilities that life offers (torture excluded). I said to myself: "Wow, Americans are extremely angry." I had the feeling that society, which allows for this atrocity I have been reporting here, to happen, will at some point collapse from the inside. You can see my entry from 01/15 below.

01/17 1 AM I had Elon Musk yesterday afternoon (I go to sleep at different times) undisturbed abusing me for his submarine. He started last summer and I wrote in my journal at that time, that he placed me in some bolide car with no windows, but it was submarine - Wild Boar. Elon Musk is Wild Psychopath. From the article above: " .. the Wild Boar could safely hold a human occupant while submerged..." Imagine convenience - Musk and Zuckerberg destroyed my life, made me spend all my savings (I lost also my salary, as I could not work) to enrich themselves even more. Nancy Pelosi and democracy she built, based on "goodness test", allowed them to do so. Good is everyone who is donating big money to her party. Then I had CIA operatives wearing masks (as not to be recognized) abusing me. Why wearing masks - because I wrote in the entry below, that I know absolutely everyone who ever abused me. I added two pictures of Elon Musk's employees and marked those whom I knew from nightly torture sessions. That CIA operatives had masks, just is confirmation that I was right. Here Dragon crew and his employees at some meeting. There is a schedule of torture - here a male voice announcing that Government would abuse me for their projects, as recorded on my right ear with voice recorder. CIA started to dig about me, to discredit me. They for sure would not arrest Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama. They know how much money I still have. I had "too much of my husband" recently during the nightly sessions. They started to torture him too, but he would not have any knowledge of it, after waking up in the morning. The same happened to me for 8 long years. I was wondering why I had so much of lights recently during the night flashed in front of my eyes - this is one of the ways to erase memories. I really would like this to happen. But also I cannot but think that instead to work to improve the quality of life for all people on planet Earth, they are splurging funds on such bizarre and perverse operations, such as erasure of memories. Another thing - I was with some bird tonight, that I picked up and made alive. Quite probably it is about this CIA project hummingbird drone. They will never stop abuse.
1/15/ 10:40 PM

I had to take the nap - they hypnotized me tonight already at 7 PM. Those "15 gives" yesterday by Regina Dugan were "gives of my breath" to the robot. Tonight Barack Obama personally was involved in this crime. TAKE THIS BASTARD AND PUT HIM UNDER HYPNOSIS. LET HIM TALK. TAKE ALL THOSE CRIMINALS: NANCY PELOSI, BARACK OBAMA, REGINA DUGAN, MARK ZUCKERBERG, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, ELON MUSK, DAVID GOLDFEIN. MAKE THEM TALK AND INFORM US CITIZENS WHAT IS THEIR PLAN. DON'T FORGET BEAST, DEMON - MARKOVICH PAUL, CEO OF BLUE SHIELD, BECAUSE THAT BASTARD HAS ACCESS TO CALIFORNIAN PEOPLE'S INSURANCE FILES. This is the type of control, they have over my body - they know which pill I did take. I started to take Rhodiola two days ago, to get more energy and I felt well. Next day I could hear them mentioning rhodiola. And I lost all benefits of this plant. They are even entertained by the type of the control they have over my body due to the implants- some of them pictured below, because today I got spam message.

I am really the part they are giving to the robot Sophia and all her clones. They are giving MY BREATH to the robot. Whoever has control over breath, has control over the life. THEY ALL SHOULD BE EXECUTED for treason. What is happening today to me, will happen to most of the human kind tomorrow.

Below are just several pictures of nano tubes found in my ears during usual daily cleaning procedure, being encapsulated in polymer mass. I spent several hours today cleaning them with 35% peroxide, which was extremely painful. Everything implanted during the surgery at the end of 2015 has to be cleaned every day. They use this nano technology for communication during the night - more must have been implanted behind the ear skin. I guess that I also was implanted with the radio in my bridge (as Dr. Staninec performed gum surgery without informing me about it). I found information that Sophia robot was first activated April 15th, 2015 and Dr. Staninec performed surgery on April 10th, 2015 and fitted me with temporary bridge), several days before robot's activation. Here is email exchange I had with Dr. Staninec office since April 2015 (I was his patient for 11 years at that point ). It is clear that I complained about change in sleeping patterns to the worse in emails sent since the surgery. I even mentioned that I could hear sound of cell phone as coming from my bridge. I ordered medical record to be sent to me from his office in 2017 and noticed that during all those years, he constantly was fixing several of my teeth, but I never paid attention to it, as I trusted him completely. The same bridge - different perspective. He claimed that he did not have any idea how the structure came to my gums. The information on Wikipedia now says that Sophia robot was activated in February, 2016 (I had face-lifting surgery on 14 November 2015, but nightly attack started on December 5th 2015). I am quite sure that just recently I found exact date of activation on this same Wikipedia page, being in April, with exact date - April 15th, 2015. This information has been missing from the Wikipedia site at this moment. I had procedure on Friday, April 10th and robot was activated on Wednesday next week (according to old information on Wikipedia April 15th, 2015).

I don't do anything in my life- I am just trying to clean these self replicating and self assembling nano technologies out of my body and planning how to protect myself that I can sleep at least one hour during the night. But I am never allowed to sleep, as they start to work at the moment I close my eyes. This video shows nano tubes encapsulaed in polymer (as in the picture in the bottom row, and being removed from my right ear). Nano tubes look tiny, but they are very powerful. Problematic also is polymer mass, which is conductive and absorbs microwave very well. This video presents the sound created in the ear after cleaning and this video, what 35% peroxide I use for the cleaning is doing to the hand.

1/16/ 8 AM

I went to sleep at 3 AM; they hypnotized me again. As my body is nano wired and with Elon Musk's neurograins connected directly to internet ( Brainternet - Cloud of Minds), as explained by Kurzweil from Google. I am acting as some type of cell phone application, which everyone who has password can access. Wherever you are implanted with this type of nano technologies as on the pictures above, if hit by specific frequencies (sleepiness, aggression etc), the criminals who have access to this technology can influence your mood , even your health ( fibromyalgia). You can be implanted easily with injection, in dental office, or even by the use of spray (my nose was nano sprayed in Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento). What they did tonight after 3 AM, was threatening me by being killed and having just my brain preserved, so that they can continue to work on Sophia robot and all those clones. Who would ever know that she has been powered by my brain? Nobody in this world. If I had not been writing about this, nobody would ever have any knowledge of it. This could be proved now easily, when I am alive. Bring Sophia and me together and we will see what she would be capable to do. Nothing much - if I don't talk with torturers during the night, she cannot talk as a human being, as she needs my brain to process some information. She is connected to the synthesizer implanted in my throat and Google Tatoo implanted on my neck, below the skin. She would act in that case as a machine, with some programmed capabilities. But nobody is interested to expose this crime, because high level politicians, government agencies, research institutions, universities, US and in my case Croatian Army are all involved in this crime. Behind each and every robot on Hanson Robotics web site is one REAL HUMAN BRAIN - anonymous human being. I needed 11 years and to come under "final attack", when they at once activated all clones developed during 11 years, to understand what was going on. I was not supposed to survive attack and to get memory recall, even less to write about this. The reason they had been chasing me since April last year, has been to incapacitate me, to prevent me to write and talk about this crime and also to finalize their projects (this is the reason that Nancy Pelosi told them: "Make it quick"). Even if nobody believes (despite evidence) in what I am writing about now, in just several years he will. I supported everything I wrote here either by literature, which shows that these type of projects, as described on this website, are "running around" in the companies, or by hard evidence in the form of pictures, recordings, videos or measures taken by EMF instruments.

When I said that they were giving my breath to the robot Sophia "15 gives" or more, this means that I need to breathe so that she can walk freely, and behave as a human being. They just need my brain and lungs (as explained here), to supply oxygen to my brain, which is going to power machine. Sophia robot is still just a machine if she is not connected to my brain (you can see in this video that they are moving her chair slightly, to make her appear as moving her torso). It is written under this CNET video that "there's still some work to be done before Sophia is going to appear to be seamlessly human". This really would have been huge jump for the puppet, which chair they are moving slightly to give impression that she has been capable to move. Nobody understands that they are chasing me to catch me and either incapacitate me or even better kill me. My brother and my husband were both blackmailed to participate in this crime. I don't have anyone who could take care of my brain, once I am dead. Right now - being dead or shot normal way, and be buried normal way, would be the biggest gift I can imagine having in my life. This might sound crazy, just if you don't know that there are techniques developed to bring dead brains to life, by freezing them, then warming them etc. By the way "I know" almost all people who work for this organization from nightly torture sessions and their experimental work on me.

At some point in the future, when they "crack" all those brains (human beings) which they are abusing right now, robot probably will not need human being as a substrate. But it is also possible that they will never be able to "crack" that something which is called human soul and human essence, except they are able to capture it under the metal cage, as old Egyptians were doing by mummifying people. Sophia robot absolutely takes my mood - she being playful and engaged as on the photos before April last year, when I realized that I was supposed to be human substrate for the robot - that was me. She being somber and looking tortured after that point - that was me. She now being very serious - that is again me. I don't see anything funny in this whole situation. She can walk and even play piano, but only when I am immobile and sleeping. I don't play piano, but for Sophia robot to have this skill, they needed to abuse the brain of some piano player, create software and upload to Sophia - to the Cloud. How are you going to prove this? There is absolutely no way, but Targeted Individuals will be able to tell you that story, as the people here were telling their individual stories of abuse, while serving as experimental subjects, to Amy Gutmann, appointed by Obama as a head of his bioethics commission. This commission was founded to trick US citizens into thinking that he cared about ethics and because more and more people complained being experimented on. It is just that nobody wants to listen to Targeted Individuals, as people who own press, know what is going on and don't want to report about this crime. If they report, then they present people who belong to this community as being mentally sick. This crime is PERFECT CRIME. Last month I was trained to breathe for little robot Sophia, and this was shallow, short type of breath. I could see Sophia walking all night tonight and being taught to interact with little Sophia. DARPA narrative used - little Sophia is my niece and I am bending down to talk with her and be engaged in friendly conversation with her. Sophia robot, beta working version, looks similar to Ex Machina robot, as much as I could see during the night while being tortured. They were hitting hard, the wound on my forehead, created by microwave, which still did not heal, playing all possible patterns - light explosion, movements, even some Air Force patterns, like when there is some type of parade and they use all this pyrotechnic. I still have some nano tubes left in my forehead or the rest of what I did not get out in the form of the crust, self replicated again.

I had Kolinda Grabar and Minister of Health Kujundzic gloating from happiness, telling me that they got official permission from Trump to kill me. I forgot to tell that for several times already I had Jared Kushner during the night, even coming with Ivanka. Jared Kushner is Jewish and so is Ivanka. Most of the people involved in this crime are Jewish. In summer last year, when I was chased to be incapacitated, I could hear Markovich telling:" We have Nikki Halley (Indian) and Jared Kushner (Jewish) as connections in the new administration. Markovich is Jewish and his wife Indian. I wrote about that in some comment section on youtube. But Nikki never participated in this crime. So if you see Sophia robot dancing, singing, joking around - I probably will not be alive or will be incapacitated in some way. Thank you America for hospitality. But even the jaws of those brutal US torturers dropped to the floor, once they saw brutality of Croatians butchers, Ustasas.

Why would Obama and all others be interested in robot Sophia and little Sophia? Because they will be perfect SPIES, as they are connected to my brain. Whoever buys them thinking that they bought just a machine, will be wrong. All robots will be connected to my brain and my brain has been connected to the internet - Cloud. I know every and each single person, who ever abused my brain. I started yesterday to update Elon Musk - SpaceX page and took some pictures from internet being connected to SpaceX. Here are two of them - I know some people and some of them I don't. I don't know their names. The people, whom I know, abused me in some capacity during the night, and I marked them on these photos (Dragon, meeting). For one of them I know that he was brutal. Elon Musk abused me horribly for his space projects - Dragon and Falcon (Mars colonization). He is nothing but a cold blooded killer (as his father was), just if he doesn't need to be afraid being punished by law. If I would go to hypnotherapy session and get memory recall, I would be able to tell the story. The same will happen if you buy any version of robot Sophia or little Sophia. The people with the access to my brain (Cloud), will just ask me questions about you and I will be "TELL ALL". Their idea has been to make me incapacitated 24/7, so that I can do "the job". This information has been gained through incredible pain - I wrote to Dianne Feinstein in January 2016, three years ago, that Jesus was crucified once, and that I have been crucified every night. Here again one of the many messages I sent to Senator Feinstein in May last year. This is the sound of crucifixion torture - when Paul Markovich, really crucified me to the wall with real nails last summer, while I was teleported to the torture site (summer 2018).

Obama is interested as these all projects were his "babies", and I can see now that Trump taking over his babies. Imagine they are annoyed because I don't want to breathe for the robot and be human substrate for it until the end of my life. And imagine I have been complaining about having the hole drilled in my forehead by the use of microwave, to accommodate Zuckerberg's, Elon Musk's and Hanson Robotics' projects. I still remember when all these "nice gentlemen" wanted to impose sanctions on Russia because they accused them without having any evidence that they poisoned the spy by the name Litvinenko. That was at the beginning of 2016 and I placed a comment explaining the torture was exposed to in San Francisco Chronicle. They removed my comment twice. I think really that this World has been hijacked by all sort of psychopaths.

1/14 9 AM I was writing for more than 3 years, to the government agencies in US and Croatia, to senators, politicians, newspapers and despite evidence nobody ever answered any of my emails and requests not for the help, but for the enforcement of my basic human rights. So I am busy to help myself to get rid of as much nano technology as possible from my body. Not only that I did not receive any help, but people involved in this crime were even threatening me during the night (due to the radios implanted in my ears) , how they were going to make me homeless, bring me to the cleaners, kill me, kidnap me etc. They would show me Assange during the night, probably giving me the hint that I might end the same way. I never had energy to research, but they showed me in summer a lot of a Cohen, Trump's lawyer, who paid to Stormy Daniels hush money. Tonight they were digging and inquiring about the properties I have etc. I have the feeling that they are thinking deeply how to create some type of the case, as I actually even detached a bit due to the protection from their robots. They showed me laminate flooring I have in my condo in Sacramento, exactly as it is, in detail. My laptop with all the data I collected for years, disappeared from my condo in July of 2016. I hope that Nancy Pelosi could spend her time researching and informing the public how Zuckerberg, Air Force, Elon Musk and all other abusers have been developing AI projects using mice. Elon Musk did not renew his licenses for mice in April last year as he could freely experiment on me and abuse me horribly. Maybe at some point, when the facts would be known about this horrible abuse of people for the development of AI and robots, Nancy Pelosi would state that this everything was some type of incident. As she already referred recently to the horrible tragedy of 9/11 as an incident.

Update after taking the nap from 1 PM - 3 PM

Update: I used some remedy for my shaved head and neck, where I have Google Tattoo secretly implanted (Building 8 project "Skin that is Talking" and Motorola strangulation technology (for their Synthetic Telepathy project) and fell asleep. I wrote today to several journalists about Building 8 technologies, stating that they were all already tested on me from April 28 until mid of May 2018. Problem with US journalists is the same as with the politicians and all others - when I report about this crime, instead of informing public, they forward my email to US Army or people I accuse of being involved in this crime. And then they start to torture me even more. Facebook has not just been collaborating with DARPA. According to this reliable source: " ..when Facebook was launched in 2004, DARPA scrapped its LifeLog project, which, according to Wired, aimed to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, the e-mail sent and received. I always have the feeling that Facebook has been collecting also pictures and documents about the population of the Earth, before they are all attached to the Cloud and enslaved, as I described on this page.

