Sounds of Torture
After the surgery in 2015 I was waken up with bursts, some particles hitting my head (here helmet, which I had to use to protect my head while trying to sleep), then with whistling, sounds of artificial chirps, sound of car starting engine, car switching off engine (natural sounds). In January 2016 someone said: "Greetings from billionaire's class" and I woke up. Another time it was hissing voice, artificial woman's voice saying: "Answer the question". I woke up once with my ears full of snores - the same as if you have someone placing mouth on your ear and snoring; another time ear was full of hissing sounds; another time it was breathing sound - my one regular inhale and exhale was their inhale. I was trained to follow that type of breathing in order to slow the breath. As the sound was produced inside of the ear on implants, I could perfectly hear what was told during the night, but when recorded on the outside of the ear, one could hear muffled voices or some strange snores. I have been sleeping with my mouth taped during the night. I developed huge wrinkles on my forehead as I was concentrated and listening all night - it is just natural reaction if someone has been talking to you and consciousness is excluded.
John McCain screaming "thank you" after torturing me duringt the night to perform as he wished for the development of a military robot. I absolutely hate wars and consider them unnecessary, created by military machinery.
Very aggressive frequencies recorded on my right ear using Easy Voice Recorder app and my Moto E cell phone. I would first hear as if some channel would open on my right ear, then white noise and these type of burst activity would be sent. Then channel would close and there would be silence. Sometimes I would hear just white noise and channel would close. I know now that I have been secretly implanted with radios or cell phones in both of my ears during the surgery.
This is another form of frequencies recorded on the right ear, very similar to Russian Woodpecker signal.
Something like satanic music recorded with usual voice recorder on my right ear while I was sleeping. It seems that male voice was screaming at me. Everything that happened for years was nothing but pure torture. They would even say - we will torture you now and announce what type of torture I should expect.
Male voice exclaiming "Government" - recorded on my ear. When people would start to torture me during the night, they would "introduce" themselves. Air Force people would hit my head with two particles, so that I first would hear two pops, and then whisper the name of their project "Nihai" - Hindu word for ear bone. Their Chief Innovator is Alok Das, Indian.
My sister's name "Ivana" said by a male person. Croatian torturers telling me "probaj" - try it. I had a lot of this word said - Croatian would say "try it" and Americans - "imagine". My brain being in hypnotic sleep, would perform - imagine what asked and they would then record due to neurograins injected secretly in my head, transmitted activity. Here the sound of neurograins - recently recorded on the back of my head. Neurograins are technology used to merge human brains with machines - robots. (Neuralink, Elon Musk)
will update with more sounds soon

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