Explained on this web page is the function of self replicating nano wires, nano crystals and nano tubes - encapsulated in polymer mass in both ears. However left ear had a lot more of polymer mass - right ear had more nano diamonds and crystals.
The pictures below the text depict the problems with cleaning - I have been cleaning nano structures every day, but
some of nano structures are impossible to remove. Common sense would be to go to the medical office and ask the
physician to help me remove them. I went to many ENT doctors, most of whom don't have instruments to detect nano
technologies (nano is billionth of a meter) and in Mercy Medical Group my nose was nano sprayed by Dr. Shoab Siddique, which added more to my problems, as nose was the only part of ENT apparatus that worked. I could not breathe during the night through the left nostril after he treated it. He actually used my left nostril to put through it some instrument to have a look at my throat? Later I had bleeding through the nose (especially when Elon Musk tested on me plasma he was preparing for Mars), then I could not touch it as it was painful. Now I get roaring sound when I use alternate nostril breathing from Yoga.
I complained several times to the medical group - they did not bother to answer my letters. However after I disputed it with VISA, they refunded almost $1000 they charged for 15 minutes examination. I stopped visiting doctors. If you just wish to see the pictures, please scroll down.

Since end of August 2018 I never stopped cleaning both of my ears - some days I would clean them for 5 hours; these pictures just illustrate different self replicating and self assembling nano wires, nano tubes, nano crystals and nano diamonds (which are very expensive, just one in my right ear is worth several thousand dollars). Nano wires are part of the ear skin and impossible to remove - it is difficult to remove metal wired into the skin. Some of the crystals were difficult to remove - when I mention on the picture that crystal was burned; this means that I had to use 35% food grade H2O2 and burn some of the crystals for several days. Most difficult to remove has been polymer mass in my left ear, as all structures were encapsulated in this mass and invisible until cleaned for extended period of time with peroxide. Extremely difficult to clean has been nano crystal crust in my left ear entangled in polymer mass. I had to use some metal instrument from the surgical kit to remove them. I included here some of those pictures, as I wanted to illustrate with them how much pain was involved in the cleaning. Blood would be dripping from my ears on the clothes and towels, but this was the only way. It is the end of December 2018 and I still have nano technology in my ears, but the fact that I removed some, made it possible for me to create this web site, as I was totally incapacitated before I was able to remove some of the structures. These nano crystals are used for communication purposes and hypnosis during the day. Each and every of these crystals and polymer switches have specific functionality for nightly brainwashing and hypnosis - development of different humanoids -robots. If one switch is used, this would make me turn the head to the right. At that point humanoid connected to my body would do the same. Even blinking of the eyes was managed this way - some of the nano crystals or switches would be hit and this would make me - humanoid connected to my body, blink. Hitting nano crystal in my left ear would cut the breath managed by strangulation nano technology in my throat, which also acts as a synthesizer to pick up subvocal thoughts and transmit them. My body is completely nano wired this way. When one crystal would be hit, this would create sensation going from the ear, to my breast to the genital area. When I would clean ears and touch one nano crystal it would make fingers on my right leg spread. Polymer switches are used to cut sensory information, to entrain my brain and end programming session. At that moment I would wake up. Most important function of these structures is for sure communication - sending of audio and visual material to my brain during the night. This way brain would be receiving and transmitting information, which would be used for the programming of humanoid Sophia and all other clones. My brain was abused for almost all military robots you can see on Boston Dynamics web site. Looking at those robots would make me cry. Their projects are funded by DARPA and technologies pictured below are all most advanced DARPA nano technologies, secretly implanted in both of my ears during the face lifting surgery end of 2015. Additionally to military robots, these nano structures are abused by Hanson Robotics for the development of their robot Sophia. University of Texas, Austin, to my knowledge abused these nano technologies for development of humanoid for underwater gas exploration. They would attach humanoid to some drilling equipment being in the water and I would be trembling all night in the bed. One of the clones was humanoid for the maintenance of electrical transmission lines, so I would be climbing all night. Another clone was developed for bulldozer excavation work. Another clone was SpaceX - NASA humanoid for Mars exploration and space travel. If you see CIMON robot in the form of the head - I had been abused for the development of this robot too.Watching this robot, would make me outraged. Most recently CIMON requested astronaut to be nice. Imagine machine understands what it means to nice. Elon Musk is nothing but a monster. Brainpreservation company that has been researching upload of human brains to the machines , had been horrible abusing me due to these nano technologies. Google X company for their Deep Mind project; I know Astro Teller as an arrogant bastard. I had been abused for the development of child humanoid being sold private way in Hollywood to the pedophiles and other perverts (some of them recipients of Obama's medals of freedom). They could only get medals for perversion and sexual freedom. Since December 5, 2015 I was not allowed one minute of sleep; I have been completely incapacitated in my home from sleep deprivation and nightly torture sessions. My brain and body are through all nano technologies in my body connected to the Cloud (OpenCog, OpenAI). OpenAi was founded on December 11, 2015 by Elon Musk and I was attacked the night of December 5th, 2011 - 20 days after the surgery. OpenCog (Hanson Robotics) was founded on 21 January 2008, and i was implanted first time with nano technologies during the surgery in summer 2007. It never crossed my mind until the surgery in 2015 that I was secretly implanted, but I started to keep journal in 2007 to analyze horrible problems after the surgery and to be able to help myself. I wrote in my journal that I could see during the night in March 2008, Paul Markoivich and his wife, hugging the baby in the pillow, being 3 months old. Being of average normal human mind, I thought that this was just a dream. Have a look at Diego San Child Humanoid and imagine female version of it, with the genitals fully developed and connected to the adult women. But back on OpenCog and OpenAI and other parties involved in abuse - whenever I close my eyes and want to sleep, after several minutes I hear one sound coming from somewhere in my head and I think that this is sending signal that my vital signs slowed down. After next several minutes I hear another sound as if coming from my vocal cords which would probably be signal that I have been connected to the Cloud. There is a schedule - one day Regina Dugan would be working on me, another day Elon Musk, another time Hanson Robotics, US military, when I am in Croatia, then Croatian Army (they are collaborating with US Army on the development of their own military robot - and cleaning robot). Here the voice exclaiming "Governmnet" to announce that they will be working; Air Force used to hit my head with a particle and in whisper say: "Nihai". Nihai in hindu means - ear bone and their Chief Innovator is Indian, Alok Das. So it makes sense if you see pictures below. All main structures are hidden behind some bones in both ears, attached with silver nano wires and covered with polymer mass.