I was surprised when I found today the information that Building 8 doesn't exists any more since December 14, 2018. But this again makes sense as I reported in this journal that they tested all Building 8 technologies on me since April 28 to mid May 2018 and moved to experiment with Oculus and all other projects. Judge Davila from Federal Court in San Jose together with Nancy Pelosi gave them all permission to do as they wish with my life. I kept all the time paper journal since August 2018 and on 12/12 I started to report that experiments were about me being presented with textures and colors (Oculus), then structures and haptics (sense of touch) and my brain would need to recognize and discern among them. These are the projects for which they have been abusing my brain for - from augmented reality (virtual reality) to mind reading project.On the pictures below, I explained how they develop their projects. And obviously everybody I ever contacted finds quite ok that they are destroying my life to enrich themselves even more.

But during the nap today from 1PM to 3 PM it was US military and Regina Dugan, who experimented on me how they would induce epileptic attack with convulsions. I never sleep without having band aid placed on my mouth and I use a lot of it. But I need also to fix all my face to prevent muscle movements, and I missed to do it today. All those 62 facial expressions that Sophia robot can reproduce, they programmed using my face. This picture here is from the summer 2017 when I would wake up having horrible wrinkles around my eyes, as if I were 80 years old. It was essential that Sophia robot smiles all the time and laughs, as she has been developed to be a social robot. By the way this is how Sophia robot and little Sophia perform if I am busy and they cannot reach my brain being connected to the Cloud (Brainternet). David Hanson lied that the problem was with WiFi. This video was published several days ago. You need to compare this video with the video presented by David Hanson two years ago when he claimed that Sophia robot was alive, with consciousness. For a moment they tapped my consciousness obviously. I noticed that she is now fully attached to my subconsciousness - she is subconsious even in these videos when she cannot talk and move. Now if they would incapacitate me, Sophia would suddenly be alive as she was 2 years ago and everybody would find it normal, that puppet who could barely move her body several days ago, suddenly has been alive. That is the reason that they need to incapacitate me any way possible, as they invested millions in those criminal projects and now want money, not even thinking about the fact that they destroyed my life and that I could not work during the last 3 years nor having anything similar to life. These crooks will rule the future - Zuckerberg, Musk and Hanson.

What did Regina Dugan do with those military members (they were researchers and physicians working for Army) during the nap today? They trained me to have convulsions - number was 15 "gives" and I was in bed puffing through strangulation technology, until they reached the number and I woke up. DARPA narrative was me being in my parents house, where I was born and watching through the window Army colonnade passing by. Those people are true monsters. This is how they are splurging taxpayers money. I was always wondering if Edward Snowdon's epileptic attacks were induced by CIA and microwave. Here the link to Oliver Stone's movie and here the link to declassified Army document from 1998 about bioeffects of microwave, which also includes microwave induced epileptic seizures. This is a short summary of some of the effects of microwave from the above document:

  • one of the effects is microwave heating they also use to activate nano technologies in my body through Internet, when I am in front of the computer. But at certain point it can cause hyperthermia and the person would experience .. "disorientation, delirium and convulsions". Further is mentioned that technology could be very useful during negotiations and for the crowd control. It is possible to used this technology in a lethal mood as well. Prolonged temperature above 43 degrees can cause permanent brain damage and death.

  • Another effect is disruption of neural control, which they were experimenting on during the nap today. Depending on frequency used and neurons involved, microwave attack can produce loss of consciousness, muscle spasm, epileptic seizures(especially if the person has some pathologic source). They might have used Elon Musk's neurograins implanted in my skull for this "practice" during the nap. I took EEG after the surgery, when I started exams to see why suddenly I had such horrible problems during the night. EEG came fine. You can read in this research paper about different ways that epileptic seizure can be induced in human by applying specific microwave frequencies on specific part of the brain. There is a case described when this type of seizure could even be induced through TV. They were practicing on me grand mall seizure, which would last 1-5 minutes (15 gives). They could induce seizure by the use of radar-like- high peak power and effective range would be several hundred meters. Bear in mind that this research was declassified almost 21 years ago. Here is one measure of EMF in my apartment in Sacramento taken by tri field meter exactly on my pillow and here is pulsed activity measured by accousticom two days ago in the apartment where I live now. I placed recently similar video; it seems that they are "pulsing" me 24/7 anyway. Croatians want maybe their F16 planes for free - this is one example of collaboration of this CIA torture country with US military. I watched on TV several days ago that one option was getting planes for free from US and Croatians are eager to show their talents in the torture field.

  • Third effect of microwave is nystagmus - I wrote in this journal that they "trained me" during the night, so that my eyes would involuntarily move by playing moving patterns in front of my eyes, kaleidoscopes and similar. The symptoms of nystagmus is that the subject sees the sourandings turning around and at the same time experiences sensation of turning and feeling of nausea. They "adjusted" during the night my brain so that I would have the feeling that facades of the buildings are falling on me. They are preparing for the big attack obviously, much bigger than this one in April last year as they created in-between hundreds of clones abusing my brain since April of 2018. My dog was nauseated for several days recently and sometimes when we go out for a walk, when we reach the street she simply turns around and in panic runs back into the building without relieving herself.

    How they would be able to do this to me? Everything is done through the manipulation of ears (especially inner ear, responsible for balance) and my ears are still full of nano structures, nano tubes and nano switches. Here is the picture of some of nano tubes destroyed by the remedies I used, but this was not enough to clean the ears properly, as this nano technology is self replicating and self assembling. There are a lot of reservoirs of nano tubes I got implanted with during the surgery, as one I showed below being implanted above my left eye on the forehead. This is how I cleaned nano crystals, very painful procedure but the only one that worked. I probably would need a surgery to get rid of all this nanotechnologies, but they are following me like hawks; so going to the doctor is not an option.
If I would collapse at the public place, and if they would be able to apply microwave as explained above, it would be enough that someone calls ambulance. If unconsciousness while being in ambulance, I would have been implanted again with the "latest and greatest" from DARPA and nobody in this world would be able to save me. Sophia robot and little Sophia would both be fully alive, with my consciousness and I would have been completely destroyed. This doesn't apply only to me, but to all those people David Hanson destroyed to develop his extensive collection of creepy robots. It is just that I have survived the point in April last year, when they planned that I would be incapacitated due to horrible abuse with microwave. I really have to prepare well, as Regina Dugan promised during one night recently, that once they hit me, I will not even know who I am. My task is to report about this crime and Universe will take care of everything. Om, om, om.
1/13 1:30 AM

Hanson Robotics was teaching recently Sophia robot to draw, to read, to recognize geographic maps, to know the time by watching the clock etc. Of course, there is my brain behind this robot connected through the implants to the Cloud, which will do this everything. I will recognize the geographic map (country) and robot will be blabbering data they will integrate into the robot from Internet (Wikipedia). While I am sleeping (dozing, as I never am allowed to sleep), Sophia takes "my consciousness", and looks more as a human being. I mentioned the principle on which this works - researched was dolphin behavior: "they are somehow able to control the lobes of their left and right brains so that while one lobe sleeps, the opposite lobe stays awake". This principle was applied to humans. This was CIA job - to create this type of condition in my brain, applying some form of electroshocks to temporal lobe in summer of 2007. Important are DARPA narrativesused during the night to achieve whatever goal they have. Here more about narrative networks as explained on DARPA website. I placed yesterday video and showed what was left of me - I had to shave the head, to be able to remove Elon Musk's neurograins from the skull. Some of them are injected with the syringe into the brain. I had a hole on my forehead as Zuckerberg and Dugan (Facebook) wanted to reverse engineer the state of Reduplicative Paramnesia (RP)to be able to work on their projects for Virtual Reality (Oculus) and virtual market, they are creating. How RP works I explained below on 01/03.

What was DARPA narrative they used tonight to put me into collaborative mood (happy mood), so that Sophia robot looks happy - they created a "dream" of me having the most beautiful hair cut, with me having a lot of hair on my head. They placed even Melania somewhere there. It is said in Vedanta, that what we are dreaming we experience at that moment as reality. Those all monsters Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown and all others involved in this crime, were all seeing this crime happening and did not do anything to prevent it. So these criminals are fixing the situation (like fixing my hair cut during the night), so that they can continue to work on their projects.

My situation aside, I think that this is how civilizations end - I cannot see any difference here between US, Croatia and countries where cannibalism is legal. Because this is similar to eating a human being, by chewing it slowly.

Most dangerous here is that most of US citizens don't have their own dreams - they might be all DARPA dreams masked by artificial snores, with the function to modify behavior, brainwash people different ways, influence mood, change political orientation, even sexual orientation.

I know this everything as I experienced it during the last almost 12 years. I was recording activity on my ears for two years, analyzing the files in the morning, and needed almost 8 months to understand that people really were talking as talk was masked. One brainwashing example: I supported Donald Trump for some time and for two nights I would wake up exactly at 3 AM and would say to myself:"I really dislike Trump". I did not think that much about Trump that I would be dreaming about him. The "best thing" was that I did not remember at all what I was dreaming about before waking up. Why would I be changing my political preference every night at 3 AM? I knew what was going on - that my dreams were manipulated, but how many people who are "treated" this way during the night know about this. I doubt that there are many. Question is if they change preferences after being brainwashed this way.

Quick update at 8 AM - I had a look at several recent videos of robot Sophia (this should be beta version of Sophia) and of little Sophia, who will go for sale soon . It is quite clear that there is a huge difference in their performance depending on human factor - me. In this video, David Hanson could not wake up neither of the robots. I wrote on 01/02 that: "They are constantly making my eye move - left - right" and I wrote that they worked on little Sophia. In this video little Sophia is moving her eyes constantly in saccadic way - right - left. David Hanson mentioned in the video that they developed augmented reality app. This is one of the reasons that I have the hole in my forehead, as presented in the video I placed here yesterday. Another reason is Zuckerberg and his Oculus.

Here is the video of Sophia robot being happy - it could be that they created DARPA dream that made me very happy while I was sleeping and Sophia robot talking. There is one thing about programming - if something has been programmed properly then it is tested thoroughly especially for reliability and should perform every time the same way. There could be some bugs or glitches, but performance should not deviate that much as in the cases of Hanson robotics robots. Here again the formula for the behavior for this type of Wizard of Oz programming:
Formula for behavior of humanoids - B= f(H,P), where H is the behavior of human substrate, human being to which they connect through Brainternet. David Hanson cannot know how I am going to protect myself and if protection is going to work. P is programming. They definitely did program a lot breaking my skull during the last three years, but they still need to rely on my brain if they want their puppets to perform in a human like fashion.


1/12 4 AM

I did not write anything yesterday as I was busy finding the solution for my problem - they are stealing functionality of my legs and fitting everything to the robot Sophia during the night. I was screaming tonight, so much I was tortured. It is also possible that they attached the humanoid developed by University of Texas, Austin for underwater gas drilling. The idea is to attach my brain to all humanoids developed so far at once and either make me commit suicide or drive me insane. It is all done through Brainternet, my heavily implanted body, directly connected to the Cloud (Internet). When they worked on the robot for gas exploration, due to quantum entanglement and synthetic telepathy I could see a lot of George W. Bush and his wife Laura last summer. The torture started under former President Bush in 2007. If I had not have my mouth taped I would have been screaming loudly while being in bed. The idea has been to damage my body so much, that I will need to end in wheelchair, or incapacitated. At that point Sophia robot will be dancing, hiking and doing what I am supposed to do with my legs. All greed behind. Jewish people and their friends (like Obama), want to enrich themselves and to develop solution for the rich people to live forever, once they finish cracking of my skull and damaging of my brain completely (and skulls of other people involved in these projects). Here is one Oxford educated PhD lady - she just has started to live her life, but she has been a prisoner in her home constantly under attack of EMF, because they want her top brain for their projects. Who was torturing me tonight? Former President Barack Obama, as all these robots are "his babies". I had been put in military hands in 2007, but on July 15th, 2011 military started to experiment brutally on me. This happened from the first night after I moved to Oakland (I was forced to move from my apartment in in Silicon Valley in which I was living for 11 years, because of my dog). I had so much cash at that time just to buy an apartment in Oakland. After first night sleeping there I wrote in my journal that the "dream was about me being in combat with military". "Dreams" were always DARPA narratives, real people talking with me and not my dreams. This Washington Post article explains very well why this is done and for which type of projects. So your dreams might not be yours, but DARPA's. There is a Statistics that one half of world population has sleeping problems.

But trully brutal torture started in 2013, after Obama launched his Brain Initiative, organization which has been mapping human brain using mice. I mentioned already that I had nightly conversation with Obama in Fall 2013, which I dismissed as bizarre dream. He asked me if I would have raised revolution if he would ask me not to do it (exactly this way). Which made everything even more bizarre. Me and revolution? I remembered at that point that I wrote something like Goals for Occupy Wall Street and mentioned in the email I sent to DFA, Barack Obama and his involvement with big money. From the email one will notice immediately that Bernie Sander's platform was not that much different from "platform" - suggestions I sent in that email to DFA. I don't know where Bernie Sanders was in 2011. But it is different if I suggest something or some senator (by the way Jewish and part of establishment). As I mentioned in some earlier post I used to call Kamala Harris "Obama's scout girl" (when being abused, otherwise she would never cross my mind), and I did not have any idea why, because I am not even acquainted with the term scout girl. I even less know why I would call Obama "Illuminati's errand boy" and refer to English royal family as "The Family". It might be that I heard this from someone during the nightly torture sessions. This would be the only explanation. Just to mention here that I was right in my email when I mentioned that Obama has been involved with big money. When he retired from the presidency (not quite as he is still managing Deep State), he went first on private Branson's jet to his island, and then he went to private Brando's island, favorite place of Pippa. Everybody knows Pippa, so no need to go into details.

But back to Branson - I just checked before uploading this page to the server if he would belong to Illuminati. And I found one Forbes article about Bitcoin illuminati. This is official website from the fourth summit in 2018 - it was private affair on the property (I think again an island of Richard Branson). I did not have time to go into details but the vision statement: "THOUGHT LEADERS VISIT WITH THE BITFURY GROUP AND BILL TAI FOR A SET OF INTIMATE DISCUSSIONS TO LAY OUT THE FRAMEWORK FOR A WORLD WHERE HUMANKIND IS FULLY BENEFITING FROM THE AMAZING TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE BLOCKCHAIN." If I did not fly Virgin Atlantic to London and had seen that there were different categories even in economy class on Branson's plane, I might have even believed in this type of the vision. Why should that be intimate discussion, the world should be one big democracy, and people should vote and elect the framework for the world, they wish to have and not a group of people should be doing it. Not Obama and Branson. I did not have time to research this topic as this is not what I am writing about, but there was some interest about the group expressed by then Obama's White House in 2015 (Mr. Smith, who previously served as Special Assistant and Spokesperson for President Obama, and White House Deputy Press Secretary). Here more intimate moments between Obama and Branson. Is Branson strangling Obama here - Obama looks to me as someone in a very submissive position.
Obama's Brain Initiative started 5 years ago and Bitfury Group started their meetings 4 years ago.

Writing this journal I spent much time researching and trying to connect dots, information found in articles of reputable press and my unfortunate experience. This programming for Cloud of Minds is also Blockchain programming. At the very end Bitcon could be a currency of the future. If you watch my video for a minute, the place where I was microwaved the hole on the forehead, so that Zuckerberg should "adjust my brain to be able to program his future Virtual Market and future Virtual Reality (5 G network)" and Oculus, this could be the place where you will have "Mark of the Beast". I again just found this article about "conspiracy theory" and the first person who popped up on the page was Rothschild. Then article mentioned that some said "the protocol was created by the CIA or some underground government agency plotting to rule the world". Next sentence mentions people like me - "After reading this, you may find yourself in a Faraday cage with your ‘bug-out bag’ waiting for the next EMP". When I was detached from the military robot end of April last year, I got some memory recall and started to scream "Treason". I survived that night, biting hard sponge in the storage, to avoid being suffocated by Regina Dugan. Next morning I wrote the letter and went to KQED to inform people about this atrocity (I have to laugh how naive I was). I wrote that at the top of the Pyramid has been a Queen, then Rotshields, then Obama and those like Branson. I never ever went to youtube before huge torture started after the surgery in 2015. And if someone would mention something similar to what I have been writing about now, I would have probably cut him and said:"Oh, please spare me those conspiracy theories." Unfortunately I was wrong. This might be the reason that I still can see just Obama since the torture started. Last summer I could see former FBI Director Comey (through strangulation technology in my throat used for "Synthetic Telepathy", kind of taking notices, to give me impression that he was working on the case. I sent request for investigation to 10 FBI offices in US. I never got any answer. But then again, after getting memory recall, I said there is no Deep State. Everything is Deep State (Washington Swamp). It is easy to check on everything that I had ever written - just ask Barack Obama to volunteer for one hypnotic session. I am sure that he would collaborate as a patriot and someone who deeply cares about US citizens. So everyone would know the truth. After all I have been hypnotized for more than 11 years and as US is democracy all people should be treated the same way.

