The Danger of AI and Nano Technologies - Humanoids (Sophia robot)
Elon Musk (SpaceX, Neuralink), Facebook (VR and Building 8 Projects)

Cloud of the Minds and Merging of Machines with Human Brains (Neuralink - Elon Musk company)
"Nobody believes it will happen. But when happens - it is too late" - from the movie World War Z
Are you dreaming DARPA DREAMS?

I had people talking to me during the night since the first surgery in 2007. I wrote in my journal at that point that someone would read to me during the night about different topics, brainwash me. I woke up once with the male voice asking me: "Let's talk post marriage." I could not explain what was happening, but I knew that I never would use the word "post marriage". I know the meaning, but I will never use it this way. It occurred to me that we had probably the conversation when I talked "pre marriage", but I could not remember it. I had a lot of Paul Markovich talking during the night, especially when I lived in Oakland. I had a lot of military talking, but even some of my coworkers, just from one company from San Francisco (former Les Concierges). What was happening to me was not a secret. Many people knew what was going on, but I did not have any idea. This is horrible, horrible torture and I am just documenting it. It might be that Barack Obama will come one day and say: "Well, we tortured some folks". Because for his Majesty - Barack, we are just folks and his daughters are princesses, not to speak about his wife. They are all disgusting people - I don't even think about them as being human, but rather some type of strange creatures. I thought for some time that I had lucid dreams, but after the second surgery in 2015 it started to be obvious that people are talking to me. I would take voice recorders and place them on both of my ears and analyze the files in the morning (part of them). It took several months for me to be able to pick up sentences, which I could understand. The noise and voices are produced directly on the eardrum and as I am recording on the outside of my ears, voices are muffled and difficult to understand. The best illustration that people are talking is the file below - I took snapshot of the file from my voice processing software to illustrate better how I was in bed, not sleeping and listening to two voices talking. Here is the sound file. Explanation is on the picture below.
The file below is another illustration how aggressive abusers are - they never let me sleep, as they are so many parties interested to abuse implanted nano technology for different AI projects. I had one file of 1:10 minutes duration and two parties exchanged during that time - Facebook (US) and then Croatians, who are also working on their projects. Rudjer Boskovic Institute, FER, Citus (got just award in Bangkok for one of their projects), all eager to enrich themselves by abuse of my body and my brain. Sound file for the picture below.
I have been recently abused for VR projects - Facebook's Oculus and Virtual Mart. They show me all night due to neurograins injected into my skull pictures - holograms of different objects asking me "What is this" or "What that is" and I have to identify objects. Croatians are doing the same for their projects. They are programming robots to understand numbers, do calculation (percentage etc..), make distinction between different prices and judge price for value. Here male voice is asking me to identify the number and I said "Number six" and had to confirm. Sound file for the picture below.
On this files are Croatians - in one file saying pedeset jedan (fifty one) and another pedeset (fifty). It seems that they are programming robots to understand number sequence.
This is the file when male voice is saying "Bona serra" - Croatians. Another file I am asked to repeat the same sentence after reading it. They are teaching robot to read through my eyes, which they treated with EMF in November last year, taking layers from my iris and retina to create condition called Tunnel vision. They plan to incapacitate me so that I stay in bed without being able to move my head, so that robot, who would be moving the head, has peripheral vision - I would not need it.
Croatians are choking me a lot during the night, which leaves my brain without oxygen. This can easily cause brain hemorrhage. It appears that they have techniques for damaging of people's brains. I cannot explain what type of wild vultures those creatures are. They are choking me by hitting strangulation Motorola nano technology implanted in my throat. Sound file is here.
These excerpts are taken from two files in March 2019 - I did not have neither time nor energy to analyze much, but more or less all of them are same. Sometimes I found how I am crying during the night. They are practically killing me, chewing on me every night like cannibals. Everybody in Croatia knows about this crime, but they were advised by their US friends just to ignore me. To whomever I write and send evidence, I don't get any answer. Kolinda Grabar - Kitarovic, President and General Krsticevic are "main people" involved in this project. But I wrote to all members of Sabor (Croatian Congress) and they could not care less. I am absolutely outlawed - there is no law which would protect my basic human rights. Here again the letter I sent to US senators in June 2018 informing them about this crime. Here are attached emails I sent to Jerry Brown, when he was governor about abuse which intensified since April 28, 2018 so much, that I could not sleep in any of my apartments (one I rented and one I own). Here torture report (email I sent him) updating him about the torture. I never received any answer. I sued Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi in Federal Court in San Jose, but I was so tortured that I could not neither prepare for the lawsuit nor come from Europe on the Court date.