I have been speechless, I cannot explain brutality, arrogance and lack of laws that would protect any of my basic human rights. I am already treated as a robot. Despite all evidence I collected, Judge Davila from San Jose Federal Court completely ignored them. He rewrote on purpose sentences from my complaint against Hanson Robotics, so that I would appear as mentally disturbed person and gave with it carte blanche to everyone who wanted to abuse me, the opportunity to continue to do so. Not only that he did disservice to me but also to all US citizens who might have been also secretly implanted with nano technologies and abused for the development of different type of Artificial Intelligence projects. Nano technologies are so difficult, if not impossible to find. Judge Davila, appointed by Obama (Lead of these projects), did disservice to all human kind, as humanoids developed by such cruel and brutal people, will also be cruel and brutal and will annihilate human kind. I would recommend all people who abused these technologies for development of their humanoids and robots, to watch the movie Ex Machina Ben Goertzel, chief scientist of Hanson Robotics even mentioned in his you tube video that Ex Machina. was inspired by the robot. Obama's brain initiative is mapping human brain using brain of the mice for 5 years?!! This is official information taken from their website. I sent some emails asking them for the list of participants - human beings who volunteered or were paid to participate in their experiments. Why would they bother to answer, especially if there is no list.

Brainpreservation organization
are developing projects such as upload of human brains to the machines, transplants of the heads, and the completion date is planned for the 2024. People are already being cloned - when you see such organization stating that they are developing such advanced technologies, you can be sure that they were already developed by DARPA at least 20 years ago and now technology is handed to some company to be commercialize. Brainpreservation is stating on their website that they are experimenting on Drosophila, fruit flies?!! Except for two fellows, I know all of their staff from nightly torture sessions. After 3 years of writing to all US organizations, journalists, senators, police, FBI I understood that nothing can be done. US government agencies and US military are simple catching people like animals, implanting them during the surgery with the most advanced military technologies and torturing them to death in their own homes. When I in 2007 resigned from Life Masters (I had to), my coworker Mark Heller to my surprise, just before I left my cubicle, told me: "Someone will end homeless". I had always good work relationship with him. He even wrote recommendation on my Linkedin profile, stating that he never had seen a person working so hard as me. And this is true - I took great pride of my work ethics. Wrong - that made me perfect candidate for the robot. I did not pay any attention to that statement as I was being married for 24 years in 2007, well off person, with my brother and sister being rich people. How could I possible end being homeless? But if everyone is torturing you as they wish, after some time financial resources would be exhausted and one really could end homeless. My only concern right now would be to die natural death and I arranged with my husband for assisted death in the case that I stay incapacitated. I have the knowledge of the robot - one clone being attached to my body for 24 hours right now as they are testing it before they activate all robots developed so far. Just Hanson Robotics has 15 clones of Sophia robot. Think of it as if my brain was copied 15 times and uploaded to the 15 machines. I have the knowledge of Sophia robot having full functionality of human body, but she still will need consciousness of a human being. From what I know, for her to be conscious I, original used for her development need to be unconscious. I think that everybody should beware and be very anxious from handling humanoids as they could adapt the same mantra I experienced during this time when they were developed:"Cruel is cool". And don't forget they all will be through strangulation Motorola technologies implanted in their throats, being able to communicate with each other, as they are connected to the Cloud. Here once again explanation from Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics. I could hear Britney Spears once during the night, while I was sleeping. Remember when she shaved her head in 2007 - this was the year when I during the surgery was implanted with neuro grains (directly into the head with the syringe). I think