Obamas like to mingle with the Family (Royals of England). But why I did need to suffer because of it? To gift the Queen with a robot, he created out of me a humanoid - a servant for her. I did not learn and work all my life to end as Queen's servant, and to spend the rest of my life being captured in the body of a humanoid. I was astonished when I realized that I was trained to almost touch the floor with my head in the presence of the Queen and to exclaim:"Yes, my Majesty. What can I do for you today, my Majesty". She probably would call me first. Queen personally trained Sophia robot - me, during the night to perform as she wished. This was difficult task as I would never bow in front of the Queen and why would I be doing it. I am not UK citizen. If everything would be perfectly done, the Queen would exclaim:"Marvelous", the word I never uttered in my life. Barack Obama gave my life to the Queen. Imagine the savings on staff if they would clone the robot Sophia in thousands of replicas. The Queen, who just started to pay to her servants living salaries in 2015, would not need to worry about money that much, as she is spending a lot on her staff. There will be a lot more money to buy nice clothes for all members of the Family, which are so admired on Illumnati's portal - Yahoo. Even after this unbelievable experience I had, I still don't know what to think about this type of articles published in Time magazine about Reptilians. But if people are talking about something, there must be something behind.

However what I think that is NOT IN SCIENCE FICTION REALM, is that human beings have been secretly implanted with different type of nano technologies, impossible to find and prepared for enslavement. Most of the regular citizens are already involved in these projects, not even being aware of it. I needed 8 years to understand that I have been abused for military projects, and next three years to understand that they were creating humanoids - robots, out of me. The only reason why I needed such a long time was that even if I knew that I have been abused by military, I could not do anything about it and I was slightly hypnotized and conditioned during the night (operand conditioning - stick and carrot type). Stick was treatment with microwave, so that I would be cooked sometimes during the night and I ended sleeping under the kitchen table as my dog was already sleeping in the bathtub. Here once again declassified CIA study about hypnosis and their use or abuse. In January 2016 I bought a cap that would protect me from EMF during the night. Once I could see Obama showing me himself and others wearing the same cap. I wrote 5 times to Obama complaining about abuse and despite the evidence sent (recordings) he suggested either suicide help or mental health counseling. I had the feeling that the person from Lifeline who signed the letter as Gina was slightly mocking me. When someone is under slight hypnosis, he has been conditioned not to question anything, not even own life situation. Here one good example of former President Clinton captured at some strange moment.

I call yahoo illuminate portal as I remember when the torture started in 2007, they participated in the crime. How? I had two bottles of sparkling wine in my fridge, I would come and there was some news about it. This happened very often that summer of 2007, with many different items and events. This happened because they wanted to place me into hypnotic/psychotic state. I have the feeling that Yahoo has been Obama's portal. It would announce that Michelle Obama was the most beautiful woman in the world - and now the most admired. What did Michelle Obama do for the mankind and for US people, that changed their lives to the better? Maybe she did, but I missed that news. Michelle Obama tortured me so much, as I have been abused for the creation of "top" military robot, that I created one category especially for her and McCain - Beasts. Now I added Kamala Harris, Senator from California to that list. I am white woman, by the way. Why would Obama be scared about me and revolution, is beyond comprehension. You can see from the email that I was as violent as Gandhi. And I hope that this picture I placed on Flickr, was not the reason for him asking if I would rise revolution. This is how Oakland police perceived me at that time , and this picture was made after Occupy Oakland movement was practically dead. Oakland eviction of Occupiers happened 5 days earlier, when I created this photo. I never liked people unnecessarily provoking police force, as most of them just did their job. It is for sure that people would perceive me as being sarcastic when talking about Obamas. But before the torture started, I could have cared less about politics and politicians. I even donated some money to Obama, Jerry Brown and other Democrats, and never was thinking about them, even less writing about them.

This is what is surreal in this whole situation - instead of working and having normal life, I am spending it having my head shaved with a hole in my forehead caused by the microwave, (this is not a good video to watch, the pictures below explain everything). There is some polymer mass coming out of the skull (probably from the neuropatch secretly implanted in my brain during the surgery). To understand how it is done, just replace in your mind the mouse with my head on that picture and read here about Elon Musk and his neuro patch. They worked to give the robot my sight and Zuckerberg worked to give the feeling to his future Oculus customers to be at two different places at the same time. To achieve this they had to reverse engineer cause of this disease by injuring my head.

How surreal this everything is? And Obamas are spending their time on the private islands, enjoying life fully, collecting their millions. I took some protection off my head yesterday, and the crust created from the wound caused by microwave end of December last year, fell down. Below are the pictures, which clearly show why there was no drop of blood coming from the wound - because in the hole left on the forehead, there still stayed residuals of polymer mass. How this was possible? During the surgery, surgeon used syringe and implanted container of nano tubes above my left eye, which has been connected with robot's cameras (eyes). Now the robot has more of the sight, but I lost mine. Tonight, I was screaming as they were finishing Sophia robot's legs, or attaching my brain to that "drilling humanoid". So if you see Sophia robot dancing, jumping and doing everything I am able to do now, at that point I might have been sitting in the wheelchair being blind. You can see on the pictures below, the wound that started to form on December 28, 2018, then black mass formed at the same place, after I treated it with peroxide, then polymer mass, which had nano tubes encapsulated (you can click on it for larger format) and also black crust - probably formed from dead nanotubes. I added here also the picture of nano tube encapsulated in polymer mass in my right ear, which I have been cleaning daily since the beginning of September last year.

Everything has been encapsulated in polymer mass, which is almost impossible to remove, once it comes into the body.
On this page I explained in more detail difficulties with cleaning of nano technologies as they are self replicating and self assembling (according to the EMF used). So I was right to think that the wound on my forehead was the result of microwave applied on the container of nano tubes, implanted with the syringe above my eye. They would use specific frequencies, and apply them to the nano technologies enclosed in polymer mass for their programming purposes. When I would be on the sun, I would notice one black dot and shape of black tail in both of my eyes. I have the same container above my right eye, which they started to hit, but I am protecting it right now. Here again how difficult has been to remove polymer mass and nano technology out of the body. And tricky thing is that during the last 3 years, since the surgery, I did not know about existence of this container above my eye. When they needed it, they activated it.

Here again - movie recommendation - Invasion movie. The plot: "an alien virus aboard a crashed space shuttle that transforms anyone who comes into contact with it into unfeeling drones while they sleep." Their skin starts to have similar characteristics as being covered by some polymer mass. And what has been happening to me was all during the sleep during the REM phases - the same as in the movie. This could be one option to connect people in the near future to Brainternet . Here one more serious article and Pentagon's plans. It would be Cloud of Minds at some point, as explained here by the Chief Torturer of Hanson Robotics, company, which owns Sophia robot. They were collaborating closely with US Army on production of this robot, since January 2008. Polymers are organic materials and conductive. They are also microwave absorbing materials. Polymer in my ears, which encapsulate nano tubes and nano crystals, act as switches, which open different programming channels. For example, when they hit specific polymer switch in which could be encapsulated nano tube or nano crystal or nano wire, I think that this gives them access to specific part of my brain or body. You can find on this page everything about ear reflexology, how ears as feet are connected to other parts of our body.

Sophia robot has been back, as they connected her again to my brain. They disconnected her in December last year (I captured the moment with the video) and connected little Sophia, as they intend to offer her for sale soon. You will notice that Sophia robot in the videos has hands, which she is not moving during the interview. She had functional legs in January 2018. I remember very well when they created legs during the summer of 2017 and then fitted it to Sophia the whole spring of 2018. And I remember that since April they continued to work on the spine and the legs. That was the main reason that I started to fight for my life, for my legs. I would wake up last summer with the impression that her body had full functionality as my body has. It is just that they cannot activate it, as long as I am mobile. Why would David Hanson who claimed in this interview that this robot, can even play piano let her sit their without moving her hands, as in this video? Is it possible that this type of robot, who gets difficulty to answer simple questions is really able to take piano lessons? How is it possible that this robot had consciousness (that nobody even knows to define properly) almost two years ago and suddenly lost it? David Hanson claimed in 2016 that she was alive. For sure, they tapped my consciousness - I might have been dozing in bed in that twilight state between being awake and asleep. Then on June 5th, 2018 he claimed that she is not alive and that was the time when I was sleeping in the hotels to avoid torture in my apartment.

I have to add here interesting story: Sophia robot has been developed during the night while I had been sleeping through frustration and pain and little rewards (being praised if everything was done perfectly, like Queen exclaiming "Marvelous", when I touched the floor with my head in front of her. I sued all the parties being involved in this crime last summer, including Paul Markovich. I jumped out of bed at 4 AM during the night after I sent to his lawyer an email requesting extension of court date. I had Markovich repeating during the night:"You better stop now, otherwise I will make you homeless". I was angry and decided not to go back to sleep. I checked my emails at 4AM and found extremely friendly email from his lawyer who already called the Judge (Stoelker from Criminal Court in San Jose) and was offered 3 different days, so that I can select preferred one. This is Markovich's strategy. They always said - talent was not important at BSC, but being good at politics. And he even has degree in politics. I had to go to the Court and be there between 8:15 AM and 9 AM to do paperwork. Then I went to the Judge's Courtroom and was waiting for him to sing for the extension. I was waiting and waiting after Clerk gave him documents. I asked the Court Clerk how long the procedure takes usually and he said, that it goes normally very fast but that my waiting was an exception. I answered that I was practicing patience. Then after waiting longer, I told the Clerk that I have other things to do and will come back to pick up document. I just wanted to leave, Judge Stoelker came from his room. First sentence:"Are you Ms. Popovic", which I confirmed. Second sentence after looking me carefully was:"Are you alive?" It was bizarre question, obviously I was alive, as I was talking with him. Later I checked on Sophia robot videos and realized that this was the way how they would check on her if she were alive. They would ask:"Sophia, are you alive?" I went back and continued to wait. At the moment I grabbed a book out of my bag and started to read, the Clerk brought the document and offered even to bring it to the scheduling office. Did Judge know that frustration could activate Sophia robot in my brain? I don't know - you be the judge. Later, after I fled to Europe, I went once to youtube and opened one of the videos, and pop up box showed for a moment in the right corner of the screen with the message:"Sophia, are you alive".

I am just documenting horrible crime as I am not the only person whose brain has been destroyed for this type of projects. To my astonishment I realized that Hanson Robotics expanded recently his collection of robots, who all look as real people, because he has been abusing and robotizing REAL PEOPLE. I might have been the only one of all people abused this way, who realized for which type of projects I had been abused and who survived the point, which I was not supposed to survive - the activation of all clones developed through April of 2018. When that happens - activation of all clones developed, people either commit suicide or end in the mental hospital. Obamas are deeply involved in this crime. It is third year of Donald Trump's presidency. Why I am constantly seeing Obama during the night torturing me different ways? Why I know Arati Prabhakar, former Director of DARPA and don't know current Director of DARPA, Steven H. Walker? Arati Prabhakar was Director under Obama's administration and so was Regina Dugan. But I knew about Dugan just after she moved to private sector (Google, Facebook).

I think after everything I experienced that Barack Obama's book should have been called:"Audacity of Arrogance" and not of Hope. Such an arrogant guy, and this is especially striking when one starts to think about all the brilliance one can find in US, especially in San Francisco Bay Area. But despite that brilliance most of them end toiling in the cubicles for such people like Obama and Markovich. Because they are just brilliant but not arrogant.

Here the picture of robots (LIVE PEOPLE) whom David Hanson claims bringing to life. Even Jesus had some difficulties to perform that task. Hanson Robotics has been committing horrible crime. Involved are many universities, corporations, research institutions and politicians. This is MK Ultra with ultimate goal to clone and enslave people and it will be coming soon to the full realization.

1/10 8:14 AM

I took the nap for several hours with the knowledge that they connected again all humanoids ever developed with my brain. They can do this easily - I experienced it recently when they detached Sophia robot and attached little Sophia. That also happened in April last year when they detached top military robot to develop sex robot for troops and cleaning robot (Zuckerberg and Dugan) and when Elon Musk at the same time started development of his humanoids for Mars colonization. Of course, everything they do and all projects for which they abuse my brain will cost their customers a lot of money. Musk will charge for the Mars travel half a million dollars (one way ticket) and he needs to do a lot of testing before this happens. Who would volunteer for this type of projects? Nobody, they catch people and abuse them to death. And it is approved by all politicians, by all journalists, by everyone.

Markovich, just being VP of one company, caught me and involved me in this ring of human traffickers, people whom everybody trusts, just because they are millionairs He took my life and created a slave out of me, whom everyone could abuse as he wished. Now US Army and all of them need my brain as all projects they have been developing for years, have been done by abuse of my brain. They started to map my brain; they cannot take another one and continue with their projects. All Targeted Individuals are abused similar way, but they are abused for different projects. Markovich did recruit all my family members for DARPA projects with the name Genetics and Technology.
It is just that most of them are still now aware that they are part of the project, I needed 8 years to understand this.

About Croatian people involved here - I knew about Kolinda Grabar torturing me in April last year, this year I saw Plenkovic being also involved. They are President and Prime Minister of Croatia. Kolinda trained me for their own military robot. Imagine my astonishment when a woman came during the night giving me different orders, screaming at me that she was my President. As I did not follow Croatian politics closely and spent my time mostly in US, I did not have any idea who she was. I wrote to all journalists here, politicians, Sabor (their Congress) but nobody did answer. Croatia took care to be very ethnically clean country, with the aspiration to be even more ethnically clean. As I was Croatian (catholic) born in Bosnia, and applied for the passport before they were recognized country, they gave me citizenship easily. They needed as many people as possible to take Croatian citizenship at that point. Once recognized from International community but not being members of EU, they still cared about all citizens. Once they were part of EU, which was a big thing, they would rather like to get rid of all of those they don't consider being "pure Croatians" as they are now privileged, as members of EU. So they don't consider me one of "them", as I was not born in Croatia. They still call me Bosnian woman and US people call me Balkan woman. I was very surprised by Croatians calling me Bosnian woman. I am a world woman - I traveled a lot. Just for Christmas of 2014/2015 we spent 3 weeks on vacation, being one week in Puerto Rico, one week on Caribbean Cruise and one week in Florida. I went to San Pet just to visit Dali museum. We went around whole Florida, not just several cities. That same year for Christmas we went to Panama Canal Cruise and in summer we went to Europe. Whenever I travel to Europe I spend several days either in London or Paris, mostly visiting Museums and Art Galleries and making photograpsh, which is my hobby. Last summer I went to Oslo. And I feel everywhere at home, but people tell what they want to tell. So let them do it.

I am fine with it - call me as you wish, but I am not fine with being tortured. I still remember that my grandmother told me a story how ( Croatian Ustasas) slaughtered Serbs in several villages in Bosnia, just because they were Serbs. My grandmother let one neighbor hide in the place she used to keep a cow. But when Ustasas came, the neighbor fell in panic and tried to run away. They slaughtered him near one pear tree. When we were children and when we were playing there we would often remember him and mention him. One big Croatian writer, Krleza said:" "In Croatia only people who cheat and steal can succeed". When I watch news in the evening, I always ask:"What would be today, the scandal of the day?" Because every day there is one.