After the surgery in 2015 I was waken up with bursts, some particles hitting my head (here helmet, which I had to use to protect my head while trying to sleep), then with whistling, sounds of artificial chirps, sound of car starting engine, car switching off engine (natural sounds). In January 2016 someone said: "Greetings from billionaire's class" and I woke up. Another time it was hissing voice, artificial woman's voice saying: "Answer the question". I woke up once with my ears full of snores - the same as if you have someone placing mouth on your ear and snoring; another time ear was full of hissing sounds; another time it was breathing sound - my one regular inhale and exhale was their inhale. I was trained to follow that type of breathing in order to slow the breath. As the sound was produced inside of the ear on implants, I could perfectly hear what was told during the night, but when recorded on the outside of the ear, one could hear muffled voices or some strange snores. I have been sleeping with my mouth taped during the night. I developed huge wrinkles on my forehead as I was concentrated and listening all night - it is just natural reaction if someone has been talking to you and consciousness is excluded.
Former Senator John McCain screaming "thank you" after torturing me duringt the night to perform as he wished for the development of a military robot. I absolutely hate wars and consider them unnecessary, created by military machinery.
Very aggressive frequencies recorded on my right ear using Easy Voice Recorder app and my Moto E cell phone. I would first hear as if some channel would open on my right ear, then white noise and these type of burst activity would be sent. Then channel would close and there would be silence. Sometimes I would hear just white noise and channel would close. I know now that I have been secretly implanted with radios or cell phones in both of my ears during the surgery.
This is another form of frequencies recorded on the right ear, very similar to Russian Woodpecker signal.
Something like satanic music (Illuminati?) recorded with usual voice recorder on my right ear while I was sleeping. It seems that male voice was screaming at me. Everything that happened for years was nothing but pure torture. They would even say - we will torture you now and announce what type of torture I should expect.
Male voice exclaiming "Government" - recorded on my ear. When people would start to torture me during the night, they would "introduce" themselves. Air Force people would hit my head with two particles, so that I first would hear two pops, and then whisper the name of their project "Nihai" - Hindu word for ear bone. Their Chief Innovator is Alok Das, Indian.
My sister's name "Ivana" said by a male person. Croatian torturers telling me "probaj" - try it. I had a lot of this word said - Croatian would say "try it" and Americans - "imagine". My brain being in hypnotic sleep, would perform - imagine what asked and they would then record due to neurograins injected secretly in my head, transmitted activity. Here the sound of neurograins - recently recorded on the back of my head. Neurograins are technology used to merge human brains with machines - robots. (Neuralink, Elon Musk)
Technology used is Avatar DARPA as explained in WIRED article from 2012 . Which means that the technology was long time under development and they already knew how it functioned to be able to explain it. When I fall asleep, due to implanted nano technology in my ears (both), nano radios and maybe even first implantable cell phone, they transfer me under Avatar (any robot, which is under development) and teach robot specific skills all abusing my brain. No wonder then that I claim that I have been the most abused person in the history of the mankind. I am killed and dying being under Avatar and this feels real for me. Just last night they applied some type of pressure on Ripley robot sent on March 2nd, 2019 to ISS by Dragon spaceship and killed the robot. They actually killed me as for me the experience was being killed by application of huge pressure. It is just that my body of flesh is in bed hypnotized and when I wake up in the morning I remember some of the "experiences". Jesus being crucified is kindergarten experience compared to what I experienced. I cannot explain how brutal are the leaders of the society - politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama (especially Michelle Obama), Kamala Harris, who having access to this technology has good chances for being next President of US. There is a list of people who are nothing but brutes, especially Paul Markovich, CEO of Blue Shield of California, who set me up for this projects. I know him so that I can claim that he is probably the most brutal person mother ever brought to the planet Earth. He killed me last summer crucifying me to the wall with nails, as I sued him and have been writing about the torture. I have been first abused for the production of top military robot, who was trained by some US generals. I checked online to see whom I know from all US generals and noticed that this was top secret project as even their assistants did not know about it. If I knew them, then they would have known about me. It is very simple. When I am during the night under Avatar - robot, this is for me a reality. It is the same experience Jake and Grace had in Avatar movie. It is just that they were not tortured and not under hypnosis when they stayed in bed equipped with technology. Technology in my case is in my nano wired body - radios in both ears, both teeth bridge and under the crown, strangulation Motorola technology in my throat, which acts as a radio - synthesizer. It is probably connected to the robot's synthesizer. On my neck I have been implanted with Google tattoo, which is transferring my subvocal talk or even thought into sounds (Facebook project "Skin that is Talking"). Regina Dugan, former DARPA Director liked very much to abuse this technology in spring and summer 2018. My body is full of biosensors, which I might have even ingested with the food. Nobody ever mentioned after 2014 what happened with from Google developed edible biochips (again Regina Dugan). Worst of all of these technologies are neuro grains, directly injected with the syringe into the brain and used to connect human brains with the machines - robots. These are horrible, horrible technologies and public is not informed at all about the dangers of these technologies, handed by DARPA to some of Silicon Valley corporations - Google, Facebook and Elon Musk (SpaceX, Neuralink). Zuckerber, Regina Dugan, Elon Musk and Paul Markovich - all executives, are nothing but BEASTS, WILD VULTURES.

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