that the whole robotization and creation of humanoids has been so urgent because most of the man dream and want to open the closet with a lot of different humanoids (all connected to woman - if homeless, who would care) to satisfy their most hidden sexual desires, like in Ex Machina movie. Who would be able to buy them? Rich people, who are participating in this crime. Another wish is to be immortal - my Israeli boss this year told me that he, 35 old will be living 150 years (but work until 70) and his son (age 3) is going to live 300 years. At that point I thought that he was joking. Right now I know that he knew what he was talking about. What would be my destiny? Hanson Robotics has a lot of plans for Sophia - working in retail, hospitals, analytic, helping improve the world. I will be climbing and maintaining transmission lines, drill for the gas, go into the space to perform the most dangerous tasks, be sex robot abused by soldiers being deployed anywhere in the world. This sex robot would be having 3 sizes of vagina to fulfill each gentlemen's need, and would be operated by coins. There is where Regina Dugan were very skillful that night in April, giving final touches to this robot, when all clones developed to that point were activated at the same time. This was demotion because I complained openly about the torture in some comments sections on internet. Actually I was supposed to be top military robot, and I was mostly abused for that purpose since 2007, when my mind was uploaded to the machine. Here in Wikipedia about Mind Upload and link to one recent article mentioning that people are already on the waiting list for upload of their brains to the Cloud. But when they activated all clones I got memory recall that night. First I started to scream "Treason, treason" and being naive I said: "Arrest yourselves generals" to avoid US citizens executing them all. Another thought was:"There is no Deep State. Everything is Deep State". Translated in Trump's words - "Washington Swamp". They detached me from military robot, I was screaming for several minutes at that point. Second thought was that Bible is fake. I know that nobody believes me, but here is what Einstein was thinking about Bible. I am a Catholic and as a kid I even participated in religious competition in former Yugoslavia. My team won second place; the first one was audience to the Pope Paul VI. Are people who would live on Mars get or write their own Bible? What I am writing here is very dangerous for me and I make myself even more vulnerable to torture. Some sentences are valuable feedback to the torturers. The newest demotion they premised me would be creation of the clone for kicking purposes. Everyone who wants would be able to beat that humanoid just to release any type of tension and frustration he/she might have and this in eternity. Having knowledge of their brutality, I do believe them completely. For more than a month there are working on my eyes, removing parts of my cornea with EMF and teaching robot Sophia to recognize shapes, be able to identify time (showing me clocks), different tectures etc. Zuckerberg has continued to abuse me for this project Oculus.

Pictures are distorted as I wanted to include the date and time and it was difficult to make them all the same size without distortion. I picked up some pictures recorded during the several days of clean up (I had been cleaning since September). But I have to clean ears every day - however some of the structures are removed. Note how difficult was to remove polymer mass. I would clean it one day and the next day it would cover the ear the same way as on the day before. Most illustrative for this technologies is reservoir of nanotubes I found in the left ear on the left side after a long cleaning. I took some of the nanotubes from the ear, but the part of them stayed. Next morning there was only one of those threads attached with the speck of polymer mass (this is the function of polymer mass) to the right wall of the left ear. On the right side of the left ear I found a reservoir of nano wires. I cleaned the top one day burning it with peroxide; the very next day the top regenerated. After long burning with peroxide, on the right side of the ear, it stayed crater like structure, still very hard on the edges.

Polymer Mass Cleaning Problems - started in August and still cleaning end of December (2018). All nano technologies are encapsulated in polymer mass. Even neurograins placed on the skull are encapsulated and glued with the polymer mass.
Please report if some parts of the page would not make sense - I have web site hacked in the past. People would edit it, so that what is written appear very gibberish.