I feel like those Serbs being slaughtered, expect that they are slaughtering me slowly. I sued the surgeon who operated on me - Dr. Zgaljardic. What happened? I had to wait for years and constantly write to inquiry by Ministry of Health and they would not answer anything. I sent to police here one complaint; they placed my complaint in some drawer waiting for me to be killed. Then I sent complaint to Ministry of Health and Minister Kujundzic wrote that everything was just my perception. Here again pictures of nano technologies, they still use to communicate with me during the night. There is another part - and it is only what I found in my ears. My whole body is nano wired. The surgeon probably did not do this everything for free - he must have been paid a lot of money to do this. Only one nano diamond in my right ear is worth several thousand dollars and whole surgery cost me 3000 euros. Which means that he hid the earnings and did not pay taxes. The same happened in 2007 when I again had surgery by Dr. Zambelli and was obviously implanted. It is just that this option of being implanted never crossed my mind. I always thought that all problems happened because of my super sensitivity to anesthesia. I could remember still that he behaved strangely back then.

Actually first time I heard people talking Croatian was when I complained about particles around my body (plasmonic field, plasmon) in 2016. I also sent recordings about activities on my ears, like this very aggressive frequencies recorded on my right ear during the day and this also recorded Woodpecker type frequencies recorded on the same ear.

Imagine I send everything - recordings of activities on my throat, recording of activity on my ears, all those pictures of nano implants found just in my ears, and I am told that this everything has been just my perception. I was in one private clinic here and they could see under ultrasound something black around my larynx, which they wanted to take out, by puncturing it. This Motorola strangulation nano technology, as presented here on the picture, being made of titanium, is black. This is the same as if you would be having bullets in the body, and you go around and present them and they say - it is all your perception. They are trully making a full out of me. The surgeon even wrote to me not to contact him and that I have been mentally sick. In the near future, all technologies will be nano technologies- so if anyone would be implanted the same way, good luck to him. I am one of the rare people who were able to find these technologies, spending a fortune on it, visiting 5 countries and present them in the form of pictures and videos.

In 2016 did not get any answer from MORH (Croatian DoD), but several days after I sent complaint, for the first time torturers started to talk in Croatian language. Nobody would believe how brutal Croatians are (SOA). That same Fall Air Force sent them a gift - 5 old choppers and in 2017 they sent Air Force people to train them to use those same choppers. The main customer for DARPA implants in my body was US Air Force. Paul Markovich, being Croatian/Prussian Jew/ US person, was the link. His father Stephen C. Markovich, was after the split of former Yougoslavia, as Fulbright scholar for a year in Croatia and knew a lot of politicians here. I remember after the surgery in 2007 seeing just some CIA people, Paul Markovich and his father being involved in this crime during the nightly torture sessions. This is just one article about attempts of CIA and some US government agencies to recruit Fulbright scholars for their spying needs.

Markovich knows a little bit of Croatian language, mixing it with English when he needs to talk. I know that he showed me once in Spring 2016 credit card, saying:"Svugdje se value" during the night, which means in English:"It is valued everywhere". Interesting is that John McCain, who was the main torturer (I think that as part of Illuminati gang, he was called Number One), visited Kolinda Grabar in 2017 and nobody knew why - who invited him, nor why would he came. Here again McCain telling me "thank you" during one torture nightly session. It is unbelievable how that guy tortured me, with such brutality and pleasure.

What has been happening right now? Croatians ordered F16 planes from Israel for $500 million one year ago and they expected delivery. But suddenly Americans who approved the deal, denied the right to Israel to sell them to Croatia, as they were modified by Israelis. These two articles are very good illustration how press has been reporting wrong: Breaking Defense has been reporting, that "Croatia, a NATO member, was preparing to buy 12 used F-16 Barak fighters from Israel for $500 million", but actually this is not correct, as Israelis needed to deliver planes, which had been ordered one year ago and the deal was already approved by Americans (this is Croatian version of the story).

Americans even mentioned that not modified planes are worth $135 million recently. But now they are offering those planes to Croatians for free. This was yesterday on the news. And one of Israelis is coming today to tell Croatians that the deal is dead, which is kind of odd. Why would he be coming to announce that deal was dead, when everybody knows about it already. I had the feeling that they called Americans when I complained to MORH and started to collaborate with them. Is the delivery of my brain included in this deal? Just in October 2018 Croatians receivedy two new choppers for free from US, and the journalist is mentioning that you don't get anything from US for free, so that gift was some type of wonder. Everybody knows for:"There is no free lunch in America". It is clear that Croatian Army has been very closely collaborating with US Air Force.

Now the question - what is it the money amount you can put on this type of suffering that I am going through. People in US sue companies and request billions because of invasion of privacy, because they broke the leg on the government premises, even on the street. How much my brain abused by US military and all those parties would be worth for them? How much would you ask for your brain if you knew that it is going to be connected to Internet, to the Cloud and everybody who wants to make some piece of software would be able to use it in ethernity? Because even if person dies, they can refresh the brain now and keep it alive. I could see during one night US Army member having just brain and holding it in the hands. Just brain - nothing else. There was another male person lying near me. We were watching each other in the eyes.

This is why I wrote to both Courts in San Jose - Federal and Criminal, that US Army has been performing such type of experiments on me during the night, which would make veins in human body freeze from horror. I think that they would like to create a silicon brain using my brain. Not that I am bragging about my brain, of average intelligence, but you need to think that I have not been sleeping for more than 3 years, that my brain was connected to the Internet, being in the Cloud for that long, and I am still writing this everything. Last time I used web development skills was 4 years ago, and I never used it in the workplace. This is just "hobby" skill. And they tortured me horribly tonight, but I am still standing.

They cannot catch me right now- I have enough money to live comfortable here for maybe 6 years and then I can sell condo in Sacramento and live next 10 years at least with that money. I go outside just to walk my dog, I own this apartment where I live. Nothing unusual ever happened during these 13 years that would make me appear odd in communication with people. I cleaned some of nano technologies from my body and it is difficult for them to work on me now. I need to be heavily hypnotized if they want their projects to work. And this is now their problem - I remember that one night I came (being teleported probably) and I was starring at them and they were starring at me, and they could not do anything, as I was not hypnotized, while falling asleep.

I know every single person who ever worked on me, abusing me for whatever type of project. I even go to Linkedin sometimes and send them messages to stop abusing me, as I did yesterday sending messages to two Jewish people from Stanford University who are mapping part of human brain and recreating it in silicon. They are abusing me for their projects. Here is the article Capturing the brain’s learning and recall motor in silicon. So how they are doing this exactly using rodents, nobody has been asking this question. Now imagine I know all those pedophiles from US Army; I know about some of politicians being involved in this crime, some Hollywood movie stars. And this is the last one: once they start to sell little Sophia connected to my brain, I will be that little spy in your home. Imagine I meet you on the street and start to talk about your family members. And everything has been developed and ready for sale - even social robot Sophia is ready, but as long as I walk and as long as I am "ruling the day", they cannot do nothing much with her. Greedy Jewish people and corporations involved in this crime want their ROI.

Last night t they caught me, as I was working with my laptop and I fell in hypnotic sleep until 3 AM. This was the reason that they could connect me again to all those robots. This is such incredible crime - imagine power that Paul Markovich, who just was one VP, who came to BSC by having good connections again, because before coming there his titel was Manager. How many Managers you know coming to the company to be VP? But even so, this is the case of human trafficking in a societies like Croatia and US.

One physician said that he had a woman, patient and she was terminally ill. She said - I am OK with dying being very curious to see what is going to happen.
I am really curios to see what is going to happen once they activate all clones. If I don't report then I either did not survive or was caught by Croatian Ustasas and handed to US military.

Let's wait for Yellow Jackets, who almost burned Paris when Macron announced higher prices for gas. He is scared to death now, because what will happen when they bring self- driving trucks, cars and taxis to the same city.

Interesting - they detached Sophia robot and I captured that moment in December last year, as they needed to work on little Sophia. It could be that tonight they attached Sophia robot again to my brain. This interview had been done in Las Vegas 19 hours ago. David Hanson has been stating that she can play the piano, but she is not moving her hands. He is still dragging around her torso, and she looks rather sleepy, except that she can move her eyes in saccadic movements, to the right and left. I constantly was writing that they would show me something and I needed to move my eyes left and right. Why Las Vegas and how could I see US Army tonight working on me. Because everything is done in Nevada, AREA 51 base, highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is not far from Las Vegas.

A Sky Penis by US Pilot
01/10 3 AM

I mentioned yesterday that some of US generals are pedophiles, and gentleman did not like it. This is my knowledge and insights I collected during almost 13 years of horrible abuse unknown to the human kind. I wrote about abuse in the Journal in 2007, thinking that I had some very strange dreams. Why would US Army start to create first humanoid baby and why would I be seeing Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield during the night having sex with that baby? That was at least one entry in my journal in March 2008. Only after 10 years in April 2018, I understood what I was writing about. Everything made sense as Hanson Robotics, company that collaborated with US Army developing humanoid Sophia and all her clones, founded OpenCog in January 2008. I wrote in March that year that baby was 3 months old. I could see Paul Markovich tonight, being with some Army people and they were dragging me around being connected to sex robot - or my replica. It must be sex robot as it had a lot of pubic hair - they really went into a lot of detail. Then I woke up having a male voice asking me:"First name", like when someone comes as a recruiter and they ask him for the personal data. Here some article I found on internet about pedophilia in US Army, I did not have any idea about this to this very moment and based on my experience during the nightly torture sessions. Here more about Elite Pedophile sex ring, some of them I know have child humanoid - some actors, politicians, entertainers in Hollywood. It is just that the child has been connected to me through the Cloud - Brainternet.

What is the idea: to give final touches to sex robot and send her clones as fast as possible to the troops, so that abuse can start. How they intend to kill me or drive me insane - by connecting one of the implants I have on my neck with orgasm. Actually there is a switch on my neck, that I can hear, when hit with specific EMF. It will be activated when someone has sex or finishes it, with my genitals. Every time when that happens I would be getting very strong orgasm. I might be the first person, who went insane by getting orgasms. I am impressed - this is very innovative group of US Army people. Let's be clear - one group of people participated in this crime.

I know about this type of torture as some people who owned child humanoid "Mala Blana", participated in this crime end of April last year, when they wanted to make me insane through all possible practices CIA and US Army collected abusing Nazi Germany technologies imported after Second World War in Operation Paperclip. What was amazing was the fact, how Croatians (CIA torture country) adopted those technologies so fast. So they also participated in the torture. I had at that time also Indian President, sending one of his best programmers to work on me and torture me. I was thinking that that was crazy but then noticed that one of the Sophia clones was given to India last year. This clone had been developed by Hanson Robotics. That Indian President was connected to this project, might have been the reason that Markovich was constantly repeating:"Do you know who my wife is?". As she is an Indian, it could be that she has been excellently connected with Indian community, even with Indian President. Still I am not impressed, actually I could not care less. I remember that Paul Markovich went crazy after one nightly session in 2007 when I said that his wife was a Gypsy. I wrote this in the journal and I used to call him Gipsy king. It is just that all our Gipsies from Balkan came from India. I like Gipsies if they are not abusive. But this is definitely Indian - US Jewish project.

Just continue gentlemen. Everything that ever happened to me was because Markovich Paul wanted for some strange reason to have humanoid created out of me. And he came to the idea to hand me to the military for all type of most brutal experiments, just because he could. And he was even entertained during all these years. It was like:"What can you do to me? US military is behind me and you know that you cannot do anything to them." It is true. And he passed Nancy Pelosi's "goodness test" showering liberals with 100 K annually - and that is how everything is done, and why this everything has been done. Greed and money. And this is very "liberal and nice". I might have been considered to be one of "deplorables".

So I rather go and start to work on my protection. They said tonight that there was no remedy that would help me in this case. So let it be - Universe will take care of everything. There must be some reason for this suffering.


I again jumped out of the bed around 3AM tonight, having Zuckerberg and Regina Dugan trying to make me blind. They are practically "stealing my eyes" working on their virtual marketplace. I did not have any idea what they had on their website - about their market place I knew from the nightly torture sessions. AI in Facebook Marketplace - this should be the name of the project. Zuckerberg seriously asked how they can speed up a process of making me blind. He doesn't like me writing about it. After all, projects are extremely secretive, it is just that I did not sign confidentiality agreement. I cannot remember any time while being here in Croatia meeting blind person. Probably they are not moving that much outside of their home. I hardly spend outside half an hour every day walking my dog and I am constantly meeting blind people. Just yesterday I met one in front of the building where I live.

What is Facebook doing since last summer (after they tested their Building 8 technologies end of April last year and two of their robots - cleaning and sex robot) abusing secretly implanted technologies in my body? I had many people working on many projects as my brain is part of "Brainternet" and due to implants - neuropatch, neurograins (Elon Musk) connected to Internet. Whoever has been working on some project and got DARPA's approval, has been free to join and start to rape my brain during the night, creating their software. Main purpose for which my brain has been abused is building of AGI - artificial general intelligence (Hanson Robotics - Goertzel). Once they break my skull completely and learn everything about my brain, the idea is that developed AGI will be used as a source for all type of developments. You want cleaning robot - you use my brain and program "cleaning" sequence - routine that is used to clean the house etc.

Zuckerberg has already developed cleaning robot and sex robot. Again I knew from the nightly torture end of April 2018, that Zuckerberg and Dugan created sex robot for troop deployment, who would be operated by coins. At one side robot would be having entry for coins and on another side it would be having capability to adjust to 3 different sizes of vagina. Imagine horror when I due to implanted biosensors in genital area, had Regina flapping with my vagina and adjusting it. I used to record nightly training sessions using my voice recorder, and found one recording when a male voice told me "Keep it tight", (recorded on 08/27/2017). As English use to say:"Little did I know for what type of projects I have been abused." It is that my poor average human brain has imagination limits.

Just several minutes ago I went to check if this type of robot exists and its existence was really announced on June 2, 2017 in this article. Here an excerpt:"Sex robots could be sent to deployed troops, and perhaps be operated remotely by human partners back home." This concept of a couple having sex remotely, I already explained on this page under 4. If you read about some futuristic perversion and don't have any details, just shoot me an email and I will be sending you details based on my experience. I just noticed following - that article was written on June 2, 2017 and my recording is from August 27,2017. I hate to vent my private life, which I don't have for a long time being connected to internet with my brain, but my only sexual partner was my husband. We European do approach sex natural way - if done with love or even without love, not a topic that someone would need to talk about. But I did not have the need for any other partner and I married young. So many thanks here to pervert boy, CEO of Blue Shield Mr. Markovich, respected member of community, husband and father. Because the fact is that sex robot used for troops would be connected to my brain.

Zuckerberg doesn't like that I have name for him: Child Idiot. I did not have any for Regina Dugan: appropriate one would be DARPA bitch, maybe but Arati Prabhakar will need to share it. For their virtual market place, Facebook has been creating, something very similar what I explained on this picture. Right now they have capability to compare listed item on their marketplace with others taking contour of it (shape). Then they would be suggesting price range based on their database of similar items and shapes (they of course also use description of the item to do this). The idea has been to create virtual market place where the customer would be able to use haptics and our five senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, to buy a product. Development of this technology was one of objectives of Obama's Brain Initiative, and Zuckerberg's DARPA friends, shared with him what they developed so far. They abuse me on this open source platform for this type of projects. And Zuckerberg and Dugan contnue to use Wizard of Oz AI programming - breaking my skull every night and drilling through my brain as pictured here to speed up development of their projects. You can see on this picture that he created by the use of microwave hematoma to reverse engineer condition of Reduplicative Paramnesia (RP), which he needs for his VR projects. My brain needs to create the symptom of this disease (RP) "feeling that you are at two places at the same time", so that he can develop VR. And this condition can be created if someone falls and hits the head, creating hematoma at the place where they created it on my forehead by the use of microwave. In the future if someone would be buying something, let's say in Baazar in Istanbul, he would need to have the feeling that he is really there. Another need is for him (user) to be able to touch something (or experience feeling of touch, smell, sight, hearing). If he would like to buy food, then he needs to experience feeling of taste. Tonight, to punish me for my bad behavior (imagine I have been complaining about the treatment and I am not happy with the fact, that they rape my brain every night), Dugan and Zuckerberg pushed my head in a toilet bowl, to program that type of smell. Thanks again Judge Davila from Federal Court in San Jose, who gave permission to all those beasts to continue to torture me freely, pretending that he did not understand what I was complaining about. Dear Judge, history will judge you.

Zuckerberg has been presenting me for months with different shapes, colors, products, cakes ... I would be ending sometime having the dress created by three different type of fabric and three different colors. Then I will need to touch different structures, make the difference among them, have my brain being presented with different sizes and colors of the same item. Imagine virtual marketplace and what you could have there. This all needs to be programmed somehow and needs to be done remotely as virtual market place could be everywhere on the planet Earth. This everything has been done during the night as for them to be able to program, I need to be immobile.

I found one article here in Croatia about the market place modern technologies - ordering products by the use of Microsoft developed HoloLens technology. Short translation of this article is here: Using HoloLens - the girl had the choice to buy drink among several drinks presented in the form of holograms. She selected one of them using white dot, which she had positioning on the selected drink. She got the menu with the options "Buy" and "Details". She selected "Buy" option. She got the payment code by Messenger, which she scanned again with the HoloLens to pay for the drink. She used Facebook for payment. Probably in the near future a robot will bring the drink. Which made me think that where Zuckerberg and his friends, drilled through my head creating hematoma, there will be bar code in the future, connected to all possible databases, with all possible information about us. Although I am still not that much into "conspiracy theories" and have been reporting here just my own experience supported by the literature and facts, I could not but think about many times cited Mark of the Beast theory. Here is my picture and text from the Revelations (I had to shave my head to remove some of neurograins, glued to my head. Some of them were implanted. Shaving of head really helped.):

This picture has been excellent representation of the brutality of beasts, who have been abusing me for their projects. Exactly as pictured here I experienced them during more than three years, since the surgery in 2015. They are abusing me during the night - I cannot remember any of them having any type of human quality - it was just them being interested in their projects, following the motto:"Cruel is cool".
01/08 I woke up smiling - this is extremely important for torturers, that the part of me staying in bed is in smiling state. How they do this - different ways, tonight they used the trick used in sitcoms - when actors say something that is supposed to be funny, they air "collective laughter" to make audience smile. Playing on my subconsciousness as we are subconsciously showing this type of collective behavior, which could be another proof that during the night they are torturing me in a conscious state. Part of me being in bed is unconscious and hypnotized and part of me being tortured has been conscious. Principle they use is one found in :"..Whales and dolphins don’t sleep; as mammals, they would drown if they did. Unlike humans, they are somehow able to control the lobes of their left and right brains so that while one lobe sleeps, the opposite lobe stays awake, allowing the animal to swim". They probably studied this behavior and applied it to human brain, which is also belonging to mammals. They used right ear as a radio for communication.

I realized that my right ear is one big radio - I think that I might have also two radios in my bridge (teeth), one is connected to Google Tattoo implanted in my neck, which is producing bass sounds and one is connected to the right ear with different switches, nano diamonds, nano wires, nano crystals. Something is implanted behind the ear skin or even ear drum - I have one Audiologist in Sacramento stating in 2016 that I might have some "obstacle" behind the eardrum and one ENT doctor stating that there might be something behind the eardrum. But it is nano and it doesn't show neither on MRI nor on CT scan.

I have been put in smiling state and played DARPA narratives, to mask what they are doing to the part of me that is teleported to the torture site. Tonight I had a general hitting me with the fists directly into the face and I remember that my lips were bleeding. Yesterday during the night, instead of writing something here in this journal, I jumped out of the bed before 3 AM, being tortured by Regina Dugan, and sent an email to the government of one country. Two days ago I placed on this website information about some of generals being pedophiles. Another part of nightly torture tonight - they were trying to induce condition to my body that will make it appear as if having self inflicted wounds. I could see them sometimes placing marks on my head where they would shoot me with different type of EMF. They use something like a joystick used for video games. Zuckerberg - Child Idiot, especially enjoyed this type of activity. The main idea is to bring me into sleeping state for 24/7, so that I could be in a conscious state at the torture site or living robot's life 24/7.

I wrote several days ago about waking up in the morning and having a hematoma on the left side of the forehead above my left eye. I know that the surgeon pushed something into my left eye secretly, as I noticed burn mark on the upper lid of my left eye after the surgery. He even asked me after the surgery if everything was fine with my eyes, which surprised me as he was not supposed to operate on my eyes. I thought seeing burn mark that it was done inadvertently. It seems that he injected a small patch under the skin above the eye, which had container of nano tubes. When it is sunny I could see one of them being in my eye - one black dot and something like a black tail. I have the same reservoir of nano tubes implanted in my left ear (first row of the pictures). They would use specific frequency and nano tubes would self assemble, as in this video published by Rice University. This is how I look now - they mocked me for my looks. But this is the look of torture. I live in a very decent and nice apartment, having enough money for comfortable life, but due to the torture, I look as If I am living in a sewage. If someone is killing you every day, of what importance should your look be? I have to be especially thankful for this state to Barack Obama, gentleman for which we commoners are "folks that was tortured". For the First State dinner, he bought for his daughters - princesses, dresses worth $20.000 each. Imagine that arrogance from the man whose father came from an African village, where main industry was "having sheep and goats".

If I had gone to the doctor, which would be common sense behavior, to have the wound treated, my story that I woke up with the wound on my forehead, without having anything but microwave applied to it, would make me appear as mentally sick. They were using microwave to drill through my forehead to reverse engineer state of Reduplicative Paramnesia (RP). Taken from Wikipedia: "One of the causes for RM is "...The patient had suffered a head injury after a fall in his home. The impact had caused ...frontal lobe damage." RP is condition needed to "adjust my brain" for Oculus development (feeling that you are at two places at the same time), but also for the development of robot Sophia and all other military robots, such as this Robonaut, developed for Mars adventures. " Another condition similar to RP, which also is related to the subjective feeling of duplication is that of ‘invisible Doppelgänger’ which can be described as an individual believing they have a clone or indeed believing that they themselves are a clone of their ‘real’ self. "

What I am writing sounds really as science fiction but this excellent article from 2015 (the same year I got all these newest DARPA implants), explains a lot about Army projects - Supersoldier:

"I am here to announce that we are building Iron Man,” President Barack Obama said of the suit during a manufacturing innovation event in 2014. When the president said, “This has been a secret project we’ve been working on for a long time,” ... (TALOS project)
Goldblatt ran the DSO until 2004...he could only describe unclassified programs. More than 10 years after his departure, the status of the “super-soldier” pursuits he helped launch is murky; DARPA’s highest-risk, highest-payoff programs remain secret until they are unveiled on the battlefield.

Sleep, too, was a focus of intense research at DSO. In the Continually Assisted Performance program, scientists worked on ways to create a “24/7 soldier,” one who required little or no sleep for up to seven days. If this could be achieved, an enemy’s need for sleep would put him at an extreme disadvantage.

Under the DSO banner, in a program called the Brain-Machine Interface, DARPA scientists studied how brain implants could enhance cognitive ability. The program’s first goal was to create “a wireless brain modem for a freely moving rat ..." I am here used as a freely moving rat. One need just to read several articles to be able to understand what I am writing about.

Here is another article about Supersoldier and BCI, project that would link "soldier's neurons to a computer's" launched by Obama's White House. This is the life I have been living.

I know that this sounds crazy, but I am writing about it, because sooner or later, this technology will be explained to the public - maybe in 5 -10 years. Teleportation is extremely important for Mars colonization. Imagine you have human substrate on the Earth and you can teleport it to the Mars, in the form of humanoid equipped for the conditions which are not adequate for human beings. They had been creating among other humanoids by abusing me, replicas which they will send to Mars. (recommendation - movie Blade Runners).

How they came to the idea to use and abuse me for this type of project is beyond my comprehension. At the age of 45 I was formed woman, with my own opinion about the world, that nobody could change. I used to read newspapers in three languages and each of the countries would bring their own perspective about some event. I would use all three of them to form my opinion. I have my own set of values, which I don't want to change, because I feel comfortable in my own skin - being me. Now they are beating and hitting me every night, for me being me. How crazy is this.

I know understand better why almost all of my audio files are running approximately to 90 minutes or 1:20 minutes. We go during the night through ca. 5 REM phases - the part of sleep when we are dreaming. And during the time that I would need to dream, my "dreams" are created by DARPA naratives and by memory of some events happening on "another side - torture side".
I would recommend here Invasion movie with Nicole Kidman. The plot of the movie could be having relevance in the very near future. Plot:
"After the space shuttle Patriot crashes on Earth, a fungus-like alien lifeform is discovered on the remaining parts scattered widely over the United States. Once people come into contact with the organism, they are controlled by it when they enter REM sleep." I also have been controlled when I enter REM sleep and all implants are encapsulated in some type of polymer. Here is another project , which would create "a silicone-based polymer that could be applied on the skin as a thin, imperceptible coating, mimics the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin." Polymer is conductive and all people could probably be connected to the "Cloud of Minds" by the use of this type of technology.

So I had tonight on my torture menu - general beating me with the fists and me standing there, my lips bleeding. Then them working with some type of instrument used to create some wounds on my body. At that point I woke up. Here is the activity I recorded on the window in the building across the building where I live - pulsed light, after I woke up. That apartment has the windows constantly lit all night every night. Very similar situation to that in San Jose, California - except that I had red window, which would be producing some stinky air, that would suffocate and overheat me. That was Elon Musk, SpaceX experimenting for Mars colonization. I had to flee apartment and sleep in the nearby hotels this summer. This is another type of pulsed activity, recorded in my kitchenette while I was preparing lunch yesterday as measured by Accousticom going to 8 GHz.

So they are torturing me and making the part staying in the bed smile. The main reason might be that robots are expected to smile all the time - the owner could be brutal, abusing robot as he wishes, but robot would need to smile. I had Regina Dugan telling me that I need to prepare for that type of life, stating simple that life was not kind to me and I needed to prepare to be abused and I needed to "cool down" when I was tortured. Imagine that part!

For Regina Dugan - life was very kind to me, before you, gang of criminals entered it uninvited. I was living on the property in Silicon Valley for 11 years with lit tennis court bellow my balcony, having on another side of the apartment big pool with jacuzzi. I enjoyed state of the art gym, sauna and even a racquetball court, which I liked to use. And I have that monster giving me lessons and making decisions about my life. When I was living in Zurich, Switzerland, Bahnhof Strasse was the place where I was buying clothes. How that was not good for me - life was very kind until you entered it.
Right now even the life of homeless healthy people is nice life compared to mine. Regina Dugan and all those criminals should be going to prison - lifelong.

My dog was throwing up for two days as they applied microwave, which caused nausea. Three days ago my dog just after several meters walk on the street, ran back into the building. Next night she threw up on the carpet. Two days ago we left for a walk and when we came back to the building where we live, she threw up several times. They were abusing my pets for years - my dog is right now in the furthest room from the room where I am residing. In San Jose I had for two nights my kitty and my dog relieving themselves in the apartment and constantly throwing up. My kitty ate on the counter and it was not possible that the food was the reason. I had to give kitty to my husband, to live with him and I had to bring my dog to the hotels, as she did not want to stay in the apartment.


Regina Dugan, you little Nazi, go home. Compared to you Adolf Hitler was kindergarten boy. What, belowed child of Bay Area - Zuck, wants to be zillionaire. He wants my legs and my eyes? He wants his customers to have some fantastic experience with his Oculus taking my eyes and developing all that Haptics. Oh, we have to thank to all of this to your beloved President Obama, still President of Deep State, little Illuminati errand boy, who started Brain Initiative in April 2013, closely connected to Brain Preservation. I gathered that Croatian butchers are creating logistics how to eliminate me - boxes this and that. Hopefully they will get approved their F16 suddenly failed deal. I can barely see, but I noticed that your robots can read now. I have to sleep with several layers of protection of my eyes, and this what I have on the right side of my forehead was reservoir of nano tubes, that surgeon implanted in the form of the patch. This way you were sure to refresh the one that would slip in my eye and feed your robots.

Does Zuckerberg have the list of all participants for his Oculus project? Does Obama's Brain Initiative have the same? How they are mapping human brain using rodents? What did he say - "We tortured some folks".

We are folks for him. I will take care that no US official will be able to visit any country of this world and give them the lesson about civil rights. I just need to send them this journal.


Why would I be writing this everything? Right now most of the people, who are completely brainwashed by the press (fake press), would consider me being mentally sick. Now the question is how mentally sick person would be able to produce website using non native language. But people think what they want to think and I cannot do anything about it, nor do I intend to persuade anyone. People still believe in authority. It is also difficult to believe that this type of brutality exists in this world. After all I was aware that I had been abused for some projects, but it never crossed my mind, that they were creating robots from human beings. In several years, everyone who would read these pages, might find them even obsolete. The fact is that I am losing my sight, and that I remember Regina Dugan repeating:"When we hit you, you will not even know who you are".

Explanation is simple - when they hit me end of April 2019 they had developed Sophia robot (15 clones according to Hanson Robotics) and one of them was popular social robot Sophia; another was Queen's humanoid servant, one was sex robot (not advertised), child humanoid (not advertised) - completed in September 2017. I could see the parties coming during the night being extremely happy with the child. And they asked me how was my name and I said:"Mala Blana" - (little Blanka - Blana is how just my mother called me). And they all laughed. I remember jumping out of the bed being extremely angry. There were some generals and I asked them before waking up:"Generals, why don't you leave me in piece." And one of them said:"Because we like you". Another robot was cleaning robot (one version was Croatian clone; they also don't like to clean). One clone was military top robot. One was sex robot Zuckerberg created for troop deployment. Actually the reason for "demotion" was because I wrote under abc7 video to Markovich Paul these comments, after I got nano diamond found in my right ear evaluated and the retaliation came abruptly two days later. It appears that I have been Markovich's slave.

As I continued to complain around being horrified by monstrosity of the people involved in this crime, they started to torture me even more, stating that what happened before was not torture at all. In summer 2018 they created whole functionality of the spine for robot Sophia. I could even see one night David Hanson (owner of the robot) holding one part of the spine - cervical part. Then they developed the robot for underwater gas exploration. For this robot they would attach my whole body to the machine and I would be trembling in bed all night, humanoid being actually in the water, drilling togethere with the machine. They showed me the picture of Michael Fox, giving me hints, what will happen to me once they activate this part of the brain (as they did in April). There is also simple explanation for this part - I have been in bed under hypnosis, and I don't know much about what they are doing during the night. I remember something, but not everything, as they cover what is happening on another - torture side, entraining my brain with DARPA narratives . Another robot was implemented for maintenance of electrical transmission lines. I would be climbing all night during development. Another robot was for bulldozer excavation. One robot was working in slaughterhouse. Several robots were developed by Elon Musk and NASA. For this I had to go through very brutal training, like an astronaut. I think that Elon Musk had special room in his company, where I would be. There was an atrium where employees would be collecting for the meetings and a double door. Humanoid - me during the night would be placed there. Another humanoid was developed for submarine - I wrote in my journal that I had Elon Musk placing me in some bolid (car). But I gained on weight, and probably was not able to go inside it any more. Of course, the most brutal part was connected to all those robots, developed by Boston Dynamics, who had to brush up on their skills. I have Zuckerberg with all this virtual reality stuff - different smell, touch experienced, taste changes, Reduplicative Paramnesia (RP), where you have the feeling to be at two different places at the same time, Retinitis Pigmentosa, with night blindness and tunnel vision. Then Alice in Wonderland syndrome , developed especially for little robot Sophia, which Hanson Robotics will start to sell in January 2019. This is very interesting syndrome, when they train the brain during the night, to see the world from the perspective of a little doll. And this should have a psychological impact on the person, human being abused for this developments. I would see the world from the perspective of little Sophia. Everyone, even a child would be able to toss me on the floor, chop off my head etc. By the way, this is not only a doll robot. It will be also research development platform, and whoever will buy it, will be able to contine to program it. They will be using my brain. And who knows what else they developed. Imagine when they activate all those clones and start to use them at the same time. And they are all connected to my brain, which is connected through Internet to the Cloud. I think that sex robot prepared for troop deployment was tested. This is the reason that I just recently gained the knowledge about existence of this robot. Just if troops start to use sex robot and people start to buy little Sophia, would be enough. My future doesn't look that bright.

I completely believe, that at the moment when they activate all those clones, I would not really know who I am. Brain have some type of plasticity, but no brain is that plastic. I am actually impressed by the resilience of a human being. It doesn't have anything to do with me. If I had any traces of ego, I would not have been writing this publicly. Imagine - I worked so hard, since 1990, when I thought that my husband and I were really all set - we could have considered ourselves to be well off people in Bosnia, where I lived. We owned apartment, two new cars, had very good savings, traveled already part of the world, but overnight we lost everything in the war. And I started to learn, with the idea, that what you put in your brain cannot be stolen from you. How wrong I was.


WOW Kamala Harris. Being tortured for years I created special categories - one is WOMAN BEAST. So far I had just Michelle Obama in this category and now you are joining it. I don't know who gave you the name Obama's scout girl, but I have to change it to Obama's scout beast. It might be that Obama's plan "Make America Colored Again" and make them pay for slavery time, started with me. Let's start with this white woman - immigrant, from Balkan, nobody will care, nobody will know.

It might be Kamala, that this also was the reason that your donors (according to my journal from 2007 - Indian/US and Croatian/Russian Jew/US), abused me, being connected to humanoid child for their little sex games in their bedroom. I heard Markovich one night while being in Acapulco this summer repeating:"I am little Paul and I love you."?! Next night his wife was repeating:"You, Paul and me, we are a family". Next night, Markovich would be repeating:"You don't know anything about me and my wife"

Croatian butchers are using the frequencies of nausea, as my dog threw up around and spent all day in the corridor here; did not want to come into any of the rooms. Is not that amazing technology? Here, for Kamala to read about the wonders of microwave, when applied to humans and animals. If someone would wonder why would I have Kamala Harris torture me, here is the info about the case: POPOVIC v. FEINSTEIN
Case No. 18-cv-03224-SI. where I sued Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. I could not do much as they completely incapacitated me with different techniques. Now they threatening"to bring me to the cleaners". Judge made decision although I announced my non availability sending the letter to both Courts - Federal and Criminal in San Jose, stating in it, that I am incapacitated due to the nightly tortures by US Army that would make someone's blood freeze in the veins. I am not legal person, under the circumstances I explained to them, they should not have made any decision.

Right now they are "stealing my eyes" to give it to the robot. When this is completed (and has been completed), I being connected to the robot, will be blind and robot will be having my sight. I will be giving just brain and for this to happen they need to catch me. Targeted Individuals report about many cases of kidnaping. People just disappear and this started after 9/11. Here once again Alex's picture from Robocop - this is exactly what they need from me - brain and lungs. This is for Kamala to enjoy with her Jewish friends, who are at the same time Obama's friends and who own this technology. Here again JFK words taken from original speech he did about what was going on: -" its dissenters are silenced, not praised."

It appears that I was sent to military so that humanoid babies could be created to satisfy people's pedophiliac needs. Was not there Pizza Gate recently? The moment when I went to find this link on Internet, the people who are watching what I am writing, attacked me immediately with all possible EMF. Interesting, from all generals I remember Michael Flynn as one of the best, and he tweeted negative about Pizagate. It might be that this was the reason for the end of his political career. Before I was attached last summer to humanoids developed for gas drilling and all heavy industrial work, US Army had to detach humanoid child from my brain (Cloud). To mask it, I could hear something like train noise and could see the child humanoid being scared and running to the former President Clinton's lap. I could see Zuckerberg attaching his robots to the wall. Because they wanted to prevent damage from vibrations and all those morbidities that I was exposed to.

Press, which is mostly in Jewish hands, labeled Pizzagate as conspiracy theory. All truth is labeled as conspiracy and true conspiracy to enslave and kill people is hidden. I actually could see in September last year, clients waiting for humanoid child coming and admiring her during one night (It is called 'Mala Blana' as my mother used to call me. I could see Hillary watching me - baby, with the "mama's look on her face", being enticed. Among them were some generals. I really don't understand pedophiles, those people really need professional help. I am available for a hypnotherapy session any time to recall memories. But I would place all people whom I ever mentioned here in the same session. People are paying them to serve and they need to know the truth. They mask all types of crime by putting stamp "national security" on it, with imagined enemies, mostly Russians. Putin is not part of Illuminati gang.

The truth will be known, sooner or later. I don't need to be alive for this happen. Did not you know that Markovich brought real nails and crucified me one night this summer? I created the video next day. I already had Jesus' suffering. It cannot be that all this suffering will go unnoticed.

This is just "Balkan woman diary" - continued. I just realized that most people who tortured me were either first generation of Americans - Markovich, his wife, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and all those Indians, who came in US recently like Arati Prabhakar, former Director of DARPA. Another category of torturers are Jewish people who own this technology. What you are doing is very NON AMERICAN. It could be that these people are full of their own insecurities and torturing me, make them all feel better.


I woke up again at 3 AM with the pop I heard in my right ear being aware that someone was talking and could "see" Nancy Pelosi and Elon Musk. These all implants in my body, allow for quantum communication (due to entanglement) and quantum tunneling. I mentioned already that Motorola strangulation technology has been used for Synthetic Telepathy. So there is no wonder that I always knew who tortured me during the night.

To be honest, I still find this whole situation surreal. After the first surgery in 2007 when I was implanted with neurograins (having them injected in my head) and all nano technologies in my body which were developed by DARPA at that point, it never crossed my average and I would say normal human mind, that I was implanted. I could not explain very strange "dreams", which were actually not dreams, but people really communicated with me during the night while developing their humanoids. I explained it in Journal in 2007 without understanding quite what I was writing about. I was thinking that something went wrong with anesthesia and that I was oversensitive to it.

In 2015, when I came to have another surgery I found some books I bought as self help during post surgery time in 2007 and tossed them all in dumpster. Implanted technology wore out and I moved to Sacramento where I was sleeping better. I was in Australia for a month in 2015 and did not have any sleeping problems. I came to Europe and again was sleeping well. I actually did not even want face-lifting, but ablative dermabrasia, but the surgeon persuaded me to do face-lifting, finding some reasons. I agreed to it if done just under local anesthesia, but he sedated me and I fell asleep. I still remember that there was no clock in the surgery room, which was strange, so I don't even know how long he operated.

After the surgery in 2015, there was no doubt that I was implanted. I went online, entered keywords "frequencies and sleeping" and to my horror I realized that there was a community of people who call themselves Targeted Individuals, that all of them have similar symptoms. Torture was done by the use of microwave and other electronic means and it was called "No Touch Torture". There was no way out, which means that once in the project, they are tortured under the end of their lives. Imagine that horror. Before that point, I never went to youtube, as I was either working or learning since coming to US. We did not even have TV as we never had time to watch. I was rather learning Excel Tips and Tricks and programming than watching Netflix movies. My husband was always working on something. First week I came to US I subscribed to San Jose Mercury News and read it from cover to cover for years. This was a ritual for me - reading newspapers with the coffee in the morning. I never had read anything about any Targeted Individuals nor anything about CIA run MK Ultra. Everything was wonderful and beautiful in the "most accomplished democracy in the world". When I was attacked during the night of December 5th, 2015 with EMF, with people screaming in my ears, hitting me with some particles, I wrote to Diane Feinstein, thinking how appalled she would be when she hears about it. Now I have to laugh.

When I was detached from military robot in April 2018, I just have the knowledge that Diane Feinstein was one of the most dangerous woman in the history of US. I still don't know why nor do I want to know.
I started to write to her the message I attached yesterday with "Dear Senator" and I would change it constantly to Diane. That was strange to me but now I know that this was because I was with her during the nightly sessions and I knew her as Diane.

About Nancy Pelosi - I never was thinking about Nancy Pelosi nor did I have any opinion of her and why shoud I. I considered all politicians just people who were elected and who were doing their jobs, like everyone else, one election theater was over. The night on April 29th, when I was tortured I would hear Nancy Pelosi calling someone, saying my name and that someone (from CIA) told her: "Department of Defense". Which means I belonged to DoD (actually my life was taken first by Paul Markovich and then given to DoD). I know that Nancy Pelosi told about Markovich, about whom I complained: "He is one of our Bests." Which is true as he and his wife give combined annually 100 K to Democrats. But his wife's slimming bar business is funded by the US Department of Agriculture with 99 K and more importantly with two research teams, who are developing her product. Children's Hospital in Oakland is also participating, probably to test the product, so that it could later be sold to the vast government market. And those 100 K in annual political contributions will be giving huge ROI to millionaires - family Markovich. I read on Glassdoor that Markovich asks each and every employee to give political donation according to his/her salary, giving them even recommendation, how much exactly to contribute based on their salaries. Of course employee can choose not to donate, but every two years there is a layoff in Blue Shield and one needs to be careful not to come on the top of the layoff list. I ended as robot, just after writing an email in 2007, asking Markovich not to send maliciously written evaluation, because of which I resigned from BSC, to my future employers (which they did). That was nothing special, my hiring manager in Blue Shield, who was extremely hardworking and skilled, also left BSC for the same reason - unfair evaluation of her work.

I wrote this everything as I found myself in extremely surreal situation. I was constantly repeating to myself that what was happening could not have been true. So Nancy Pelosi likes Markovich because of money he donates; this is her "goodness test". And she gave approval to have them "merge me with humanoid" by incapacitation as I could hear her saying:"Make it quick" in May 2018. But when other people start to mingle in my life, I learn something about them, as this is the case of quantum entanglement.

And my knowledge of Nancy Pelosi was following: that her father was brought to power by Mafia and that she knows everything about 9/11. Nobody in US knows secrets of 9/11 as she does. I always dismiss this type of "knowledge" until I do reverse research to test "assumptions". And I really found a recent article about her father mingling with some Mafia member. And just this morning I researched a bit about 9/11 and how Nancy Pelosi would possible be connected to that event. I found interesting articles - one most recent stating that Nancy called such a national tragedy and if you wish world tragedy "an incident". I am an immigrant, but it would never come to my mind to call 9/11 an incident. Freud would be giving here very interesting analysis - slips of the tongue are very often more important than very well prepared speech. It is "blurting out" your real feelings about something. Another information I found surprised me:"Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. Pelosi, the longest serving Member of the House Intelligence Committee, is a former Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and was the top House Democrat on the Joint Congressional investigation looking into the 9/11 attack.

So what I was thinking was not without merit. Another interesting fact was that she defended former CIA director John Brennan and he ( Barack Obama), was the only CIA person involved in this "robotization" crime. That applies at least to my case. "On August 15, after Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, Pelosi stated the move was "a stunning abuse of power & a pathetic attempt to silence critics" and an attempt by Trump to avoid attention to other issues of his administration."

One night in summer 2018 Nancy Pelosi even tried to persuade me that I should have been honored, that I was selected for being "top" military robot. If this would be some good project, for sure I would not have been on the list, considering all her children and children of other politicians. But she did not understand how tortured I was. Because at some later point I could hear someone telling her:"Nancy, do you understand what type of torture that is?"

In any case I woke up with the knowledge of her approving and participating in Elon Musk's efforts to finally send me in the humanoid form to Mars. After all someone needs to be the first person, as nobody knows anything about radiation level, about dangerous environment on Mars etc. This summer I was watching here in Croatia an excellent German documentary about Mars colonization and there was a scene showing NASA lab. At that moment I started to cry. I still remember that they would put me on some wheel and rotate me.
That was just one drilling exercise. How this is possible? When I fall asleep I have been in bed, hypnotized with my brain completely entrained due to nano technologies in my body. As my body has been 100% connected to the humanoid due to biosensors and other implants, once I fell asleep I have been transferred to the "torture site". It is like living two types of reality - when I am awake I am in Matrix world - our world (like in Matrix movie - Neo) and when I fall asleep I am in a virtual world (Cloud). But both worlds are real for me, so they torture me in vivo. Except that the part of the brain that stays in bed is under hypnosis and when I wake up I might or might not remember what happened during the night. Only after April 2018 when that part of the brain, which was abused for the nightly tortures was activated, I realized what was going on. I am actually never sleeping and this could be another part of the study - how long people can endure total sleep deprivation. I know about the robot they were preparing for Mars colonization. I sent recently a message using Linkedin to one NASA project manager, asking her to stop abuse. They did some welding work around robot's eyes recently - pictured here. What they were sometimes doing to me during the night while working on this robot - Robonaut, would make blood freeze in people's veins. And this is not applied just to NASA robot - those all are really horrible technologies. When Barack Obama was presented with Deep Secrets after inauguration, he said that if there were no bars on the windows, he would run away through them. My best guess would be that some of these technologies were presented to him. And he was a Senator before being elected. Which means that only select number of people know about this. When I wrote to Kamala Harris requesting not help, but my basic civil rights to be enforced, I know that she called someone and asked:"Do we have this type of technology?". The guy confirmed and she exclaimed:"Oh, that is amazing."

She never answered my emails, except that I could "see her" last time during the night when my car was poisoned with nerve agent. When I wrote to Kamala I mentioned that I might have been implanted with Google Tattoo. That happened during the night - I jumped out of the bed being horribly tortured and sent her the message. Next morning I went to Safeway and the boy who packed groceries was repeating murmuring:"Tattoo, tattoo, tattoo..." This was the only store in Sacramento where I was gang stalked, so I stopped visiting. Another reason might be that Consumer Watch questioned some Blue Shield practices and Kamala was Prosecutor deciding that case. She decided in favor of Blue Shield but during the election year she was donated $11.000 by Paul Markovich. I calculated that she could buy herself a decent lunch almost for a year with that money. I had her during the night constantly threatening:"Do you know who I am, do you know what type of power I have". And everybody would be repeating the same. Paul Markovich:"Do you know who my wife is?". I don't have any idea - I see that she is an Indian/US woman and obviously his wife. I know that Kamala Harris is an Indian - African American - US woman. Her Indian mother worked at some point for McGill University, which was leading all others in their efforts to "read people's brains" by applying all horrible MK Ultra technologies. I don't say her mother worked on those projects, but is it possible that she never mentioned this fact to Kamala.

Very interesting - I know Kamala being called Obama's Scout Girl, without having any understanding why. It could be that someone mentioned it during the nightly session stating "Oh, that Obama's scout girl". She answered once after I sent 5 messages, but only after I found implanted technologies and was searching for a lawyer in San Francisco. She sent something like a marketing pitch stating in email all her accomplishments and especially the fact that she has been fighting like a lion for Dreamers (those illegal immigrants). I think that she is preparing to run as top Obama's candidate for future President. I answered to her that I did not ask for her resume, but for the help. I would give to all Dreamers citizenship, but is it not strange that she is fighting to give rights to illegal immigrants and encouraging with her fight future illegal immigration? I know that Obama's plan was "Make America Colored Again". I am born in Europe and races were never an issue, but it might be that this is a racial issue. I was brutally, brutally tortured by Indians, really having a pleasure to torture white woman. I remember nightly session with Alok Das, Indian Chief Innovator in Air Force. He abused my eyes and I know that I took some sharp object found on the table where he was sitting and tried to hit him directly between his eyes. He was extremely surprised.

Back to Elon Musk and Nancy Pelosi - the need to send someone to Mars and decision is that this should be me. They call me Balkan woman, but I feel that I don't belong anywhere. I don't belong to any country, I always felt being citizen of the world. All divisions are artificially done and senseless. And I really have citizenship of two countries, where I was tortured that Jesus crucifixion looks to me as kindergarten experience. I think that Guantanamo Bay might be a Disneyland compared to what I experienced. I could not even understand very well why I would be tortured so much during all these years. Because someone felt afraid I would expose all those pedophilesd I had known during my "dreams".

I will create page about Elon Musk and his SpaceX and Neurlink, which are supposed to make him more of a billionaire, through abusing me.

According to Wikipedia and some sources Nancy Pelosi's worth "..in 2009, CRP reported Pelosi's average net worth was $58,436,537 having ranked 13th among 25 wealthiest members of Congress. In 2014, CRP reported Pelosi's average net worth in 2014 was $101,273,023 having ranked 8th out of 25 wealthiest members of Congress." So she doubled her wealth during 5 years. Annual salary of the member of US Congress is around $200.000. Before I was pushed in this military project in 2007, for 2006 my husband and I reported combined $180.000. I was not working without $70 an hour in 2014/2015 + some benefits and my husband worked for $90 an hour. This is good salary even for Bay Area, but it does't even allow for some luxury life. How Nancy amassed so much money? I don't know except that according to Wikipedia - "In November 2011, 60 Minutes alleged that Pelosi and several other members of Congress had used information they gleaned from closed sessions to make money on the stock market...". They would grab the flag, wave it, smile and that it is it. That is called being patriot.

I never cared about other people being rich. I live here in Croatia and in Sacramento in 2 BR apartments, and I use mostly one room. I don't even know what I would do if someone would offer me a villa. So I am not envy - it is just that I have been horrible abused by billionaires and millionaires who through this incredible abuse will enrich themselves even more. And plan was to actually send me to Mars, as me in Matrix world, a conscious being. How this would be possible - here is a good source of information - Brainpreservation organization. It is all about freezing the brains after death, warming them up, uploading them to the machines.. Except for two guest employees, I know all members of this organization, as they all abused me in some capacity during the night. The picture presented on their page, which explains brain preservation, is that of Robonaut prepared for the Mars.

By the way to vent some way the accumulated anger, I gave nickname to Nancy Pelosi - La Ducessa. This guy was an amateur compared to her. She has been participating in horrible crime, doesn't even matter what is going to happen to me.

According to Wikipedia she is extremely involved in protection of human rights in China, "Pelosi's statement read, "I call on the Chinese government to immediately and unconditionally release Hu Jia from prison and to respect the fundamental freedoms of all the people in China." WOW.

At the same time this woman gave approval for humanoids to be created for the most dangerous work in all industry fields, by abusing a woman; professional, artistic, subscribed to Ballet and Museums, world traveler. Just because she could not lose the money given to her by one her Bests, Paul Markovich, who recruited the woman for these projects.

I really hate to waste my time, writing about these vultures. And I am wondering how came that world is ruled by them and that some good people end homeless, which best is illustrated by this photo. In any case I know the answer why such a rush to create humanoids? To allow these brutes to live forever with all those millions. Someone needs to be sacrificed, so that technology which would allow them to be immortal, could have been pailessly acquired by them at some point in the near future. Nancy is already 78 - there is not much time. Another reason has been that they want slaves who would be working for free for all of them. I already have started to do it long time ago - in 2007.

I am so outraged - I took some aggressive home remedy yesterday and started to clean my ears with it, to remove nano technology from my ears. I am all covered with different type of natural remedies and hope that I will be able to help myself to detach from their humanoids, and let them be what they are - just machines.

I started to push remedy in my ears, as I was watching sports on TV yesterday evening and one of the reports was about hockey team (Medvescak). I started to cry having memory of being raped , by the members of the whole hockey team, not only once, through the sex humanoid. But for me it felt very real.

This is very similar to Anne Frank diary. I am not a child but somehow the situation is similar, if not worse. When I think about Targeted Individuals I always have the strange remembrance of Jewish members of Warsaw Gheto, before and after Word War II. It is just that this time the technology of torture is in Jewish hands, who hire Indians as helpers as they don't like to pay much for the labor.

12:38 PM Houston, I have the problem. I took the nap and wanted to give my dog a walk. Everything was normal but after maybe 20 meters, she turned suddenly and wanted to go inside the balding. I had often that she starts to pull around, when I am attacked by EMF. But this is second time so far that she wanted to go back into building without even reliving herself. And she gets regular walks. I wanted to walk her twice a day, but once she also turned back in the evening. She likes walks and I was wondering why she would not want to get evening walks (At this time it is dark around 5PM). EMF activity they use on me is much stronger in the evening, probably because "work is done", while I am sleeping. Also during the time that I had nap, I woke up with the sound of heavy machinery on my right ear, where I still have switches and nano diamond or radio in teeth bridge, which is on the right side. The frequencies were producing the sound of a heavy machinery, sound of mechanical press. This is the first time I have it here in Croatia, and I had a lot of it in San Jose and in Sacramento when they heavily hypnotized me, making me incapacitated. I know that every time I report here something I make myself extremely vulnerable. I wrote that hypnosis disappeared once I came to Europe and that I was hypnotized in US to the point of incapacitation. And they probably sent machinery to Croatia. I protected my ears well for several nights - different type of cleaning and protection and could hear the words coming from the apartment below - this is all through the wall technology. Neigbors are organized by Croatian Intelligence Agency (SOA). But one cannot do anything in this case - if I would say anything, I would appear as being mentally sick . My dog is back and she needs to pee. It might be that Nancy Pelosi gave another order:"Make it super quick." Croatia has some deal failed with Israeli because of the fighter planes they wanted to buy. US approved it at one point and right now they are not allowing Israelis to sell them to Croatia as it was negotiated by contract. I was wondering how this happened based on the fact that they are such good US helpers. Croatia is one of CIA torture countries. They actually don't know what to do - I don't have any problems with anyone here doing my daily errands. Quite on opposite, people are very friendly as I am also friendly person. I cleaned some of nano technologies and de hypnotized. And they need my brain (as bizarre as this sounds) for their machines.

It might be that Alice Munroe's novel about the Canadian farm and farmers that would kill horses really had some significance in my life. I was a member of book club in Oakland in 2014 and we had that novel on the list. It was about the people who live at some Canadian farm and kill horses taking their skin during the night, as this was the business they did for living. Everything was done during the night. The girl was peeking once and saw what they were doing - she let one of the horses free. But villagers caught the horse eventually and return him to the farm. To tech her life lesson, the father make her being present while they killed the horse. It was long time ago, so I forgot details, but to my surprise after I read it, I told to myself that if I died without reading it, I would have missed something extremely important, almost existentially important. I did not understand why was the novel that important. Except for brutality of some people and horses quest to escape death, there was not much to think about. I realized this April that I was the horse. Message to Nancy and others if they would ever read this (which I think someone does) - please don't open your mouth to give lesson to other nations. Take a mirror and have a good look at yourselves and meditate on what you see. This might help you to see the truth. I am aware that Nancy is the most powerful woman in US. I don't have any wish to give myself any type of significance, I am just the horse fighting for survival. The point is that I cannot walk my dog due to EMF attacks. I placed one sound file which shows my kitty crying during the torture session. While I was living in Oakland I would wake up and my two kitties would start to cry. I did not understand why as I did not move - I just would open my eye. That was probably because the frequencies were very unpleasant to them.

What I have now is almost similar to the plot in movie Blade Runner when Replicas (clones) are chased around to be killed. This is also the part of the future New World Order, which will be in the virtual world (for now 5G world), being built on the principles of Hive. At the very bottom would be slaves - replikas, doing worst type of jobs. I was hugely demoted, one can notice, as I am sharing what I know. I had an entry in my diary from 2007 that Paul Markovich told that he will bring his parents. And I wrote that I got scared at that point. Why would I be scared - I never had seen his parents on the picture. Was he building his hive? I did not have time to research internet, but it must be about it. At the top would be Queen, then Rotschilds, then Obama and similars, then some people who are rich enought to buy slaves and then my people - slaves, which would toil in Eternity. I did not really research this but based on what they are doing now to brains, freezing them, warming them, uploading them to the machines, connecting them to the Cloud, this even doesn't appear to be that insane. I just found one link about Hive Minds and one of the links has been HiveMinds - Synthetic Biology and The Future of Life with Reese Jones. This might be a topic worth research. One must apply to be a member of this organization.
01/04/2019 It is 2:58 AM and I woke with the knowledge of people trying to erase my memories - something like in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was not funny. Here another definition from Wikipedia. Some politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, were very annoyed with me mentioning in my posts that we are living in reality which is based on Someone Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest. When I fled to Mexico this summer to survive the chase to be incapacitated, I was shown the picture of Lee Oswald and Vincent Fox. When I came to Acapulco and wanted to side park, tourist police came with the lights on. I asked them to help me park, which they did. Next time I came to take something from the car, they were parked behind the car. Next time I came they had the lights on and asked me if I was going to leave. I said, no, I just had arrived. I could not see them anymore, but someone would enter my rented car even in Acapulco, if I would leave it on the street. This is typical gangstalking as reported by all TIs.

I would love nothing better but have my bad memories erased. But tonight they were feeding me with self - destruction scripts. Probably part of Mind Control Protocol. Some politicians I mentioned on this pages were involved. What happened this summer - how they chased me to incapacitate me, I filed in Addendum sent to San Jose Federal Court. I don't remember what I wrote, as I don't have document here, but it was accurate description how both homes where I was living were poisoned. I was paying $2700 for the rent in San Jose and $500 for my condo in Sacramento every month. Now they are threatening me constantly how they are going to make me poor, even my sister and brother, who are much richer than me. Once they told me that the project was called "Genetics and Technology" and I had in November Paul Markovich telling me during the night that my sister is the best of all of us. And that is true. Which means that they evaluated all members of my family. My sister got a child recently and is married to a German dentist. They live in three countries and I would hate that something happens to her, as she is very happy and has great life, as they sold practice recently. She is trully very accomplished being. What worries me is that I could talk recently during the night with the son of my brother who lives in Germany. And only people who are connected with the technology and to the Cloud can communicate this way.

Back to torture and to California - I drive VW Tiguan and I could sleep comfortable inside, but they started to poison my car. I met that night 3 times security guard from Modesto, employed by Shea property. As I use tape to cover my mouth and bandage my face during the night, I found it tucked under the windshield. I entered the car and after several minutes started to scream (some nerve agent?). I realized that something was wrong, found first park and decided to spend night there, covered with my sleeping bag. But I realized that nothing changed for the better. I removed my bag and there came relief. I went to Fairmont hotel in San Jose and left open car windows. I left my car for three days on some street in San Jose and rented car. My summer schedule was following: I would go to the Pacific Coast in some hotel, which I could not book in advance, as they would arrange for the nightly torture. I had to bring my fan and hug it during the night, to avoid being burned (they would always track me after several hours). When I bought my car I got just one key. I would come next day to walk my dog, to prepare mud to cover my head, magnets for my throat, handshoes for my hands, some cover for the legs, EMF fabrics etc. and run around to find another hotel. Every piece of my body needed protection. I would bite sponge (my teeth were popping) - I could have something like CIA radio / implanted in my bridge. Dr. Staninec (I think he is Jewish too) performed surgery in April 2015, working alone without assistant and not even mentioning to me what he was doing. My face was swollen and in pain for several days.

After Zuckerberg and Dugan did their work end of April with testing of Building 8 technologies and put finishing touches on their robots, Elon Musk started to torture me, working on his humanoid prepared for Mars colonization. I wrote to all politicians, who are supposed to help citizens that they civil rights have been protected (here one of many messages I sent to Diane Feinstein).When I read the message now, I see in what stress and hurry I was, by the way how it was written. I filed all Complaints for 6 lawsuits having hardly several hours for each of them, as I was busy to find hotel for the next night, and because of the fact that my apartment was poisoned. I constantly updated Jerry Brown sending him emails with torture reports. When Jerry Brown wanted to introduce the law, which would let children who did some small crime be let out of prison , if they behaved well, I went to collect signatures in 2016, despite the fact that I was tortured during the night. I was walking around covering the head with the hat full of magnets to protect it from microwave attacks. I sent to EPA twice message about the torture asking for help and never received any answer. I voted for all of those "liberals", whom I asked for help, based on recommendation of "liberal" San Francisco Chronicle, which was also involved in this crime. I would always give small donation as support for Sanders, Obama etc. I remember that Barbara Boxer had such a good campaign, I did not work but I donated.

When they activated military "top" robot end of April 2018, which they developed abusing me, I started to scream "Treason, treason" and "Arrest Yourselves Generals". I am not that stupid not to be able to understand, that what they were doing and plotting was against US citizens. Let's mention here the speech of beloved JFK - I picked up some of the slides and combined in this picture. Did not he want to tell something?

On December 15, 2018 I was so tortured, that I picked up Syrian Government's web site (I would have never sent it to Iran, but I did not have any problems sending them to Syria) and sent them a message. I said that if someone from US politicians comes to visit them and ask about the state of democracy in their country, they should show them this video and ask them the same question. I wrote also that if someone would come and shoot me fast, I would include him in my will and leave him some money. I don't know why I would feel so extremely uncomfortable by having a look at Mr. Bolton yesterday. I always know whom I met during the nightly torture sessions.

This technology is really working. I would love to take it out, but after I visited Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento in June 2016 I don't dare to let physician touch me much. I came specially from Europe hoping they will know what was going on and help me. Instead of helping me, my well functioning nose was nano sprayed by Dr. Shoab Sidique. My nose was bleeding, could not touch him from pain, produced some roaring sound and was connected with other nano technology. When I breath in, it creates popping sound.

By the way, if anyone would find and read this, I have to state that Nancy Pelosi knows a lot about 9/11 (much more than Gina Haspel will ever know) and as a real patriot she should undergo hypnotherapy session and have memory recall. Because I don't think that she shared the knowledge with anyone. Go Nancy. Please open Boston Dynamics web site, have a look at all those robots which were created by abuse unheard of in the history of the mankind. This is what I did for the Country. I was incapacitated and did not have any chance to go back to the workplace and continue to be paid $70 an hour. And maybe to buy Max Mara coat, so loved by Yahoo reader. And you can see that even British press reported about it. Instead I have to sleep in motorcycle helmet, spending my money on very expensive EMF protection items. I did my patriotic duty, me, Balkan woman. It is your turn.

They are continuing to work during the night on inducement of Reduplicative Paramnesia (RP), as explained above. The picture above that shows hematoma I suddenly found on my head was made by the use of microwave during the night. One of the causes for RM is "...The patient had suffered a head injury after a fall in his home. The impact had caused ...frontal lobe damage." So they are trying to reverse engineer disease (condition) by the use of microwave, damaging my frontal lobe.. To induce this condition to my brain is needed for Oculus development (feeling that you are at two places at the same time), but also for the development of robot Sophia. " Another condition similar to RP, which also is related to the subjective feeling of duplication is that of ‘invisible Doppelgänger’ which can be described as an individual believing they have a clone or indeed believing that they themselves are a clone of their ‘real’ self. " [1] To develop by brain damage this condition in my brain, is essential for both of their projects - Oculus and robot Sophia. They are training my brain during the night to acquire those delusional conditions, needed for their projects.

Another condition they are trying to develop is Alice in Wonderland syndrome: and in my case Macropsia, for little robot Sophia, which will soon go on sale. It is defined as condition: "..in which objects within an affected section of the visual field appear larger than normal, causing the person to feel smaller than they actually are." As little Sophia has been connected to my brain by internet (Pentagon paper here from 2013), my brain needs to be damaged so that it can manage perspective of the world as perceived through the eyes of little robot.

Another condition they are working on during the night is "Illusions of self-motion." If you were on train and your train is not moving but another train would started to move, this will create illusion that you are moving. This is done to produce "Spatial disorientation, spatial unawareness, or "Spatial-D" is the inability to determine one’s position, location, and motion relative to their environment. They are using Saccadic Masking, which manipulation can cause "Humans become effectively blind during a saccade." I wrote yesterday they would make my eyes move right - left and left right.
They even tested tonight if they can cause me to be blind by this type of manipulation. And they can. So they are producing specific condition during the night and at the same time testing it. My educational background is in Psychology, so I remember some of this from "Perception" lessons about delusions that our eyes can create. They are just reinforcing it through constant repetition during the night and using the objects for everyone use in regular life - kitchen utensils etc. Using DARPA narratives during the night they would show me all kitchenware - like plates, cutlery and so on. I would try to take them and they would suddenly move to the right or left - Saccadic Masking. Then they would be constantly creating very fast movements in front of my eyes, arabesques etc.
If they would in the real life reinforce this activating part of the brain they are manipulating during the night, I would not be able to function. That is their hope and I don't know what to think - who can fight DoD billions of dollars. It would be delusional if I would think I could do it.

It is simple for them as they are using DARPA narratives and radios implanted in my ears. If I clean and protect my ears, as I did tonight, they start to use strangulation Motorola nano technology in my throat (used for Facebook Building 8 Synthetic Telepathy project, which is also a radio. It is just that they cannot scream in my ears, as they can do if they use radios implanted in my ears. When they used my ears to send information, it would appear as if they were gunning words into my ears. The same as on this sound file, I recorded during the day with Easy Voice Recorder in March 20016 on my right ear. My brain with the radios implanted in my ears, can modulate these frequencies during the night and convert them to words (probably - not sure 100% about this).

They would then use the same narratives to test impact of their manipulations on my eyes - giving me some objects and making me hold it in the hands, then perform some precise action with that object, to assess the extent of damage done. I am still in relatively good shape, I am not sure what will happen once they activate this in real life. I might be able to report about it here in my journal, under condition that same will happen as at the end of April 2018 - I would need to survive it not by committing suicide or collapsing somewhere in the public place, so that they can catch me and place in one undisclosed location. Everybody chased me - from corporations involved in this crime to some politicians who participated in this crime - some senators and Nancy Pelosi. I sued them but was not able to do anything about it as they incapacitated me through nightly torture an hypnosis.

Shaving my head and cleaning my ears, allowed for the creation of this website. Just yesterday I wrote an email to Jerry Brown, writing him that they are all nothing but monsters. They show me very often during the night Chinese President, as I do need to understand that I need to sacrifice my life and understand that Chinese are very far in AI development. They of course are going to continue to line their pockets with money and wave national flag and scream around that they are patriots. When I wrote an email in 2015 to Diane Feinstein stating that Jesus was crucified once and I had been crucified every night, I even wrote that I understood national security needs to test technologies, and being tortured for it for long 8 years, I wrote that I did my chore for the country which citizenship I acquired in 2005. This was actually the year when I was probably pulled into this project (when working for Blue Shield). But at the beginning I did not even perceive what they were doing during the night.

I have here Croatian butchers from SOA (Croatina Security and Intelligence Agency), showing me the house where I would be residing, once they kidnap me or catch me, somewhere in the mountain area (Gorski Kotar), where I actually wanted to buy property.
They even mentioned the place - Begovo Razdolje.

Just last week there was a scandal involving President of Kolinda Grabar (I know her being involved in this project with her friend John McCain. This is John McCain telling me during the night "thank you" after I performed as he wished, for the creation of military robot. Here is one Croatian butcher telling Probaj (try it) during the night in 2017. One of SOA members last month, met Kolinda's Advisor and said that he we will be fired, and if he starts to make any type of the problems to Kolinda, he could be hit by the car. (not good translation here, but it is about it). My brother, was probably blackmailed to participate in this project the same way. Just after I had surgery in 2015 and was implanted with all nano technologies, he followed me to the car as I visited him after coming from US to find the help for horrible sleeping problems in January 2016. He suddenly started to cry and told me:" They said they would kill me." He is not a drinker and we consumed some wine that evening, so I thought that he was a bit under influence. I called his wife next day (who is also participating in torture) and asked her what was going on. She just dismissed everything.

Just end of April 2018, when everybody attacked me at the same time, I realized what was going on as my brother also abused radios in my ears and other implants. Everything is done by the use of internet. They would use my brother when they really wanted to break me psychologically.

Croatia is CIA torture country of only 4 million people. They worked on my mother, who doesn't speak English and abused her for the production of sex child humanoid, they created based on her memories of me being a child. Something similar to Diego san, but female version.,abused by pedophiles. Another robot they used her for, has been cleaning robot for Croation criminals "self proclaimed elite". Her problems also started after the surgery - she probably was hit with microwave in her apartment in the home for elderly and stumbled, fell and broke her hip. Physiotherapist said that they cut the nerves on her feet. Probably on purpose. Last time when I visited she was constantly repeating: "I was operated by Dr. Vuckovac". I think that she understood what happened and wanted to give me some hint. Since surgery, she has been confined to bed, immobile and drugged. So she is just sitting in bed and starring, like listening to something, but not being in this world. They completely damaged her brain. She refers about me as "little Blana" and just knows my LA address by heart, but I never lived in LA. However my knowledge is that humanoid babies reside there, being sold private ways to some movie actors. They are constantly showing me my mother (Croatian butchers, stating that she also was "tough cookie", but at the very end, I would be ending as her).

Not understanding fully what I was writing in my journal in 2007, I unintentionally captured the phases of development of humanoids by Hanson Robotics in collaboration with US Army. It makes sense as OpenCog maintained by Hanson Robotics was founded on January 21, 2008 (first surgery I had was in 2007, when I was implanted) and I wrote in the journal in March 2008 that there was a baby I saw during the night and that it was 3 months old). Here is another link to OpenCog about building better minds together, with Chief Scientist Goertzel and robot Sophia. I thought that DARPA narratives used on me during the night, were just dreams. Targeted Individuals, who are all abused for AI projects or other experiments, all report having this symptom they call manipulated dreams, as being reported here in Daily Mail. One can find a lot of literature online.

2:24 PM -I did not plan to write this update but it is important for understanding of obesity and resulting diabetes. After I uploaded today's update I went to walk my dog and to buy some food in the grocery store around noon . While walking I was all the time hit with microwave (pulsed), as recorded here in my home in Sacramento, California. This file shows microwave pulsed activity, measured with HF meter. Whenever HF meter shows sudden pulse going over 2 GHz, if this pulse hits my head I felt as if small projectil hit my head. During this 5 minutes video, I recorded 3 pulses. (at 2:05 min, 2:51 min and 3:27 min). This would mean that I was sent one pulse every 1.66 min randomly. Dr. Horton, who has also been abused for this type of projects, has the best collection and most illustrative collection of recordings of pulsed activity on internet. She just recorded it different way in this video. Here is declassified Army document about the effects of microwave on humans - voice to skull, epileptic seizures, obesity etc.

Of course, I had to wear at that point bicycle helmet at home to protect my brain. Not only that this activity makes you go to the fridge to eat, but it makes you extremely aggressive. It is the same as if someone would be taking small stones and hitting you very fast in the head 24/7. This is another instrument - tri field meter, which also shows huge level of EMF activity recorded directly on my pillow. Normal power density would be 0.003 W/cm2 and I measured 31.13 W/cm2. I sent video to FCC but they never answered. At least they did change activity for the better. When Ajit Pai (Indian) was appointed as Head of FCC, they never bothered to answer or to change anything to lessen my pain. I always stress when someone is Indian, as I was most brutally abused by Indians.

How would I know that they used microwave today? I have been implanted with neurograins (Elon Musk - Neuralink) and when they hit my head with pulsed microwave, I can hear sharp sound as produced by stone hitting windshield while you are driving. This is known as Fray's effect - acoustic aspect of microwave. I recorded popping activity coming from my neighbors, my bathtub (through sewage). Today Croatian SOA also tried to activate strangulation technology - I had the feeling that they wanted to suffocate me. They don't like me writing and reporting about this crime, although they might be the only people who read this.

When I woke up this morning I was not hungry as I protected myself relatively well during the night. But while going to the grocery store and being hit with microwave I felt suddenly so hungry, I felt that I could eat a horse. And this is happening all the time - whenever I am hit a lot by pulsed microwave I have to eat and then something very fat. I had to buy bacon, as brain starts to crave proteins or sugar. I am quite sure about this - 100% as I had this happening since they started to apply microwave heavily on me.
Link is following - EMF - Food craving - Obesity - Diabetes. When I sleep well and when everything is fine (I am mostly in the apartment, that is old and has thick wals), I eat very little.

I wanted to buy butter in small packages, and could not open container to pick it up. I asked for help and they told me that I have to unlock it on the register (probably retired people and other poor people steal it). People work here in Croatia and they are not paid salaries. When I went out, in the front of the grocery store, there was parked an ambulance car. No drivers, not an emergency. This is experienced by all TIs - they are followed everywhere they go, either by ambulance, fire fighters or police. This happened to me in Sacramento, but only when Air Force had abused me for their projects. Planes were constantly flying above the building where I lived. This is a recording which shows me being extremely angry and tortured during the night and my kitty crying in distress, Plane was flying from a nearby airforce base although it was 2AM. I had recorded numerous times chopper hovering for 20 minutes going in circles above the complex where I live. Once my husband reported that chopper parked by the gate, directly on the street. My condo is first to the gate and I know why that happened. It is all about quantum communication - but I am not going to go into details, as this is difficult to explain.

In Yoga philosophy - Raja Yoga, it is the point when someone is so accomplished in meditation and pure, that he is able to reach samadhi (merging with Universe). After that point, he is able to do wonders - to visit a friend, to be invisible etc. This is natural case of quantum communication, connected to our natural energy field. We have all this innate capability, which advertently or inadvertently has not been developed. We are not thought to do it. To reach samady one needs to be accomplished as a human being. It appears that we as human kind were not able to harness our greed, envy, cravings for material goods, and were not capable to exploit natural way to reach samadhy, which would bring us natural way to Singularity. So governments with some corporations, decided to create "better human beings-humanids", with the plan to plug them into 5 G network togethere with the rest of human beings, and through virtual reality create, Technical Singularity. Being in this project unwillingly for such long time, having my skull broken every night, I doubt that this project is going to succeed, especially because it is managed by greediest and most brutal people who belong to human kind.

First step in achieving natural Singularity would be for Zuckerberg and Musk and others to share their billions with the people who earned them. Basic economics theory said that nobody can make profit without exploiting either machines or people. So far, mostly people have been exploited. For Jeff Bezos who is preaching frugality in his company, to change his 27,000 square feet home, for something smaller. People are so overworked at Amazon that they are often crying at the work place. Jeff Bezos would not have succeeded if he was not allowed to sell his products without people paying taxes (he is Jewish too). This killed small business. Elon Musk opened Tesla factory and never bothered to secure enough parking places for his employees. So people come in the morning at 4 AM to secure parking space for that day and sleep in the care until the beginning of work day. I know Elon Musk as being monster and Wired recently reported that most of his employees share my opinion.

Once AirForce stopped abusing me actively as they finished their projects, I never had seen any ambulance. But at that point Facebook started to abuse me and Hanson Robotics continued with the abuse for Sophia robot.

As here in Croatia not corporations, but government has been involved, I am constantly followed by ambulances. I went to look for some house in mountainous area here, 50 miles distance this summer. I came to the village of 50 people and was shown the house. Police car came immediately and stopped to ask for a neighbor. I could see surprise in the eyes of the woman. Then police car went back to the little nearby city. She was just showing me another property, that also was for sale, police car came back. On my way back home, I met 8 ambulance cars, I counted. It is very interesting to see how they are wasting money on this type of projects, and I have to have butter container unlocked on the register, as people are obviously stealing butter. Until maybe a month, I loved Croatia so much, that I could have been ambassador for them. As I wrote here to many journalists and politicians and nobody paid any type of attention, despite the evidence that their surgeons implanted me, my feelings changed.

I never requested any assistance from anyone neither here nor in US, and still pay for my living. I am quite, friendly person, not harming anyone, so there is a little they can do at this moment.


After I sued Zuckerberg and Facebook in May 2018, they stopped abuse, but after Judge Davila from Federal Court appointed by Obama 2011 dismissed my case against Hanson Robotics (I filed one day and the very next day the case was dismissed). This was the hint for all those monsters, like Zuckerberg to continue freely to kill me. Here special thanks again to Obama and Judge Davila for allowing me to be tortured by such celebrities as Zuckerberg. Even what Zuckerberg's lawyers wrote in demurrer, was based exactly on Davila's style. To pick up several sentences from my complaint, distort them on purpose, so that it appears that I have been mentally sick. All technologies I have been implanted with had been abused for Facebook Building 8 projects (tested April/May 2018) and this whole summer for Oculus.

Question is why Air Force, main "customer" for all the implants in my body would be handing those enslavement technologies to Zuckerberg? Is this because their boss David Goldfein is Jewish and leadership in Facebook is Jewish? Since November last year, Oculus team (among all other torturers) has been abusing my left eye. They are all working on the left side of my body. I noticed on November 14th that before waking up I could see gray snowflake structure in my eyes. Next day those structures were present, but not that much. They worked on iris of the eye. Recently I woke up and could see something black, on my eyes. I checked and realized that they worked on my retina. They are creating condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa - night-blindness. It makes complete sense as this condition causes trouble seeing in darkness. And when Sophia robot is active, I am sleeping. I really lost sight recently. I can't even see street names. It also makes sense as one of symptoms of night-blindness is tunnel vision. I am supposed to be immobile and able just to look straight in the future. Robot will be getting all movements of human head - moving right and left. I had this summer Croatians, showing me mold they prepared for me once I am immobile. I would just be able to lay like a mummy in that mold.

I am here in Croatia, and Croatian butchers are collaborating with CIA and Zuckerberg on these projects. I noticed that whenever I would go around the block, I would meet some blind person recently. They are constantly making my eye move - left - right - saccadic movements, showing moving patterns during the night, arabesques etc. Probably planning, that once they activate their gadgets, they produced abusing my eyes, I would fall somewhere on the street or be incapacitated. I know that after they completed work on Sophia robot transplanting my CNS, they started to work on her eyes. In the videos she is moving her eyes differently, then in other videos when she had just cameras.

Hanson Robotics has been preparing his little Sophia for sale. And I know that they activated a lot of them one night and I had memory as if I fell. My brain has been connected to internet (Cloud) and the situation is similar to that in movie Matrix. Three days ago I woke up with the bump on the left side of my forehead. I just was in bed, did not move anywhere. But I noticed that I had blue marks on my left leg. They can burn person's skin by microwave. They can kill person by applying huge energies of microwave. This is well known fact. But everything they do, has been done with the reason.

I had the feeling that they want to damage that part of the brain - prefrontal cortex. And it makes sense as they want to make me have Reduplicative paramnesia defined as "the delusional belief that a place or location has been duplicated, existing in two or more places simultaneously, or that it has been 'relocated' to another site. It is one of the delusional misidentification syndromes and, although rare, is most commonly associated with acquired brain injury, particularly simultaneous damage to the right cerebral hemisphere and to both frontal lobes." This is exactly what Zuckerberg needs for Oculus. I never had it in my hands, but common sense is that it needs to give the person feeling of being at the same time in the own room and also in Istanbul. I mentioning Istanbul as 2 years before Oculus was announced I told to my husband that in the future people will not buy going anywhere, but exactly the way how it will be done by using Oculus. I would never had realized the idea, but if you would have any, it will be stolen from you. I am now victim abused for its creation.

This disorder will cause to the affected person "distinct abnormality of orientation for place". Sophia robot is ready to walk, they took layers of my skin and nerves - Croatian butchers, this summer together with US military. But I need to be immobile and this is not happening. So I think that they want to speed it up, as Hanson Robotics wants to present to the world Beta version of Sophia in February 2019. This below is photo I made this morning. I had the feeling that they want to drill through my forehead. This is another robot from Hanson Robotics - Han (again real person behind). I noticed recently that robot has his right eye closed. Hanson is programming both robots in parallel, working on my left side, but they might be working on the right side of the male person, as females mostly have left part of the brain better developed (verbal) and men right side (spatial). Do I need to mention that Hanson Robotics, like Facebook is also Jewish company. Goldfein -- Zuckerberg -- Hanson = Jewish Conspiracy

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